Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 26, 2011

Obama’s Balanced Revenue Compromise

Where your money and America's future is heading

President Obama’s speech last night was weak.  Not new news, but shamefully weak for a national address to the Nation in prime time.  Barry doesn’t know what is worthy of a national address and what is a political speech.

His political speech used the poll-tested words – balanced, revenue and compromise.   Like they actually provide an answer.

Balanced means tax and spend.  Business as usual.  Tax more and spend more.

Revenue means taxes.  Taxes kill jobs.  Taxes actually reduce tax revenue.

Compromise means Republicans cave.

Meanwhile the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is trying a too fancy two step dance to get the debt ceiling raised – again.

He should just submit simple plans of cuts and a modest, short term debt increases.

Either propose the cuts – and name the programs – from a half trillion to a trillion this year, or salami slice with a per cent cut across the discretionary programs.   Just do it.  Send it to the Senate.

Put together a bill telling the Executive Branch what programs to fund in what order if the debt ceiling is NOT raised.  Send it to the Senate.

Stop the silliness of some committee making decisions for the whole body, etc. etc.  to then vote up or down.

Don’t cave to “balanced revenue compromise”.   Don’t roll over.  Don’t fail.



  1. As you state, it is rather simple to explain. The Republicans need to do it simply and repeatedly each time they speak to the press or to the assemblies in Congress. Obama does it well, over and over again about the “balanced approach”. Despite the fact that it solves nothing it is winning the PR battle.
    I fear now that Boehner and company are being set up. We may find we are back to Obama’s balanced approach as the end game.

    • Apparently, most elected Republicans are incapable of doing so.

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