Deo Vindice is a blog that fits several categories.   My recurring interests can be binned into several themes.

  • Christianity.  The Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  • American Civilization.  The Great Experiment in Democracy.
  • Virginia.  Politics and policy.
  • The South.  My culture, home and heritage

These themes mesh when writing about the World War Against Islamists or the Great U.S. Culture War – our 3rd American Civil War.

And there is more writing.

My first novel, Rosetta 6.2, may be purchased on line – through Amazon.

Google/Bing/search as you like –  my full name James Atticus Bowden and see old op eds.   Need to put them back together in one place.


  1. Keep up the good work.

  2. I donot Understand why American Civilization was not circulated all over the world.Contribution of American author Was excellent, but it was with in America during the year 1820 To 1914.Contribution of American’s women for their rights for voting and social status i.e. for Democracy was very good. I understand that “America was not built in a Second”. American people have done Lot of struggle to built America.I want to learn more About the American people those Who had made “The united State of America”. We know lot of British people who have served the world. Now it is the time to learn about the American people who have served the world.I will well come the Amerian women those who will help me to Tell about the American women for their contribution to built American Civilisation. Sanjoy

  3. A Message From a Fellow Patriot –

    Chris Simcox – Founder of the Civil Homeland Defense, which evolved into the historic Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, is running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona

    Please help spread the word about the Chris Simcox campaign and the October 26 MoneyBomb (anniversary of the first Minutemen in 1774) The goal of the MoneyBomb is to get you, me, and everybody we can rally, donating to Mr. Simcox on that one day (through the campaign website) – doing so will create media buzz, snowballing into an election day victory….Simcox needs money to win, but his will come from us, the grassroots – Not the special interests and lobbyists – Chris needs a nationwide effort to ensure victory.

    I encourage you to get creative in ways you reach people with news of his campaign and MoneyBomb- make youtube videos, music, posters, blog, call your favorite talk radio hosts, etc. Have fun with it!

    I’m not paid by the Simcox campaign, I’m just a patriot who wants to see constitution respecting representatives elected to office – and our borders secured.


    In Liberty, Zak “Cruise” Carter

  4. Jim, I totally agree with your position! Unfortunately our Educational system has intentionally failed the populace and this is the problem we are currently confronting.

    We used Hard Power during WWII. The world loves a winner! After than, Soft Power worked and the whole world wanted to immitate us!

    Meanwhile, the Left was busy all over the world and even here in the U.S. devising and implementing strategies to take over the world. Revolutionary Communist movements were very active throughout Latin America and then with the Vietnam War, we began to experience change on our college campuses so much so that now, you would be hard put to figure out if you are still in America! Anti-American thought, indoctrination, etc. thrive on our campuses.

    I recently received the shock of my life when a 22 year-old asked me why Communism was bad and what’s the difference — meaning that she had no clue! That’s what is coming out of our schools. So, is it any wonder that our people vote for perceived Rock Stars?

    The Saudis are funding chairs of our Poli Sci Depts. and now invading our elementary and high schools. We have been invaded. Unfortunately most Americans are ignorant of the fact that we have had many Progressive Leaders (fascists) in our history beginning with Woodrow Wilson. This is all an outgrowth of Darwinian thought that G-d doesn’t exist.

    Until we put G-d and truth back into the country and our schools, we are fighting a losing battle. Unfortunately, people don’t even know the difference between “theory” and “Law!” There are so many who believe that Darwin is Law instead of the admittedly failed theory that it was. Naturally such thinking is convenient, because there is no accountability to a higher power, and therefore, no sin and you can do anything you can get away with.

    We are all paying for this now! We have enormous challenges ahead! We have to use the media, educate our children to the truth, and fight to take our government back.

    G-d Bless,

    Gail Tenzer

  5. Maybe I missed something. What was the 2nd American Civil War?

    • ACW I 1775-1783
      ACW II 1861- 1865
      ACW III 1962 – Present (without shooting)

  6. I get I &II. Both of them were civil wars/revolutions. But number III is rather subjective, since, as you say, there was not shooting. There has always been a two-sided cultural war going on in America, although the central issue changes from time to time. This is evidenced by the fact that we’ve had a two-party system pretty much ever since the constitution took effect. Perhaps the sixties was the time in which the current great divide was really established.

    -9/11 epic poet.

    • The Great U.S. Culture War, Kulturkampf, has a demarcation in 1962. It has all the earmarkings of a civil war without the over violence – so far and, hopefully, until Conservatives win.

  7. James Atticus Bowden, I just finished reading your post on King Philip, well done, excellent read.

    I have a question for clarification concerning your statement “The Great U.S. Culture War”:

    Not sure if you are suggesting that conservatives will start the violence or if it will start because Conservative won?

    Please Clarify,

    • Suggesting neither. The first point of the piece was to mock the PC language used concerning Muslim terrorists today. Secondly, it was to make the analogy between our Indian Wars (1608-1890) and the long, long, World War Against Islamists. Both are clashes of civilizations and their cultures – where one side operates as tribal societies. Thirdly, I suggest America could have another King Philip’s War of neighbors fighting neighbors ( and Muslims being on both sides) with devastating consequences worse than the first fight. I don’t think Conservatives would start such violence. It could have many, many origins.

  8. The Day After Thanksgiving is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Mary

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