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Dark Days, Great Opportunity

To be him again for the coming fight.  34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer.  (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

To be him again for the coming fight. 34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer. (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

A rogue majority of the Supreme Court has crossed the Rubicon.

These are dark days for the Republic – these United States of America.  Darker days are coming.  Then, we win.

What a great time to be alive!  To be able to work to save America, our Republic, while honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.  To fight for faith, family and freedom unto victory.

This is a unique chance for Christians in America to witness Jesus to others.  To be persecuted.  Perhaps, to be martyred.

I told my old men’s (mostly 70s and 80s) Sunday School class that I wish I was 30 years younger (the guy mugging his wife in the photo above) to be in the fight longer.  I regret that I’m at this end of life on earth.  But, I’m so up for this fight.

We get to make America, or at least the South, a place where it’s safe to be a practicing Christian or Jew – for generations.

We get to protect marriage and the family for millions of future Americans.  Children will be blessed with a mother and father.  The Nation will be healthier and stronger.

We get to restore the Rule of Law – under our Constitutions as written.

We get to return the Federal government to its limited powers.

We get to return the States to their plenary powers.  For the multi-state laboratories for democracy.

We get to preserve the great heritage and history of America – and especially the South – for the best parts of the past to be carried into the future.

We get to protect our borders and regulate a healthy, legal immigration of new Americans by choice.

We get to turn back Sharia and all foreign law from our Land.

We get to love our enemies as they hate us.

We get to follow the Word of God from the Holy Bible when it conflicts with the laws of men – with peaceful civil disobedience.

We get to lead Allies to destroy the enemies of Western Civilization whenever they emerge from their snake pits.

We will win.

Yes, there will be many challenges.  Darker days lie ahead.  Awful things may happen if physical violence is unleashed.  Do not let slip the dogs of war here – from our side.  No.

We have a legacy – from the Roman persecutions – especially Diocletian’s, to barbarians and hordes from the East, to the many Muslim invasions, to the horrors of Catholic-Protestant-Orthodox wars, to continued persecutions based on Christian beliefs, survival on our frontiers, to an American Revolution for rights, to both sides of our Recent Unpleasantness, to every following fight, hardship and challenge – of courage, faith, hope and victory in Lord Jesus Christ.

Soon enough we will get to live up to our legacy or not.

Choose you where your house will stand.

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Virginia First Foundation


A new foundation focused on Virginia

A new foundation focused on Virginia

I’m helping start a foundation.  The idea came together last summer.  It grew from an idea I had for a state-focused thinktank – 20 years ago.  It’s a serious undertaking with long range goals.  It’s grand in scope, purpose and potential.  It’s meant to be shared with many Virginians – millions we hope.  Here is what we said about ourselves in our first blog post at –

The motto of the new Virginia First Foundation, Inc. is “POSSUNT QUIA POSSE VIDENTUR”.   It means “They Can Because They Think They Can.” And, what do we think we can do?

We can change the culture of Virginia to preserve, protect, evolve, grow, improvise, invent, enhance, respect, honor and project what’s best about Virginia today and in the past – into the future. With confidence, conviction and courage. And, to embrace the inevitable, unexpected changes to shape them for the best in our Virginia culture.

Because, “Culture Commands.” Culture commands – sets up the boundaries and opportunities – for much of our lives.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘culture’ as:

  • the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time
  • a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.
  • a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business)
  • The ‘etc.’ in the first and second definitions is loaded. It includes almost every aspect of a society. Since every culture is based on a society – a group, or groups, of people – in a place and time, culture influences almost everything we think, say and do.

Since Culture Commands, it matters what the culture of Virginia is today and tomorrow. Especially, when it comes to our beliefs.

  • God-given individual rights. Especially, those enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
  • The Rule of Law.
  • Constitutionally-limited government.
  • Representative democracy in a federal Republic.
  • The Government of the United States limited by the U.S. Constitution.
  • Our sovereign state – Virginia, as a Commonwealth – with plenary powers.
  • The People are the sovereign of the Commonwealth – and delegate powers and authority to the Commonweatlh in our Virginia Constitution.
  • As the Virginia Constitution says – mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other – for religious tolerance. Let Virginia be the safest place to be a practicing Christian, Jew or non-believer.
  • The moral-ethical standards of our Judeo-Christian culture in Virginia.
  • The sanctity of life.   Especially for the weakest of humans – the babies in the womb, the elderly and sick.
  • The family – built on the marriage of one man and one woman.
  • Free market economics.
  • Protection of our environment – the land, water and air of Virginia.
  • Educating children about our common history, culture and citizenship.
  • And more…

We dare to think we can change the culture for the better – for the long term. We do so because we are Virginians.


Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 13, 2015

Religion in America by the Numbers

This church spelled Emmaus is pronounced 'Emmy-us'

This church spelled Emmaus is pronounced ‘Emmy-us’

The Pew research poll shows a shift in religious affliation in the U.S.  There is a shift, but the headlines don’t show all the shifts a-shifting.

I taught Research and Methodology for the Social Sciences at West Point in the 80s.  Stats for students who are afraid of numbers, but need to learn how to use them.   I told my classes that I hated stats.  They gasped in surprise.  I added, “You must learn statistics so you can screw your enemies to the wall.”  They liked that and grinned.

The Pew Report had some hard numbers (absolute changes) and many per centages.  The absolute numbers interest me more.

The reference number – the one to remember – is the increase of 18 million adults between 2007 and 2014.  18 million in 7 years.  That’s interesting enough just to figure out who these 18m are by demographics and states.  Not in the report.

19 million more Americans call themselves ‘None’ – not affliated and not Christian.  That’s a lot of cultural Christians not feeling any moral suasion or other reason to merely claim to be Christian – regardless of what they believe or do.  It includes some people losing their Christian faith – but the traffic goes the other way too – a number to be shown below.

There are twice as many Muslims in 2014, as a per cent of the population, as 2007.  The hard numbers weren’t in the report.  About .9 of a per cent of America is Muslim.  That is a doubling in 7 years.

About 1.9% of America is Jewish.  That per cent has changed little.  Twice as many Jews as Muslims as a per cent of the U.S.

Black Protestants in black churches stayed about the same in numbers.

There are 3 million fewer Catholics in the U.S.   Despite heavy Hispanic immigration.

There are between 3 to 7.3 million fewer Mainline Protestants.  Based on their embrace of homosexual marriage, I refer to them as Sissy Christians.

There are between 2 to 5 million MORE Evangelical Protestants.  MORE.  There are MORE  Southern Baptists, Assembly of God, Church of Christ, Lutheran Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church of America and non-denominational independent churches.  The report said it’s more likely to be 5m MORE.  MORE Evangelical Christians.

5m more Evangelicals vs. 19m more ‘Nones’.   If we – Evangelicals – had helped 7m of the new Nones convert, then we’d be even in growth.  Not that numbers are everything.  We win, because sooner or later the Lord God of the Bible wins.  Yet, clearly, the fields are white for the harvest.

For every one person getting religion, four persons lose it or their profession of whatever they had.

For every 1.0 persons leaving an Evangelical church, like folks out West leaving the Southern Baptists, 1.2 come in the front door as converts.  We’re gaining.  We need to gain a lot more.

Our Evangelical families have a fertility rate of 2.3.  Not great, but gaining.  We need to have a lot more babies – even though we don’t have infant baptism.

So, one million more Americans became ‘Nones’ than were added to the adult population.

Evangelical Protestants grew by about 5m.  Five million is good.  A full 5 plus 19 = 23 million would be better.  What a great opportunity we have to share the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ here in America.

Let’s do it.




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Limits on Free Speech

2 out 3 parts of speech that  is Verboten by Political Correctness.  Missing the homosexual sex is sin and 'marriage' isn't marriage at all.

2 out 3 parts of speech that are ‘Verboten’ by Political Correctness. Missing the homosexual sex is sin and ‘marriage’ isn’t marriage at all.

Every God-given, Constitution-written, individual Right has limits. The limits on free speech include public safety – the classic yelling “Fire” in a theater, inciting to riot, defamation and libel. We have the appropriate laws in the legal Codes of the sovereign States.

If a state is foolish enough to create laws against ‘Hate Speech’ then so be it for the fools who live in that state.

The proper limits on speech don’t include limiting religious speech and offensive speech. Or, both together.

Saying homosexual behavior is a sin – is part of my freedom in Virginia.

Saying Islam is a barbarian Totalitarian ideology that includes an identity and a religion is within my freedom. Telling the truth that the Muslim prophet, Moe, was illiterate, a rapist, a pedophile and a murderer who committed genocide is factual – and protected speech.

Waving, wearing and displaying a Confederate Battle Flag to honor my heroic ancestors, is my free speech.

Provocative speech to Liberals, sissy Christians, and Muslims is protected speech.

Limiting free speech is the desire of Totalitarianism and heart of cowards. We’ll have to change our National Anthem if Americans are afraid to speak against Political Correctness.

The Home of the Cowards isn’t the Land of the Free.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 30, 2015

Southern History Month 2015: Southern Exceptionalism

The South is morally superior

The South is morally superior

Southern Exceptionalism, again?

The South was right?  Morally superior to what?

Really, Bubba?


Confederate History month is Southern History month for me.  The South is more than the failed bloody 4 years of Southern Nationalism.

Besides, it’s fun to make Yankees and Liberals, loons and bigots (assuming one can make such distinctions among the labels) crazy.

So, let’s deal with the obvious issue first.  How can the South be morally superior given the sin of slavery?

My Holland ancestors (2nd SC Infantry) agreed that slavery was a sin.  My League ancestors (16th SC Infantry) did not.  Dunno about the Henderson, Cox, Smith, Yeargin ancestors (2nd and 16th SC too).  The Bowdens and Maleys (Tennessee Partisan Ranger,  1st TN Heavy Artillery, 47 TN Infantry, Others?) probably didn’t think slavery was a sin.

I do.   Slavery, segregation and racism are sins against God.  They violate the second greatest commandment to love others as you love yourself.

When the former slave states invaded the then-current slave states, the former slave states weren’t morally superior – they were just more recently called to conscience and economy to end chattel slavery.  The ban of less than 80 years – at most – didn’t make the Yankees more moral.  They had profited handsomely from the slave trade.  The timeliness of ending sinfulness doesn’t imbue righteousness to the sinner.

Let’s say it again, because the Northern states ended slavery before the South would have – they get a round of applause, not a morality carte blanche or crown of leaves.

Then, the Northern states invade the South, because they left the voluntary union of the 1787 Constitution.  Invading the sovereign Southern states is morally inferior.  It’s reprehensible.   Destroying, burning, looting, stealing – the modus operandi – of the Union armies is morally damnable.

My great-grandmother was about 8 when the Yankees shot a percussion cap pistol by her ear – to scare her into telling where her brother, the Bushwacker of Tipton County, was hiding.  She was deaf in one ear the rest of her life.  She didn’t tell on her brother.  The barn was burned and the animals killed.  It was a hard Winter after that.

The army and the cause that warred on women, children, and old men was morally inferior.

3 million of 3.5 million slaves never left their place of slavery.  That doesn’t create moral credit.  It adds complexity to a very complicated Peculiar Institution.

The burden of immorality is upon the conquering Army, the occupying Army and hateful, hypocritical Congress that treated the states they said couldn’t secede as a foreign country – as the Southerners claimed.

So much for the Recent Unpleasantness – which begat Jim Crow and more sin.  Topics for another day.

The South was left alone, penniless, to rebuild itself for 90 years to WW II.  During those 90 years, three to four generations lived.  They reinforced the culture.  There was little immigration. The Scot-Irish and Tidewater cultures gained depth.

Fast forward to 2015: Southern cultures – especially the Scot-Irish, frontier culture – are coherent, vital and adaptive.  They are live and let live.  They’ll fight for family, freedom and faith.  There is no limit to the violence they will use to protect their family, freedom and faith.

Their faith – Christian faith – is threatened by Islamists abroad and Liberal Secular Humanists at home.   Additionally, their majority Evangelical Protestant population includes believing Catholics as allies and honors observant Jews as God’s Chosen People – and Israel as a friend no matter what the odds.  Their, our, Biblical faith will make all the difference.

Southern Exceptionalism is evolving into a Southern Christian identity.  Christian identity, not Southern nationalism, will matter for decades to come.

When the Supreme Court of the United States declares homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right and the full force of the Federal Government shall enforce every bullying demand of the rabid homosexual lobby, it’ll be deja vu all over again – without the war deaths.  The South, more than anywhere else, will stand.

The civil disobedience, fueled by the moral superiority of a Biblically-observant culture, will resound across the South.

Likewise, when support is needed to send the punitive expeditions to North Africa, West Africa, the Horn of Africa, Syria and Iraq to destroy ISIS and Islamist allies, the South will be over-represented in the American military forces and the political power for a future President to fight for Western Civilization.

Southern history is still being written.

Not in secession, but with Christian identity.

Not in secession, but with Christian identity.

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April 26th forever for us

April 26th forever for us

Today, April 26th, is the 40th anniversary of our wedding.  Nellie Katherine Kyle and James Atticus Bowden.

Frequent readers of Deo Vindice are saying, “Uh oh, another sentimental journey for the widower Bowden.”

We’ll see.  Yes and No.

Our 40th wedding anniversary is blog worthy.  But, simply because I could mark enough anniversaries  – from seasons, holidays, birthdays, memorials to mutual loved ones, memories we made, etc. – to crowd the calendar, I won’t.  I’ll keep these myriad private anniversaries that come throughout the year to myself.  When an anniversary serves others, I’ll share.  It’s private when it just speaks to my heart about my late wife’s absence.  For the most part in the future, I’ll keep our private memories in my heart.

What Was

We had known each 31 months when we got married.  We had an on and off again, up and down, roller coaster relationship.  Through it all, we were involved with one another.  We had a great caring and desire for one another.

We scheduled the wedding to mesh with my duty calendar.  I was a Company Commander in the 82nd Airborne Division.  The alert roster changed as Vietnam fell in 1975.  My battalion got put on alert.  I reported to my Battalion Commander to request permission to go get married.  I was allowed to leave Thursday late and report back on Sunday – with the understanding I could be summoned at any time.  It all worked out.

We were married on Saturday in Beckley, West Virginia.  We spent the night at a motel – I had made reservations – in Bluefield, West Virginia.  That was it for honey moon.  I signed back in on Sunday.  Went to the field for a week on Monday.

We talked about our wedding night for all the years afterwards.   Commitment as man and wife made life different.  It made us different.  We were one.  Through real conflict and challenges – we were us.

38 years, 7 months passed.

We shared every single season of my adult life – she was 2 years older – until she died.   Our marriage was almost the whole of our grown up days.  Marriage was our life.

Marriage and family – we got married to have a family – gave meaning to our life.

Our marriage was life.

I was my beloved’s.  My beloved was mine.

38th Anniversary

38th Anniversary

What Was Supposed to Be

Nellie was supposed to retire in September 2014.  We were supposed to be in Italy tonight – on our 40th Anniversary.

We finally took a real honey moon trip for our 35th Anniversary.  I was in England on business for over a month – March 2010.  I planned a grand trip.  Her first to the UK.  We went to the Cotswolds in the West Counties, Scotland – including the village of Bowden, Northern Ireland and London.  She loved it.

We planned on going to Italy – a first for us both – for our 40th.

What Is

Nellie died December 9th, 2013.

Last year I felt crushed.  This year I feel like a hot knife cuts across my chest sharply and deeply.   I am broken-hearted, but not crushed.

After teaching Sunday School I drove 2.5 hours to speak to the Fredericksburg Tea Party meeting on behalf of Ted Cruz.  Knew one old political ally there.  Spoke to the friendly face of political buddy and challenger to the Virginia Speaker of the House.  Long meeting followed.  Drove home on what I’ve called “Therapy Road” for many years.  It’s US Route 17 from Fredericksburg to the turn off 3 miles from home in Poquoson.

I’ve driven Therapy Road for 25 years.  I wrote about that here as my vol de nuit –

I’ve driven it in every season and weather, quite literally, at every hour of day and night.  The road carries the memories of 25 years even if the road doesn’t know it.  For all those trips save the sad journey up and back to Arlington National Cemetery, Nellie was on my mind – as I was part of “us.”

I thought driving Therapy Road would be good medicine for today.  It was therapeutic, but not a cure.

It was a beautiful, bright green, chilly afternoon set below a mix of clouds moving across a bright blue sky.  I smelled Spring out in the country – Virginia fields and woods.

I recalled so many things from the 25 years traveling – to reach some new clarity.  Searching some soothing conclusion.

I started crying around Port Royal, Virginia.   I keep thinking, “She is gone.  I am here.  How can this be?”  “It doesn’t make sense.”  I kept thinking, remembering and praying.  Tears came and went.

I thought about my family.  How the human heart expands to care and love anew.  How when I see, hear, feel, smell, sense her – I feel the knife searing across my heart – and tears flow.  I know why people grow weary of living.

Yet, I felt such a sense of purpose.  How much more there is to do.  Family duties.  Citizenship.  The Great Commission.  How I need to get about getting things – reading and writing – done.

When I got home, I sat on the dock at Sanctuary at dusk to recover myself.

So, here we are.  God makes all things new, every day.

God is good.  All the time. No matter what.  No matter what.

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Sweet Surprise

This artwork was such a sweet surprise

This artwork was such a sweet surprise

I was on full time, 24/7, Grandpa duty from Sunday through Thursday afternoon this week.  Recently, did a week before on my own with 3 grandbabies, girl – 8, boy – 7, girl – 7, in March.  Did it back in August.  Can do easy, G.I.

As I was driving them to their Christian private school, the big sister asked me to spell the writing on my sweatshirt.  When we got to school, she gave me her artwork above  – with my sweatshirt spelled properly.  The message was “We all love you Papa!”  What a sweet surprise!

I love this picture.  My grandchild’s gift is so precious to me.  It makes me feel wonderful.

The week went well. Three grandchildren received and three returned.  No limbs or eyesight loss.  Arrived at school on time – every day.  Meals served and bedtimes completed.  Rough-housing until I was out of breath.  Yes, the Army’s Task-Condition-Standard applied appropriately.

My  Mother’s Grandmother Bobby would approve of Grandfather Papa’s duties.  The duties are likely to last another year at least.  Significant , but not 24/7.

I’m grateful to be vigorous enough to do my Papa duties.

I have no idea what the kids will remember 70 or 80 years from now.  They aren’t picking up on the handy phrases in French I use often.  They seem to recall the classic bedtime stories read.  Finished the ‘Just So’ book.  They hear me sing a lot and join me on the songs they know and like.  Regardless of what they recall, I know what I’ll remember until I die.

I’ll remember every sweet moment is bittersweet because their Grandma is gone to Heaven.  She would be out of her mind happy to have this time with grandchildren.  We had so much before she died, that they called her “Mom.”   But, these are new times – and they would be better with her here.

I’ll recall my gratitude to Lord God for this time alive.

I’ll add this memory to the sweetest gifts my kids gave me.  Dancing for Daddy at a recital, the one gift he spent his trip money on, the essay about ‘the most influential person”, etc.   These sweet gifts will be remembered, not the shameful Jerry Springer moments that we shared en famille.  As the Perfect Father forgets, the fallen father forgives – and anticipates his adult Christian children will understand his failings when they’ve lived long enough to see their own.

And, I’ll pray my selfish supplication to make memories with all of my grandchildren – including those yet to arrive.  My Daddy never saw my youngest child.

This art was drawn in such pure innocence.  It was given in simple pure love.  This sweet gift was such a sweet surprise.

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Second Spring

Nellie loved Spring like I love Autumn.  Her cup overran.

Nellie loved Spring like I love Autumn. Her cup overran.


This is the second Spring in my adult life without Nellie. Now, I don’t intend to notch each coming season for its loss and write it over and over. But, I’m compelled to write now because this second Spring is different from the first. That’s the story.

The death of my wife remains overwhelming. The short tag remains – Death sucks. But even so devastating a death is different a year later.

Last year it was like metal bands were wound tightly around my head and chest. Each week they were loosened a bit. Just a bit. This year the constricting bonds are gone.

An odd thought bothers my kids and me. It’s like last year it was okay for Nellie to be gone because she died. This year, that’s quite unacceptable as an excuse. Why the Hell isn’t she back? Why is she still gone? She is supposed to be here in the flesh with us.

She should be here.

Because she isn’t, many sweet moments suddenly stab. Especially every insight we could share – seen in a second’s  flash  – about any of the four grandchildren growing up so fast. So beautifully. It’s the sparkle in the eye. The funny thing said. The new height and posture. A motion. A look. Connections to our shared memories of a lifetime together. Memories from all our private times.

This Spring I don’t weep for hours. I weep for minutes. No clue when those minutes are coming. No way to stop them when they come. Just cry and dry. Breathe deeply. Pray.

Last June a political buddy of mine from Roanoke – in his 40s – shared with me how he lost his wife when she was quite young. They had 4 little children. I had no idea he had gone through such hardship. He said his grandfather told him that God doesn’t just expand love in the human heart to love another. The Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t add – He multiplies. God multiplies our capacity to love. I believe it.

I know how wonderful companionship, partnership, friendship and fellowship fun are. I know what desire and intimacy add – and are the bonds that bind. I know love and lovingkindness. I get the give and take for two to live as one.

One day I’ll take off my wedding ring. Haven’t taken it off, because we didn’t divorce, she just died. Have no thought to take it off today.

A year later our house hasn’t sold yet. Wish it would soon. I’d like to move ahead – and see where I am financially for what we can do – on making additions to Sanctuary. The storm of the century (2003) sent water under it (whew) – yet elevating it would bring more storm safety. And, or, building a writing studio to grow as old scribbling as the Lord allows.

This Second Spring, the Lord gives life as it is. It really feels so differently. I’m much healthier. Grieving changes. Living evolves. Love remains. Love grows. Family is family.

God is good. All the time. No matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.

Coming soon – our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Nellie adored the first green of new growth. I call it olive green.  She loved all the colors of Spring - always remarked on seeing that special green.

Nellie adored the first green of new growth. I call it olive green. She loved all the colors of Spring – always remarked on seeing that special green.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 27, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Critical Time

Media harpies will try to destroy Ted Cruz

Media harpies will try to destroy Ted Cruz

Timing is everything – in business, comedy, war…   And especially in politics.

The timing that counts for Ted Cruz is the crucial time it takes to label him. The next 6 weeks or so is the first critical period. Then, the Spring and Summer of 2016 – if he is the frontrunner – is a second critical phase.

The Main Stream Media will label Ted Cruz stupid, crazy, evil or a bigot – right now.

The Liberal minions in the media must destroy Cruz quickly to kill his candidacy. Their Liberal labels, like nails, must crucify Cruz.

Liberal name-calling must become the story on Cruz – the new narrative.

This is what the Liberals have done since 1964 when they demonized Barry Goldwater. Since then, it’s only gotten worse.   More baseless and more vile. In 2012, the Main Stream Media played whack-a-mole with each Conservative candidate from Michele Bachmann to Herman Cain. Finally, only Mitt Romney was standing. Then, they provided supporting screeching fires as the Democrat attack ads ran all Spring and Summer.

The Main Stream Media serves as the Orwellian Ministry of Truth for the Democrat Party. They do so reflexively, because they are more ideologically Leftist – progressive, socialist, communist, human secularist, d’himmi, gaystopo, PC, totalitarians – than many elected Democrats. The hatred they hold for Conservatives comes from their hearts.

These Media harpies must tell a tale about Ted Cruz so that his name brings instant word association with ill-informed and un-informed Americans. Climate change denier, first-termer and anti-gay are their first tries. If HRH Hillary I gets the nomination – war on women – will be used against Cruz – or any Republican.

Interestingly, the howling harpies are giving a back-handed compliment when they call Cruz, “the uncompromising Conservative.” Those words may work splendidly in a crowded Conservative field. That criticism resonates well with voters who suffer RINO and weak Establishment Republican fatigue.

Soon, if not already, the Media mavens will overplay their hand – and be so nonsensical – that only their Kool Aid drinking cadre (40% of America) will listen. Even clueless independents shake their heads in sad mockery of really hysterical accusations. And such hyperbole is coming. It will be multiplied the more it seems that Cruz may get the nomination – and win.

The verbal attacks will get so much worse. Liberals spew the hatred they hold in their hearts. Their words are the overflow of their prideful hearts. Establishment Republicans will chime in for like reasons – and they fear the loss of their power and money.

If Ted Cruz comes through the fires of this refinement, he will be pure silver and gold. Cruz has to define himself to America while every Liberal harpy is screeching something different in print, radio, TV and across cyberspace. Ronald Reagan was the last candidate who was successful at speaking past the noise to The People. Cruz’s first interviews – fielding those gotcha questions – indicate he can do it, too.

Ted Cruz is in the refining fire of defining his name to voters. This fire isn’t the Biblical wrath of the Lord, but serves the same purpose – to make him better. May Ted Cruz become a better candidate – and President of these United States of America.

Please let it be so.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 25, 2015

This is what the Bravery of a Lesser Magistrate Looks Like

James Atticus Bowden:

We – Southerners and descendants of Scots – need to live up to our legacy of courage and fidelity to truth.

Originally posted on Christian Heritage News & Commentary:

By Pastor Matt Trewhella – Posted at The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate:


On Monday, March 23rd, 2015, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore spoke to hundreds in Texas who had gathered in defense of God’s created order for marriage, including scores of state officials. In his comments he stated – “But if I should hold back my opinions at such a time as this, I would consider myself guilty of treason toward my country — and an act of disloyalty to the majesty of heaven Whom I revere above all earthly kings.” Words of great weight because he is willing to hazard his own life for what is right and needed. Judge Moore has – as Seutonius said of lower magistrates who defy the immoral decrees of higher authorities – “grabbed the wolf by the ears.”

In Scotland, on April 6, 1320, eight earls and over forty nobles fixed their…

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