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9-11 in 2015

How surprising for the suddenly informed and how unfortunate for those who insist on not learning about Islam.

How surprising for the suddenly informed and how unfortunate for those who insist on not learning about Islam.

The Muslim attacks on 9-11-01 weren’t a surprise to me.  The attack by Muslims and the means – hijacked commercial airliners – were predicted in the Army After Next Wargames in the 90s.  The date was the only new news.  The commentary in the Wargames was that such attacks were likely from 2005 on.  They attacked earlier than expected.  The huge, gigantic surprise for me was the appalling ignorance of most Americans about Islam – and the mental and moral acrobatics of the US Government – from the President down – and Establishment to not name Islam as the reason.

Ignorance is no excuse for adults.  As a child in the 1950s, I knew when I watched Robin Hood that the good king, Richard the Lion-Hearted, was away fighting the Muslims in the Crusades.  I knew the good guys and bad guys as a child.  It takes a willful, purposeful ignorance not know Islam has been the enemy of Western Civilization since Mohammed’s first genocidal massacre.

It gets even harder, and worse, to maintain and build on such ignorance after 14 years of evidence – and plenty of time to read history.

It becomes dangerous when the truth, about Muslim culture, religion and history, is labeled as bigotry, racism, and hatred.  It’s sinister to make the truth censored, ‘verboten’, in public.

Yet, the truth will out.

I’m shocked that it’s taken so long to get so little truth out about Islam.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology and identity which includes a backward religion.  The barbarian cult of the Koran was a bloody fit for the 7th Century and unreformed since the 13th Century.  Consequently, Islamic culture – and its tribes, countries and civilizations – are at least 800 years behind Western Civilization.  (The barbarian Visigoths who sacked Rome were only 600 years behind Roman Civilization.)

Individual Muslims, like individual Nazis and Communists, might be lovely people.  Good family folks.  Especially, the more Westernized the Muslim, the more pleasant the person.  One person, or a few, don’t make a people or a population.  Unfortunately, the more Muslims together as per cent of the population, the bigger the problem.

And, the problem is Islam.

Islam is the unity of state and mosque.  Government and religion are one under Sharia law.

Any American who supports Sharia law in the U.S. is a domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, because Islam is a monster ideology with a puppet religion, the religion should be not be afforded Constitutional protections.  For example, the polygamy of 4 wives per man shouldn’t be protected as the free exercise of religion.  In the 19th Century a confident Judeo-Christian American Congress and President didn’t grant Mormons religious freedom for polygamy.

Nor, did the U.S. Government ever say the problem with Indian massacres was the radical Indians who hijacked their ancient pagan religion.  They never said native Paganism was the religion of peace.

The Indian Wars, 1608-1890, are a rough analogy to the long, long World War against Islamists.  The U.S. Army used Indian allies to fight Indians – and every tribe was different.  It was a very long series of unique campaigns.

Whether the current war began in 627 AD with the genocide of Jewish tribe, in all the Muslim wars that followed, against the Barbary pirates or in the 1920s with Muslim brotherhood, in 1947 in Israel, 1968 in Munich, 1979 in Iran, 1991 with Gulf War I or 9-11-01, the war is based on Muslims following the Koran- as it’s written.   The war will last as long as people believe the Koran.

Running away from the Muslim countries won’t avoid war.  Muslim immigrants to the West who don’t become Christians or secular hedonists bring conflict – and, inevitably, their war.

Obviously, not all Muslims are on jihad.  If it’s only 10 per cent – and pretend 90 per cent of Muslims are all docile, peaceful persons, then the problem is the 10 per cent – or mere 140 million Muslims today – will be on jihad in every year of every generation.  Jihad continues until Muslims change their beliefs or are incapable of fighting.

How many more attacks in America will it take until Congress passes laws on Islam like it did on Communism?

The key distinction between Islam and Communism as threats is the eagerness of some Muslims to use nuclear weapons against Israel and the West.  This makes the current Iranian non-treaty treaty worse.

The Republicans, like Sen. Corker of Tennessee, and all the Democrats who enable Iran to build nuclear weapons have done worse than appeasing Hitler before WW II.

As long as the U.S. fails to put together the coalition for a punitive campaign to destroy ISIS, there will be a refugee crisis, war crimes and Christian persecution.

The military age male refugees pouring across European borders will include many recruits for more war.

I hope it doesn’t take another 14 years for most Americans to lose their monumental, tragically and fatally flawed ignorance of Islam.

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Second Summer

Mortal remains resting place - Arlington National Cemetery.

My shadow across my wife’s mortal remains resting place – Arlington National Cemetery.  My bones will lie with her bones.

This is the second summer of my whole adult life without Nellie Katherine Kyle Bowden. Two summers she hasn’t lived since 1948. First two summers for our family without a Mother, Grandmother, and Wife – connector-of-all-human-life (her words!) and force-to-be-reckoned-with. It’s the second summer of grieving and living, living and grieving.

I used to feel a slight sorrow when August, despite its super hot ‘dog’ days, gained speed in its passing into September. This season’s passing is immaterial to what matters most. She is gone.

I know she is alive in Heaven. But, she isn’t here. I am. Her family, her kin and friends are. That matters. Sadness and missing are facts of life, not tests of faith.

The big deal I know, see and feel this second summer is how different it is from the first.

I’m astonished by my good health. Last year at the moment of waking came the realization that she was absent. Then, the pain came. Real, physical pain from my toes to my head. The iron bands of constriction were stacked and clamped hard. Even as they loosened a bit every week, I carried their weight and felt their squeeze all last summer. Then, during the day sudden waves of sharp grief overwhelmed. Weeping could last for hours – when I didn’t know a man could cry that long.

It was hard to concentrate. Time consuming to get simple things done. Much time got lost in a nothingness of foggy memories and thoughts bumping into one another.

Not so in second summer. I cry on occasion. Tears come with a hair trigger and no safety switch to stop them. Yet, I can get control in just a few.

I feel remarkably healthy as a man almost 65 years old. Still got fight in me. Deeply, humbly grateful to God, because I know a stroke or heart attack or cancer can come darken any fine day.

I live in a place of profound, exquisite, continuous beauty. My home on The Bay is called “Sanctuary”. Living here is a healing therapy. Every day and night.

Light shows at sunrise and sunset. Andrew Wyeth clouds change colors by the minute.

Light shows at sunrise and sunset. Andrew Wyeth clouds change colors by the minute.

My oldest daughter and her 3 kids lived with me for a year. They moved recently, so I end the second summer with a new solitude. And, it’s a good time to complete the second year which Nellie Katherine, the death and grieving counselor extraordinaire, said was so important. It’s the time that brings a survivor to the ‘new normal’.

My new normal is so different from my past that I’ll have to experience it to even begin to understand it.

When I was 16 I decided to live life under a set of vertical hierarchical duties. ‘Me’ being last and least. From age 21 on I had a relationship with one woman, Nellie, and then our family – which made those duties – and the Army, then Commonwealth, always the South and our America under the Lord God – become real, everyday living. I still have duties as father, grandfather, brother, kin, friend, Church family, teacher, citizen, etc. but no one, no duty debt holder, will be in my house. My immediate family will be 180 and 570 miles away. New world for me.

I’m going to have more dock time alone – with the Lord. I’m going to heal from the inside out to become the new normal for me – for the time I have left. I’ll do my duty to “read and write.”


His works made manifest in the world - seen from my dock, my deck, the windows and doors.

His works made manifest in the world – seen from my dock, my deck, the windows and doors.

01d8cc85e2d1e7ef069906211539dc9f901ad82c1aThe Lord Jesus Christ is expanding my heart, multiplying it, for agape, philos, storge, and eros love. Companionship is a blessing.  My heart is happier, and it doesn’t feel disrespectful to my Beloved, in this second summer. Maybe peace and joy are built like a new house on top of the grieving foundation – and all the past.

In the second summer I can tell the flow of time is different. I can feel time, itself, is different

Yet, when I visited her grave, and took a picture of my shadow across our tombstone – on purpose, I was knocked off my balance for over a week. My breath knocked out seeing the granite – cold in the winter, so warmed in this second summer – with her name. Her sweet, precious, cherished, devoted, desired name etched in stone and done. Finished. Gone from my touch.

We shared all our adult life together. Sometimes it’s perplexing that she would be gone and, still, I’m here. I don’t get it. How can this be?

Second summer hasn’t brought all answers, but it brought balm and calm. Good health. Lovingkindness. Peace, joy, hope. Life is hope, hope is life.

Storms come and go. Light and darkness cycle. Seasons flow like tides.

Storms come and go. Light and darkness cycle. Seasons flow like tides.

Psalm 63. A psalm of David.

 I have seen you in the sanctuary

and beheld your power and your glory.

Because your love is better than life,

my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live,

and in your name I will lift up my hands.

Summer is sweet. Hot and sweet. God is good. Always.

Summer is sweet. Hot and sweet. God is good. Always.

Second summer’s grieving is blessed by Grace and gratitude. For me. For others. For our clan’s future.

IMG_1059God is Good. All the Time. No Matter What. No Matter What!

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To Bonnie: On Being Three

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan - spectacular Christian woman in the making

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan – spectacular Christian woman in the making

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan is three today. Look closely at the picture above. Good Lord willing, 80 years from now her grandchildren will look at the picture of the toddler – a baby – and shout, “That is so you!.” The person to be, the grand woman, is already there in this wee one.

Look at her posture.  Her smile – slightly twisted like her Grandma.  Her bright, intelligent, lively eyes.  That look.

Bonnie, you’ll be remarkable. You already are.

I’ve never seen a child with your physical courage – fighting back when the nurse gives you a shot. I’ve never seen such tenacity in things whether they are big or small to your will. Your will is quite some will.

I’d like to attribute that to your “We never, never, never quit” heritage. But, let’s try to be honest. Yes, your Da is 100% Scot-Irish Southern. And your Mommy (my baby) is well over 50% Celtic Southern. So you’re about as Orange Irish and Scot ethnicity (and with a wink to my departed Daddy – Black Irish) and Southern culture as it gets, but you are all Bonnie. Already.

You have the heritage of the matriarchs of the Holland-League family and Bowden-Maley Clan and the West Virginia line from Nellie to Bonnie to Wavie Winona. Not to forget your Mama. And, your wonderful Daddy.

You are such a joy. You are so joyful. You delight in life.

I remember your Mommy doing the same. When she was three plus in the cool spring of 1988 in Germany, we played ‘ball’ in our tiny yard after church one bright Sunday. The grass was thick and green. We rolled a large ball back and forth – about 5 feet between us. She squealed with delight – without stopping. Her smile was ear to ear. Her ‘Shirley Temple’ ringlets tossed with her laughter. It was the greatest game ever.

My heart ached and soared. I was wounded with family deaths and career death, even though life had been better for a year. I thanked the Lord for my baby – Maggie Kyle. I asked the Lord God to help me remember this moment for the rest of my life. I can live in it still – now.

Now, I’m sad your Grandma is gone and can’t share such moments with you. She would be so insanely joyful all the time – with you. Just because you are you. Nellie Katherine Kyle Bowden’s laughter would echo through the house – and our hearts on hearing. But, like the times with your Mommy, you make simple joys exquisite.

Bonnie, you are so bright and so much fun. How can you know letters, colors and numbers before three? You dance, sing, play, snuggle, swim, and talk with such energy and focus. I’ve pushed you in a swing for almost an hour non-stop. Your smile speaks to your contentment doing what you like – and knowing what you like. At Three.

I love who you are, Miss Bonnie. I’d be thrilled to see you become the Christian woman you will be in another 20 to 30 years. That makes life so worth the living. I’ll be grateful for as much as the Good Lord lets me share with your bright light.


Being Bonnie is already a form of expression.  Bonnie  – on being Bonnie – is a form of art and life.

I’m proud and honored to be your Papa.  Please spend more time on my dock.

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan, June 2015

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan, July 2015

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Southerners, Bring More Flags

Bring this flag of faith to fly with the flag of heritage and history

Bring this flag of faith to fly with the flag of heritage and history

As the political hysteria wans a bit from South Carolina Gov. Haley going back on her word and making the insane connection between mass murder in Charleston and a historical flag monument in Columbia, consider what Southerners should do now.   The Puritan Liberals will keeping pushing hard to culturally cleanse the South of all things Confederate. They’ll say it’s because everything Confederate is a symbol of hate. Of evil racism.

Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Cajuns, Protestants, Catholics and Jews fought for the South, the States, to be left alone.

Protestants, Catholics and Jews fought for the South, the States, to be left alone.  Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Creoles and Cajuns served under Confederate Battle Flags.

Southerners, don’t let this fight become about race. Keep it about culture. And, since our culture is profoundly Judeo-Christian – bring more flags out. Carry the Christian (or Protestant) flag, Roman Catholic Papal flag. Bring the Star of David Israeli flag. Since our culture is let and let live – and we don’t want the tyranny of big government, carry the Gadsen Flag – Don’t Tread On Me.   Bring more flags together with the Confederate Battle Flag because it’s one team, one fight.

This'll drive the Liberal Puritans more crazy.  The South is the best friend of Israel - in the world.

This’ll drive the Liberal Puritans more crazy. The South is the best friend of Israel – in the world.

The race pimps will work hard to make any controversy a race issue. Give them Grace, ignore them and stay filled with Christian love, patience and courage. Remember that Winston Churchill in his History of the English-Speaking Peoples said the Army of Northern Virginia was the most devoutly Christian army that ever marched.  Kindly ask our Black Southern Christian brothers and sisters to keep tolerance a two-way street. Because, even though the Segregationists tried to hijack our flag 50 years, they lost.   They lost to the love of Lord Jesus Christ.

Molon Labe

Molon Labe

The transformation of the heart for most White Southern Christians is profound. The morally ascendant ideas from the Holy Bible triumphed. Agape love replaced the wall of racial identity. Increasingly, still, the identity of Southerners isn’t black or white, but evangelical Christian. The Northern Puritan Liberals, Hollywood, the media and stupid, self-hating Southern Liberals who walked away from faith, didn’t get the memo. Racial identity is less than religious identity in a personal relationship with the Risen Lord.

Don’t let the Confederate Flags be argued in terms of race. Reject it. Say it plainly to their face – the flags and monuments and names are all about our family, faith and freedom. It’s being told by others what you can say, sing, wave and think. And, being told, “That is forbidden. You can’t say, see or think that. It’s politically incorrect.”

Bring more flags, and many more Confederate flags, to rallies, everyday events, and parades. If the fight is over one flag with the Cross of St. Andrew alone, the visual from one clown in a Klan dress will ruin it.  One loon spouting racist hate is all the media needs – and wants.

The Puritan Liberals will re-write history and culturally cleanse the South as ruthlessly as their Totalitarian cousins – the Nazis and Communists. Like the Nazis and Communists, they declare their enemies to be evil enough to eradicate them. Like Totalitarian Islamists, ISIS, they will desecrate graves. If Southerners let them.

Bring out more flags. Bring out all our flags.

Deo Vindice

Keep showing the Puritan Liberals this flag picture.

Keep showing the Puritan Liberals this flag picture.

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Should the South Awaken

The US Government paid for this monument to Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.

The US Government authorized this monument to Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.

The US Congress voted to ban Confederate flags on Confederate graves on Federal land.  Even though earlier Congresses declared Confederate soldiers as American veterans.  Congress even authorized a Confederate monument in Arlington Cemetery.

The cultural cleansing of the Confederate battle flag is a Princess Di moment of mass hysteria.  It’s fueled by decades of ignorance, bias – actually, real hatred, and indoctrination by the Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Liberal Human Secularist Totalitarians.  It’ll get worse before it gets better – when we win.

These zealots share what passes for ideas with the Democrat Party, Media, Hollywood, Academia – from K thru Higher Ed, most of Government and large Corporations.  They are the other side in the Great U.S. Culture War.  They inherited the witch-burning, dissident-banning, slave ship-owning, abolitionist race war-baiting culture of absolutism…Puritan Yankees, which got worse when they gave up God, to become the PC Puritan Liberals.

They hate the Cross of St Andrew because the people who love it are the only thing standing in their way of creating a Progressive, socialist paradise.   They hate the Cross of Jesus more than they hate the Cross of St. Andrew.  They know the people who love the old red flag with one cross worship at the foot of the other – and, worse, read the Bible, believe it and try to live it.  People who try to live to the written words of the Bible expect government to live under the written rules of constitutions and laws.  Not make them up, rule as they please, in all three branches of government at all levels of government.  So, they hate the South.  They have to culturally cleanse the South from being Southern.  But, they’ll fail.

We have the Bible – the Word on our side.  We have the Truth on our side.  We have history on our side.  We have the heritage of courage, honor and fidelity on our side.  We have the blood of our ancestors – and for some who are Southern by choice, a shared family closer than some kin.

The extreme words spoken against the South and Southerners are inversely proportional to the actual threat Southern manhood is to the speaker.  Or, even our Southern womanhood.

In coming years if Southerners go to these National cemeteries to put Confederate battle flags on graves on Confederate Memorial Day and national Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veteran’s Day, they could be arrested for a misdemeanor.

When 10 people are arrested, it’ll make the news.

When 1o,ooo people come to be arrested, the politicians will pay attention.

Before a million people show up, and all can’t be arrested, it will change.

Wake up SCV and UDC.  Lead, or someone else must.

Who is willing to be arrested for a misdemeanor – for honoring veterans’ graves?

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July 4th, 2015. Never Give In.

Words from Winnie ring truth.  Truth ages well.  Winnie, Sir Winston Churchill, was made an American citizen by a special law when dual citizenship was illegal.  He was the greatest man of the 20th Century.  He saved Western Civilization.  Americans should listen to what he said.  Americans should do what he did. Fight.  Never quit.  We should be like him.  Brave.  Bold, even when he was old.

In 1776, if the government representing 10 million people in the United Kingdom had given representation in Parliament to the 3 million people in colonies calling themselves Americans, our American Revolution would’ve had to find another reason for treason against the Crown.

Great Britain was merely tyrannical in denying the rights of Englishmen to citizens in America.  Yes, there are things far worse than tyranny.  But, it was worth a fight for the 5 Bowden boys in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  One, Jesse, died in Philadelphia.

In 1861, when some sovereign states declared the voluntary union they ratified, individually and independently, to be over, it was time for another fight.  Armies invaded those states.  My People fought with everything they had.  GG-Grandfather League was killed in Georgia, as well as many brothers and cousins.  My G-Grandmother Maley was made deaf in one ear for the rest of her life by a Yankee war crime. Yet, her obituary mentioned her celebration of the great US victory at Leyte Gulf.

Consequently, I hold these flags in deep love and admiration.  They are connected in my manhood.

I know this can offend.  Take a deep breath and consider how the two flags are interwoven in the South.  Veterans who served under both flags are American veterans - in the U.S. Code - Federal law.

I know this can offend. Take a deep breath and consider how the two flags are interwoven in the South. Veterans who served under both flags are American veterans – in the U.S. Code – Federal law.

This Independence Day we face domestic enemies worse than the Redcoats and Yankees.  Americans face a foreign threat worse than the Imperial and Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the Soviet Empire and all Communists.

The liberal/progressive/socialist – nom de jour – human secularists represented by the Democrat Party are opponents who, as they become more the Totalitarian – like their ideas, become domestic enemies of the 1787 Constitution.

The Constitution I swore to defend when I was 17.  So help me God.

The Supreme Court committed high crimes against the Constitution with their decisions to define Marriage and legislate from the bench.  They should be impeached.

The Muslim Islamists have been enemies of Western Civilization since Mohammed committed his first act of genocide against a Jewish tribe in 627 AD.  There are a lot more of these dangerous barbarians today.

Fear not.  The Bible so commands about 450 times.  Fear Not.

I, for one, will fight to the death to defend my native soil.  Virginia, the South, the United States of America.  Even though I’m an old man.  I will fight.

I will never quit.  I will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never quit.

The Constitution of the United States of America will be restored.  At the least, it will be restored in Virginia.  The Virginia Constitution, with its Marriage Amendment for one man and one woman, will be restored to status quo ante the illegal and unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling of 5 black-robed priest-kings.

Victory may be won after my days on earth are done.  We will win.

A rope of three cords is hard to break.

A rope of three cords is hard to break.


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Virginia First Foundation on Independence Day

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Dark Days, Great Opportunity

To be him again for the coming fight.  34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer.  (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

To be him again for the coming fight. 34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer. (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

A rogue majority of the Supreme Court has crossed the Rubicon.

These are dark days for the Republic – these United States of America.  Darker days are coming.  Then, we win.

What a great time to be alive!  To be able to work to save America, our Republic, while honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.  To fight for faith, family and freedom unto victory.

This is a unique chance for Christians in America to witness Jesus to others.  To be persecuted.  Perhaps, to be martyred.

I told my old men’s (mostly 70s and 80s) Sunday School class that I wish I was 30 years younger (the guy mugging his wife in the photo above) to be in the fight longer.  I regret that I’m at this end of life on earth.  But, I’m so up for this fight.

We get to make America, or at least the South, a place where it’s safe to be a practicing Christian or Jew – for generations.

We get to protect marriage and the family for millions of future Americans.  Children will be blessed with a mother and father.  The Nation will be healthier and stronger.

We get to restore the Rule of Law – under our Constitutions as written.

We get to return the Federal government to its limited powers.

We get to return the States to their plenary powers.  For the multi-state laboratories for democracy.

We get to preserve the great heritage and history of America – and especially the South – for the best parts of the past to be carried into the future.

We get to protect our borders and regulate a healthy, legal immigration of new Americans by choice.

We get to turn back Sharia and all foreign law from our Land.

We get to love our enemies as they hate us.

We get to follow the Word of God from the Holy Bible when it conflicts with the laws of men – with peaceful civil disobedience.

We get to lead Allies to destroy the enemies of Western Civilization whenever they emerge from their snake pits.

We will win.

Yes, there will be many challenges.  Darker days lie ahead.  Awful things may happen if physical violence is unleashed.  Do not let slip the dogs of war here – from our side.  No.

We have a legacy – from the Roman persecutions – especially Diocletian’s, to barbarians and hordes from the East, to the many Muslim invasions, to the horrors of Catholic-Protestant-Orthodox wars, to continued persecutions based on Christian beliefs, survival on our frontiers, to an American Revolution for rights, to both sides of our Recent Unpleasantness, to every following fight, hardship and challenge – of courage, faith, hope and victory in Lord Jesus Christ.

Soon enough we will get to live up to our legacy or not.

Choose you where your house will stand.

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Virginia First Foundation


A new foundation focused on Virginia

A new foundation focused on Virginia

I’m helping start a foundation.  The idea came together last summer.  It grew from an idea I had for a state-focused thinktank – 20 years ago.  It’s a serious undertaking with long range goals.  It’s grand in scope, purpose and potential.  It’s meant to be shared with many Virginians – millions we hope.  Here is what we said about ourselves in our first blog post at –

The motto of the new Virginia First Foundation, Inc. is “POSSUNT QUIA POSSE VIDENTUR”.   It means “They Can Because They Think They Can.” And, what do we think we can do?

We can change the culture of Virginia to preserve, protect, evolve, grow, improvise, invent, enhance, respect, honor and project what’s best about Virginia today and in the past – into the future. With confidence, conviction and courage. And, to embrace the inevitable, unexpected changes to shape them for the best in our Virginia culture.

Because, “Culture Commands.” Culture commands – sets up the boundaries and opportunities – for much of our lives.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘culture’ as:

  • the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time
  • a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.
  • a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business)
  • The ‘etc.’ in the first and second definitions is loaded. It includes almost every aspect of a society. Since every culture is based on a society – a group, or groups, of people – in a place and time, culture influences almost everything we think, say and do.

Since Culture Commands, it matters what the culture of Virginia is today and tomorrow. Especially, when it comes to our beliefs.

  • God-given individual rights. Especially, those enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
  • The Rule of Law.
  • Constitutionally-limited government.
  • Representative democracy in a federal Republic.
  • The Government of the United States limited by the U.S. Constitution.
  • Our sovereign state – Virginia, as a Commonwealth – with plenary powers.
  • The People are the sovereign of the Commonwealth – and delegate powers and authority to the Commonweatlh in our Virginia Constitution.
  • As the Virginia Constitution says – mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other – for religious tolerance. Let Virginia be the safest place to be a practicing Christian, Jew or non-believer.
  • The moral-ethical standards of our Judeo-Christian culture in Virginia.
  • The sanctity of life.   Especially for the weakest of humans – the babies in the womb, the elderly and sick.
  • The family – built on the marriage of one man and one woman.
  • Free market economics.
  • Protection of our environment – the land, water and air of Virginia.
  • Educating children about our common history, culture and citizenship.
  • And more…

We dare to think we can change the culture for the better – for the long term. We do so because we are Virginians.


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Religion in America by the Numbers

This church spelled Emmaus is pronounced 'Emmy-us'

This church spelled Emmaus is pronounced ‘Emmy-us’

The Pew research poll shows a shift in religious affliation in the U.S.  There is a shift, but the headlines don’t show all the shifts a-shifting.

I taught Research and Methodology for the Social Sciences at West Point in the 80s.  Stats for students who are afraid of numbers, but need to learn how to use them.   I told my classes that I hated stats.  They gasped in surprise.  I added, “You must learn statistics so you can screw your enemies to the wall.”  They liked that and grinned.

The Pew Report had some hard numbers (absolute changes) and many per centages.  The absolute numbers interest me more.

The reference number – the one to remember – is the increase of 18 million adults between 2007 and 2014.  18 million in 7 years.  That’s interesting enough just to figure out who these 18m are by demographics and states.  Not in the report.

19 million more Americans call themselves ‘None’ – not affliated and not Christian.  That’s a lot of cultural Christians not feeling any moral suasion or other reason to merely claim to be Christian – regardless of what they believe or do.  It includes some people losing their Christian faith – but the traffic goes the other way too – a number to be shown below.

There are twice as many Muslims in 2014, as a per cent of the population, as 2007.  The hard numbers weren’t in the report.  About .9 of a per cent of America is Muslim.  That is a doubling in 7 years.

About 1.9% of America is Jewish.  That per cent has changed little.  Twice as many Jews as Muslims as a per cent of the U.S.

Black Protestants in black churches stayed about the same in numbers.

There are 3 million fewer Catholics in the U.S.   Despite heavy Hispanic immigration.

There are between 3 to 7.3 million fewer Mainline Protestants.  Based on their embrace of homosexual marriage, I refer to them as Sissy Christians.

There are between 2 to 5 million MORE Evangelical Protestants.  MORE.  There are MORE  Southern Baptists, Assembly of God, Church of Christ, Lutheran Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church of America and non-denominational independent churches.  The report said it’s more likely to be 5m MORE.  MORE Evangelical Christians.

5m more Evangelicals vs. 19m more ‘Nones’.   If we – Evangelicals – had helped 7m of the new Nones convert, then we’d be even in growth.  Not that numbers are everything.  We win, because sooner or later the Lord God of the Bible wins.  Yet, clearly, the fields are white for the harvest.

For every one person getting religion, four persons lose it or their profession of whatever they had.

For every 1.0 persons leaving an Evangelical church, like folks out West leaving the Southern Baptists, 1.2 come in the front door as converts.  We’re gaining.  We need to gain a lot more.

Our Evangelical families have a fertility rate of 2.3.  Not great, but gaining.  We need to have a lot more babies – even though we don’t have infant baptism.

So, one million more Americans became ‘Nones’ than were added to the adult population.

Evangelical Protestants grew by about 5m.  Five million is good.  A full 5 plus 19 = 23 million would be better.  What a great opportunity we have to share the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ here in America.

Let’s do it.




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