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Establishment Republicans

Establishment Republicans are part of America’s problems.  The latest budget deal is proof positive. Hopefully, the election of Cong. Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House of Representatives will be a victory for the Establishment Republicans the way the Battle of Bunker Hill was for the British. He won at considerable cost, but he should lose big time when the whole, real Revolution is over.  This Revolution is about We, The People against the current Establishment of elites, idiot ideologues, racist drones, government dependents, as well as the illegal aliens and Islamists who can’t be assimilated into American Civilization.

Politics is a business.  It’s about money and power as well as power and money.  The conflict of ideas is just for ideologues, not for career politicians.  Like all businesses, politics has career paths.  Politics is a career for people with a single skill set.  They know how to get elected.  They don’t necessarily know how to govern, legislate, adjudicate, manage, lead, or have expertise on any policy.  They just know how to get elected and stay in office.  For some, their careers can become inter-generational.  Politics can become the family business.

Establishment Republicans are career politicians wearing the “R” brand.  Establishment Republicans are Republican first and foremost. Some are Conservative.  Many claim they are as Conservative because they have to pretend to be so – to stay elected.  Out of 435 seats in Congress, about 50 are said to be “in play” every two years.  That means 385 seats are safely R or D.  They’re a sinecure for a career politician to enrich themselves.  And, they do.

The new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, is an Establishment Republican.  He has worked in politics as his day job for his whole life – seasonal part-time firefighter notwithstanding.  Speaker McCarthy is a career politician.

The resistance to voting for Speaker McCarthy was a principled mini-revolt against the R Establishment. It was a good first step. This week, the rules revolt from the Freedom Caucus is a warning shot.

The R Establishment betrayed Conservatives in 2017 when they were unready to govern with President Trump, repeal Obamacare, close the border to illegal aliens, cut spending, etc.  Actually, the Establishment Republicans betrayed their Conservative voters. 

Establishment Republicans in Virginia have done much the same as the Rs in Congress for the past 20 years.  The three largest tax increases in Virginia history were enacted with unrepentant, unaccountable Republican votes. I got disgusted with Virginia’s Establishment Republicans in 2001. The intervening years have taught me to control my gag reflex. I don’t projectile vomit when the Establishment Pols blather.

Since 2004, I’ve seen the need to replace the career politicians with people who don’t want or need the job.  I’ve supported candidates who would primary and remove Establishment Republicans.  But, it’s been like ordering the tide to obey.  You get good people elected and they become part of the business.  They are subject to the incentive structure of politics as is – where raising money is both mother’s milk and king.    

Politics is a very dirty business.  It’s a huge challenge to get good people to subject themselves and their families to wrong, plainly evil, vicious attacks.

The Tea Party Movement of 2009 was assimilated into nothingness by the Establishment Republicans.  Now, the Freedom Caucus in Congress is the core for the Populist Revolution needed to save America from certain destruction with public debt, illegal immigration, Green energy suicide, weak Defense inviting aggression, and every cancerous, malevolent Marxist idea in CRT, Transgender folly, de-funding the police, etc. 

America needs a “Revolutionary Season” of 12 to 20 years to elect patriots, as Constitutional zealots, to replace the Establishment Rs and put enough institutional concrete around reforms to make them last awhile. 

Short of replacing the Establishment Rs, controlling enough votes and/or money will change their behavior.  Enough votes and money threatens their job.

The point of the Revolutionary Season of elections is clear.  It’s about “Who decides.”  Who decides what about your individual life?  Your personal freedom, economic opportunity, public safety, and education – every aspect of your life that government can screw up.   It’s about you as an individual, free citizen, vs. hyphenated you as just a subject of an identity group.

Whether it’s a slow boil or fast trigger events, the Revolutionary Season has a purpose to replace the elites running and ruining our national institutions, utterly defeat the Human Secularist Totalitarians, and restore American Civilization to survive this century. 

Finally, to close with a mocking laugh, consider the commercials the Establishment is buying to crow about the June 2023 Budget ceiling deal. They brag about cutting $1.5 trillion from the deficit over 10 years. Oh, my lands, how wonderful! Right?

But, wait. Currently, the deficit is over $1 trillion @ year. So, in ten years if the balance remained the same, the U.S. would go from $31trillion in debt to $41 trillion. Thanks to the Establishment Republicans, America will still be $39.5 trillion in debt. The Republicans voted to add $8.5 trillion to the our bankrupting debt.

The Establishment Republicans’ spending includes fully funding the movement and care of more than 6 million illegal aliens since Biden opened the border. Thanks, Kevin and your Establishment Republicans.

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Pride or Prejudice

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American “Karens” Vote Commie

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The Left’s Cultural Marxist jihad against the South demands the cultural cleansing of all things Confederate.  Since Southerners are the greatest bulwark against the Cultural Marxists, as the true Human Secularist Totalitarians the Left is, it’s imperative to rob Southerners of their historical heritage of pride, independence, and honor. This Memorial Day they are working to destroy the monument to the Confederate soldiers buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Next year, they’ll probably want to dig up the dead veterans.

Destroying, de-platforming, and eradicating all things Confederate is required to eliminate the penultimate expression of Southern identity in a failed War of Southern Independence, otherwise known as The Recent Unpleasantness 1861-65 or the War of Northern Aggression.  Southerners take pride in the courage, fidelity, and sacrifices of their ancestors fighting to defend their sovereign states, their homes, from invading armies.

Meanwhile, the Woke Bullies hate Southerners like the Nazis hated Jews.  Anything “Confederate” is Zionist to these Human Secularist Totalitarians.  Which makes their conflation of Nazi and Confederate ironic, because both Cultural Marxists and the National Socialists are Human Secularist Totalitarians.   

There is no relationship historically, politically, morally, or ethically between the Confederacy and the Nazis, who were destroyed by the descendants of Confederate veterans in WW II. 

The Woke Bullies equate slavery with genocide.  Their moral math, like everything else they feel (because they don’t think), is completely off.  They’re just trying to conjure up the worst possible evil imaginable and make the South that icon of evil.

The North invaded the South to conquer Southern States and force them back into the Union.  The South fought their invaders.  Much like Ukrainians fight Russians trying to force them back into their union today.

One simple question makes the point clear:  Why was West Virginia admitted into the Union as a Slave State in 1863 if the war was about freeing the slaves? 

A corollary is: Why weren’t slaves in the Federally-occupied South, Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, and New Jersey freed in the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation if the war was all about slavery?

The NAACP made eradicating all things Confederate their agenda item in the 1990s.  It’s kept the race pimps flush with cash and the identity politics politicians in power for over 30 years.  It’s fueled two generations of impressionable people with ignorant, blind hatred.  First it was the Confederate Battle Flag, then monuments and names of public places.  Now, its national memorials.  The only thing left will be digging up the Confederate dead.

If the foremost evil of the Confederacy is slavery, then the other popular slur is “traitor.”  The Woke Bullies are immune to the simple truth that treason and secession are different words with unique legal definitions.  They don’t have the historical perspective to see the treason George Washington and all the patriots committed in the American Revolution vs. the fealty to State sovereignty above obedience to the Federal Government embedded in the voluntary union of the 1787 Constitution. 

Confused?  Read the Federalist Papers and the states’ Constitutional ratification which explicitly included the right of secession.  Read more and see why the Yankees said they couldn’t charge anyone with treason – because they would lose in court.  Even after the horrible losses of the war, no court could convict a Confederate of treason.  Notably, the 14th Amendment uses the words – rebellion and insurrection – not treason.

Regardless of how insipid and stupid the slurs against long dead Confederate veterans are, the agenda of the Cultural Marxists marches on.  These rabid totalitarians disgrace, distain, and defile Confederate memorials, symbols, and anyone who rises to resist their inquisition.  They hate us.  They hate our Confederate dead. 

Our Confederate dead in Virginia – and in my family – out number all the dead from all the other American wars put together.  Since Virginian, Patriot soldier Jesse Bowden, died in Philadelphia during the American Revolution, my People served when we were called.  Yet, there’s never been as much sacrifice, suffering – including war crimes committed against us – and real loss as there was from that tragic, horrible war. 

When the Secretary of Defense approves the plan to remove the Confederate Memorial from Arlington Cemetery, it will require the willful disregard of the President of the Grand Army of the Republic and the U.S. Presidents – Union veterans one and all –  who honored that Confederate Memorial powerfully, respectfully, and beautifully.  These men, who actually fought Confederates, would be ashamed of the upcoming desecration.

The Woke men and women who destroy the ancient markers are far less than the Southern men they decry and the Southern women whose fierceness made those men so brave. Maybe next year I’ll fly a Confederate flag at my home on Decoration Day.  Should it be an infantry square Confederate Battle Flag or the Third National?      

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Republicans’ Acid Test on Illegal Immigration

Republicans’ Acid Test on Illegal Immigration

The flood of illegal aliens invading the U.S. continues now that the Title 42 speedbump is gone. We’ll see how much of torrent it becomes, as if 2.5 million illegal aliens in two years isn’t flood enough. Now, the Republicans need to say what they will do.  Other than raise money for their political campaigns, what will Republicans actually do about the illegal aliens already here?

No doubt, Republicans will raise money and run hard on the campaign promise to stop the flow of illegal aliens in 2025.  They can promise to build the wall.  Since the People gave the Republicans the majority in the House of Representatives, what will they do with the power of the purse starting in January 2023?

Will they defund the “non-profit” agencies that fly illegal aliens across the country and set them up with housing, food, medical care, etc. from the public purse?  How much was spent in 2022? 2023?  Will they zero that out? 

I doubt they have the wisdom or guts to defund the Left.  The agencies providing support to illegals will stop the second the money stops.  Everything – including non-profits – have to make a profit to exist.  The overflow of humanity will back up on the border with nowhere to go and no means to go anywhere.  It’ll be a crisis in itself. 

The Republicans will be blamed.  Not the illegal aliens.  Not the cartels.  I don’t think elected Republicans have the moral courage to stop paying for the illegal alien invasion. 

Fast forward to 2025 and imagine the Republicans have won – despite the cheating in the swing states – to elect a Republican President and both Houses of Congress.

Consider the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens present before 2021.  Notice how wide that range is!  No one knows.  And add the 5 million to whatever illegal aliens that Biden brought in. 

Will Republicans have the moral courage to deport the illegal aliens?

If they did, which I doubt, they need to look at the big picture.  Here’s what it would take to just deport 12 million of the illegal aliens.

  • Pass a law that says all illegal aliens admitted since – pick a date – will have their status reviewed by a special court of “United States Sovereignty” (or create a clever name) which has the authority to set aside whatever immigrant status was previously conveyed.  Find the ‘lawyerly’ language to keep from violating the Constitution with an “ex post facto” law or personal “bill of attainder.”
  • Establish and fund a special court system to judge illegal aliens for 7 years.  Have it sunset before the end of the second term of the new Republican President.  Get the work done before the Left swings back – like they did with Obama or cheats back like they did with Biden. 
  • Do the math and appropriate accordingly.  If the court takes a year to set up and 6 years to judge, and one judge will work 200 days a year to equals 1200 days of review per judge. 
  • How many cases can be reviewed in a day?  Most cases will be no-shows. even if the biometric data and photos which the Department of Homeland Security should have are used to search and contact the illegal border violators. 
  • If 10 cases can be reviewed each day for 200 days, that is 2,000 a year.  Or, 12,000 in six years.  If, say, 12m persons are to be judged, then 1000 judges are needed. 
  • Consequently, Congress would have to appropriate the funds to hire 1k judges and provide the courtrooms – use existing government facilities including military bases – clerical staffs, etc.
  • How many U.S. Marshalls and ICE agents are needed to locate and serve the aliens to attend their court appearance?  How many to then arrest them if they don’t show and are ordered deported? What facilities are needed to process such deportations?
  • How can the system be managed to reduce the optics of families being deported?  What Republicans can stand up to criticism when the illegals, including illegal families, are sent back to their home countries?
  • If standards are set in law to punish those who broke the law, like charge the illegal aliens every penny of every service provided to them since they illegally entered – and add a significant fine to that, can Republicans face the criticism?
  • If the law includes a lifetime denial of citizenship, will that stand up in the Supreme Court for decades to come?
  • If the law includes leniency on allowing some to stay based on what they’ve done by measurable standards – like income produced, taxes paid, proficiency in English, competency on citizen exams, etc. will succeeding administrations be required to enforce the standards?  How?
  • Obviously, the judges need to be vetted to enforce the letter and spirit of the new immigration law.  Likewise, if legal aid is provided by the Federal government, the law needs to be written so conservative law firms can cash in – and not make this an employment boom for liberal lawyers.

And, how much money needs to be paid the corrupt countries to accept their returned citizens?  What threats, which will actually be carried out, need to be made to these countries?

It’s a problem worth solving.  Amnesty isn’t the answer.  Border control and enforcing our immigration laws is a must or our Rule of Law is over.  Our national sovereignty is over.  Our America is over, because the elites will bankrupt the country providing the socialist safety net for the millions of illegals.  And America is over, because enough corruption getting illegals to vote in the swing states will insure the Democrats Commies never lose a national election again. 

Ask every elected Republican what is their plan to defund the illegal aliens?  To deport them?

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Evening with Eric Metaxas     

Back in October 2022, Eric Metaxas was the headliner for the Peninsula4Life Dinner.  It was a fundraiser for our pregnancy crisis center, Care Net Peninsula, serving The Peninsula of Virginia.  Think Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, etc. – you know, where Virginia and America began.  The fundraiser was a great success to support the small staff that saved – actually confirmed – at least 139 babies last year.  The great purpose of the evening was heightened by Eric Metaxas’s clarion call for the Church to wake up and not become like the German Church of the 1930s.    

That’s serious stuff to say that America in the 1920s is like Germany in the 1930s.  Although, the Liberals Progressives Greens Democrats Commies would readily agree with the analogy if Trump = Hitler.  Yet, Metaxas is uniquely qualified to provide such a perspective.  His best-selling biographies of Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and William Wilberforce were weighted with impeccable scholarship.  Metaxas knows what happened in the 1930s and can see what’s happening now.

Again, it’s startling and stark to say we’re going the way of Nazi Germany when we all know the enormity of the crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany in World War II.  How can that be?   

Here’s what Eric Metaxas said: 

He began with “faith without works is dead” from the Bible. Because the Lord expects us to live in a way that shows we believe. We should live out our faith. Be fearless. Be Bold.

Bonhoeffer wrote that it was the silence of the church in Germany that made horrible happen. It was the responsibility of church to speak out.

Speaking the truth of God will cost us something. But, in America we’ve had centuries of liberty, so we have become unaware of the cost of Christianity.

What happened in Germany is happening today. Many good people didn’t speak out. Many in America are being silent now. Consider the demonization of pregnancy centers.

[Earlier, the director of our pregnancy crisis center recounted how Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) wrote Google to have pregnancy centers de-platformed so they wouldn’t show up in Google searches – because they were dangerous. Google complied. Meanwhile, pregnancy centers around the country have been attacked since the repeal of Roe v Wade.  Who’s dangerous?]

Metaxas asked, “Do you understand how much freedom you have?”

It’s time to stand for what God says is right.

Silence in the face of evil is evil. God will judge your silence.

If we believe Jesus defeated death, then we shouldn’t fear death.

Possibly, God has allowed wickedness to wake up the church.  It’s to make us understand that we need to fight back. Quit thinking that fighting is not Christian.

WWII wasn’t a unique time. The Church then is like today.

Nazism begin with demonizing the Jews. They created a narrative. They started with excluding Jews from jobs in government using a bogus blood test [guided in part by our Virginia Racial Integrity Act of 1924] in a society were Jews were more assimilated and there were more mixed marriages than anywhere else in Europe. 

The young Bonhoeffer began to push back with Barmen Declaration in 1934. Six thousand out of 18 thousand Protestant ministers signed it. On the other hand three thousand were actively pro-Nazi.  The Nazis countered with arrests and intimidation to reduce the resisting “Confessing Church” to three thousand ministers.  The 12 thousand ministers that didn’t take a public stand anti- or pro-Nazi are the men who mattered – because they did nothing.

Then, Metaxas shifted to how the United Kingdom outlawed slavery across the British Empire in 1838.  Like the resistance in Germany, it began with one man.  It was one person in Parliament – William Wilberforce.  It got fueled by Evangelical Christians standing up against slavery.  

But, that didn’t happen in Germany.  Ministers wanted to be good, loyal citizens.  Ministers didn’t want to get political.  They wanted to just preach the Gospel. But what Gospel were they preaching?

Metaxas said, “If you fear God you will put politics to the pulpit.”

People on side of truth shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Eric Metaxas’s  radio program was cancelled from You Tube 18 months ago.

That’s a huge red flag.  When the other side wants to shut us up, it makes them look guilty. There going to pick us off one by one. [I’m permanently banned from Facebook and suspended from Twitter as noted in an earlier piece].

The middle 12k ministers think they are being prudent. But it’s being cowardly.

For example, we must speak about “transgender.”  When you’re told not to talk, then it’s time to scream.

Good preachers in Germany opened the door to Satanic evil. If you knew what is to follow you would not be silent today. What is coming is satanic evil.

Pastor Martin Niemoller, a decorated WW1 hero, thought he could reason with Hitler. He tried over time and finally got meeting with Hitler. At the meeting they read him transcripts of his phone calls!. They had bugged his phone.  Niemoller protested that he cared about the nation. Hitler replied “You worry about your sermons. We will worry about the nation.”

Same thing is happening in China today. The real church in China is underground.

By time Niemoller woke up it was too late. His famous quotes stands today:

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • Martin Niemoller

Authoritarians will force their faith [Human Secular Totalitarianism] on us. They’ll do it with the help of the American church. Ultimately they won’t allow even the dead gospel to be preached.

The political Goal Posts have moved.  Democrats aren’t the same as they were.  They are Marxists. It’s like the 1930’s. Your silence will be held as your responsibility.  They call you “Christian Nationalist” or “Racist” to silence you. Some Evangelical pastors are writing books to be silent. Like, Andy Stanley. Jim Daly is happy about keeping quiet.

God is waking us up. He will make us maniacs for truth and love and real racial reconciliation and protection for the unborn. We must use everything for God’s purposes. People must see us working and going to war on our knees.

Revival will come to America.  Finis.

Eric Metaxas delivered a powerful message.  He says it all in his new book, “A Letter to the American Church.”  I bought it, got him to autograph it, got the author’s pic with me, and read the book the next day. Cover to cover.  

I give it three “Amens.”

I gave a copy to my minister and the head of the deacons. My minister visited later to discuss the book. He asked when he should speak out. I offered, “When you see evil eye to eye. If the issue of maiming and mutilating children for Trans butchery comes up in an election, that is evil.” We’ll see if it does.

It’s time for American Christians to say, “Here I stand. I can do no other.  God help me.”

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Not Just Another Election

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for POTUS. The race is on for 2024. Every election, the pols say it isn’t just another election. Since 2016, the Republic hangs in the balance of every national election. The gap between sane Conservatives and insane Commies has grown that wide and starkly open.

Winning elections is a necessary but not sufficient task to keep America from descending into an elitist-run socialist hellhole. Elections are just one campaign (pun intended) in the big war. The Great U.S. Culture War is our third civil war (ACW 1 1775-1783, ACW 2 1861-1865, ACW 3 1962-Present). Yet, obviously, elections are vital. So, what did the mid-term elections indicate? What do they suggest for 2024?

First, a flash of the obvious. America is deeply divided. The Red and Blue division by political party is the public branding of the chasm between American Traditionalists – call them Conservatives – and Human Secularist Totalitarians – call them LiberalsProgressivesGreens, Commies.

Formerly, common wisdom stated that every election is about the candidate, issues, and campaign. None have to be perfect, but all need to be just a little bit better than the opponent to win. That doesn’t apply to one side any more. The Democrats in Pennsylvania elected severely compromised Fetterman to the U.S. Senate and a dead guy to their legislature.

On the other hand, Republicans in Georgia elected all their statewide candidates except Walker. Some say, Walker was defeated by money spent 3:1 against him. Maybe. Yet, candidates on both sides won despite being outspent.

Money matters to message the middle 10 to 20 per cent of voters who go either way. Also, it’s important to pump up turn out for your side’s 40% and dampen the enthusiasm for the opposing 40% who’ll never vote your way.

Technology matters in spending money wisely. Since 2017, the Democrats in Virginia have had the means to individually identify, micro-target, and contact their issue-voters by email, text, voice message, and on social networking platforms. It swung the off-year legislative races in 2017 and 2019 to win a majority in Virginia General Assembly. Republicans in Virginia are way behind in putting highly focused, friendly-working technology in the hands of campaigns.

Electioneering – playing partisan games with elections – may have the stench of cheating, but it’s only game in town. It must be played well.

Specifically, Republicans have to harvest votes in states that mail out ballots, have easy absentee applications, and long election seasons. California Republicans learned the hard way how to do this to win Congressional seats. Banking the winning margin of votes before election day is essential in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia to win nation-wide in 2024.

I put together a slide in 2016 showing how $3.25m could produce 250k votes in Virginia – paying workers $10 @ hour. The labor costs would be different this year when all the seats in the Virginia General Assembly are up for grabs, but the results should be the same. Votes put in the bank. Done and done.

Where they can, legislatures and governors must end ranked preferential voting schemes, mail out ballots, clean up voter rolls, require identification, etc. Where they can’t, then beat the Commies at their own game.

Republicans have a transformational majority, bigger than FDR’s 60 year coalition, with the huge majority of Americans who earn wages, own small businesses, or are independent professionals.

The Commies have the ruling elites and the dependent class on the government plantation. Geographically, outside of the deep Blue culturally-Commie enclaves of New England and the Coastal Pacific, America is rural Red and urban Blue.

Changing the hearts and minds of the Black voter margin of victory in urban areas is like missionary work. It won’t happen big or soon. But, it’s worth substantial effort.

On the other hand, marketing to our foreign-born citizens is a very doable do – if the money is there. Marketing ideas isn’t the abject tokenism of “outreach” which never works. Again, good marketing takes money. One in ten Virginia voters wasn’t born in America.

Republicans in the House of Representatives can do much to expose the collaboration among Big Tech, the Commies, and the Deep State. They may not eradicate collusion by 2024, but they may influence enough folks in the middle who are clueless consumers of Leftist media.

Also, elected Republicans, who are Populists, have to hold the Establishment Republicans accountable. Don’t let them cut deals with the Devil. Don’t spend us into oblivion. Represent the emerging, governing majority who want practical, commonsense solutions to every challenge – domestic and foreign.

The big prize – POTUS and both Houses in Congress is winnable in 2024. But, only if the essential work gets done in the swing states and districts to earn the win. In 2023, Virginians need to win both houses of the General Asembly. It’ll be tough, indeed, to do so.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 24, 2023

Human Secular Totalitarianism


Human Secularist Totalitarianism is mouthful.  Way too long for a bumper sticker.  HST is a lousy acronym and already belongs to former President Truman.  Yet, knowing what this long label means is important to every American.  Human Secular Totalitarianism spawned the latest evil ideas to contend in our politics and, consequently, every aspect of our lives.   

Why do I keep writing about “Human Secularist Totalitarianism?”  Because, in any struggle, you need to know your opponent.  And, in any war, you need to know your enemy.  Since these United States of America are in a Great U.S. Culture War, the other side is our enemy.

Calling your kin, in-laws, old friends and colleagues, and nice neighbors your “enemy” seems so harsh.  That person may be dear to you, so they aren’t your personal enemy by any stretch of the imagination.  But, if you are a Conservative or, especially, if you are Conservative and a Christian, the ideas they support are your sworn, mortal enemy.  The people who truly believe in Human Secular Totalitarianism hate you if you don’t.

Even if they just vote Democrat and are oblivious about what harm that does, the ideas held be Democrats in power threaten you.

Since the Bible says we should love our enemies, we should indeed do so.  Loving our enemies in their humanity doesn’t mean ignoring the dangerous threat of their ideology.

The name of that ideology is Human Secularist Totalitarianism.

Human Secularist Totalitarianism slithered into human history with the French Revolution.  It’s an ideology that proposes solving the dire dilemmas of the human condition – poverty, starvation, oppression, war, inequality, exploitation – with simple solutions.  That makes for great sounding slogans appealing to high ideals.

Unfortunately, Human Secularist Totalitarianism gets everything wrong.  From understanding human nature to acknowledging a sovereign Creator to history to economics to society to proposing solutions, the ideology is a structure of lies built on a foundation of falsehoods and filled with untruths.

Every time Human Secularist Totalitarianism is tried, it fails.  The collapse is always costly.  More millions of people have been murdered by Human Secularist Totalitarianism than by any other form of government.  From The Terror to Marxism, Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, and Fascism the results are the same.  Poverty, subjugation, and death.

Human Secularist Totalitarianism has new names in America for another go at getting power.  Whether they align themselves as Leftists, Greens, Trans, Progressives, Socialists, Cultural Marxists, Critical Race Theorists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ-X-Y-Z, Covidians, Commies for short, or, quaintly, as “Democrats” – they are Human Secularist Totalitarians. 

As totalitarians there is no compromise with them.  There is no common ground.  There are only concessions.  In fact, there is no dialogue.  Words don’t have the same meanings. 

Any truce is temporary.  Any weakness is exploited.  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals always apply. They don’t talk.  They order.  

Human Secularist Totalitarians are in league with Islamist Totalitarians when they can attack Conservatives.  Totalitarians of a feather flock together.

Liberals and Conservatives used to be two sides of the American coin.  That was until the Culture War broke into the open in the 1960s.  There is no common currency politically.  Regardless of what soft-hearted folks and simple-minded politicians pine, there is no middle ground.

Human Secularist Totalitarians largely control five of seven institutions which shape American culture and civilization.  They rule in government – including the military, business – not all small businesses, education, media, arts and entertainment.  They haven’t won yet across religion and the family.  

Frankly, seeing the accelerating progress they’ve made, I understand how Alexander Solzhenitsyn would become a recluse and then return to Russia.  He saw the one, only true land of the free foolishly falling for Human Secularist Totalitarianism. 

I’ve tried calling them “Commies” for short.  Every day it makes more sense to do so, but it lacks a punch with generations born after the Fall of the Wall and Soviet Empire. 

I’ve written about labeling them as the Bullies they are.  Just attach the appropriate adjective.  Trans Bullies, Green Bullies, Open Border Bullies, etc.   Not confident that can catch on.

Meanwhile, my quest to label them effectively could feed their complaint that we objectify them.  We’re accused of making them the “other” who becomes marginalized, mistreated, and, ultimately, murdered.  Of course, their criticism, as usual, is to attack us for precisely what they do. 

The biggest racists in America cry “racist” with every breath.  The biggest haters in America decry hate – as they conveniently define it.  Etc. 

Human Secularist Totalitarians is who they are.  Domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution is what they are.          

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 23, 2023

Morbid Stupidity


The Covid Pandemic exposed some fatal flaws in America.  The public health professionals were deadly wrong in their professional opinions.  Most doctors were deadly silent in their compliance or failure to produce better treatments.  The politicians were destructively and deadly wrong in their diktats.  The People were divided almost along the same lines as the Great U.S. Culture War.  The Covidian Bullies embraced their morbid stupidity as closely as every other tenet of their Human Secularist Totalitarian paganism.   

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid Pandemic over.  They should have declared it “over” as a public health crisis in June 2020.  They missed the mark by almost 3 years. How did they do that?  The data on who got sick and who died was coming together in March 2020.  Notably, a group of family practice physicians in California shared data that proved, over and over, to be correct.  The publication, Imprimis, printed Jay Battacharya’s confirmation as early as October 2020. 

The basic numbers begin with the U.S. mortality with annual flu – a Covid virus – of 1 in 1,000 die.  Usually it is older people and those with co-morbidities.  Significantly, children die from seasonal flu.

The death rate for Covid-19, the Wuhan Virus, was three times that of flu.  3 in 1,000 died of Covid (not with Covid).  Yet, children didn’t die and older people were more adversely affected.  40 out of 1,000 infected people over the age of 70 died from it.  I almost did when I got it at the age of 71.  Came very close. 

That death rate overall, as well as the higher rate for seniors, didn’t justify all the wrong decisions that public health officials recommended, government officials made worse, and healthcare professionals didn’t resist.

“They” were wrong about everything.  The disease was transmitted aerobically, not by touch.  Masks didn’t stop the spread.  Social distancing didn’t stop the spread.  The “vaccine” didn’t prevent a person from getting it or spreading it.  The virus did what viruses do.

Furthermore, putting people on ventilators or giving them Remdesivir became more of a death sentence than a treatment.  Who thought up putting infected persons in nursing homes?

Meanwhile, the statistics on the “jabs” are evolving.  The mortality rate for the shot may be 4 in 1000.  That makes the shot more dangerous than the disease. 

However, that gets complicated, because if the shot mitigated the effects in seniors, are the deaths caused in younger people who would never have died from Covid greater or less than the deaths prevented in seniors?  I’ve never seen a stat on what per cent of deaths were avoided because of the jab.  That would make the calculations straightforward.  Meanwhile 4 deaths in 1000 from the shot is more than 3 deaths in a thousand from the virus itself. 

Furthermore, since March 2020, what did the medical establishment do to derive the best practices for treatment as soon as Covid infection is detected?  Two years into the pandemic, the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments weren’t SOP.  My medical provider told me to go home and hydrate and, when I couldn’t breathe, go to the ER.  They did nothing.  They had nothing, when a set of protocols should have been in place – and constantly updated for the best results.

The failure of Public Health officialdom and the Medical establishment – administrators and care-givers alike – was astounding. 

Especially so, as the Pandemic made masking a political litmus test.  All medical professionals should know what a micron is.  They should know a mask with a 95% efficiency at blocking something bigger than .300 microns doesn’t block something that is .125 microns (125 microns < 300 microns) .  Even if the Covid virus rides on molecules that a larger than .300 microns, the rate of infection (Ro) with masks only drops the rate of infection (Ro) from 2.50 to 2.25.  That makes them meaningless over time.

The failure of public officials welding power was phenomenal.  Moreover, it was cynical, profoundly stupid, and sinister.  The destruction of private businesses, spendthrift expansion of public debt which will ultimately destroy the entire economy, setbacks in education, and severe limits on liberty – especially freedom of worship – was on the order of a wartime catastrophe.  The smug arrogance of the Blue, Human Secularist Totalitarian bullies faced too little defiance.  The free state Governors, DeSantis and Noem, were the stand out exceptions.  Others were second fiddle to their lead.

There was the silver lining in the silliness of school shut downs and mask mandates.  The Mama bears got to see what racist rot and drivel is taught in public schools.   

Good citizens as fearful followers made sense for just a few months.  After that, every kow-towing, going along with the “experts” action was like the guilty, “I was just following orders”, enabler in the Nuremburg Trials.  Furthermore, the elitist Bullies saw how far most Americans will knuckle under.  They saw how many will willingly work as informants for a future Gestapo, KGB, Stasi, or our own tainted FBI. 

The Covidians are almost half of our population.  For three years they have shown their morbid stupidity.  They’re quite willing to demonstrate it again – especially with the issue of men wanting to acknowledged as women and women pretending to be men – with their “Transmania.” 

Arrogance and ignorance go together naturally.  They become morbid stupidity when they are paired with power.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 8, 2023

How to Destroy 60 Years of Racial Progress


The way to destroy 60 years of racial progress is to let the Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Cultural Marxists* continue to say and do what they are saying and doing.  Let them be the barking Race Bullies crying “Racism” more than the fabled shepherd boy cried “Wolf!”  Let them impose new racial quotas and cynically discriminate based on race.  Let them try to impose reparations. 

Racial integration, by every measure, made spectacular progress since legal segregation ended in 1964 and 1965.  Unfortunately, throughout that progress, race became a business opportunity for some to shamelessly pimp.  Likewise, liberal welfare programs made poverty a business like race.  At the same time, these poverty and race-based programs helped destroy Black families.  Broken families resulted in addictions, crime, failures in education and work, and more, worse poverty than just being poor. 

Then, to make matters worse, race became the basis of all evil in the twisted fantasies of Critical Race Theory.  Race is both the excuse for all failure and the opportunity to create a new system of racial discrimination against Whites and Asians.  Race is fundamental to Cultural Marxism.  Meanwhile, most Americans shed their bias and embraced integration as the morally superior proposition.   

Despite this progress, so much so that even old epithets are seen as unspeakable anathema to most Americans, the denizens of the Left went whole hog Human Secularist Totalitarian.  Cultural Marxists to the max.

Since Cultural Marxists see all of life through the distorted lens of race, then all things become about race.  Consider how often so many people and things absurdly are called “racist” or “white supremacist.”  Frightfully, if all things really do become about the race, then many White people will think of themselves as White with a unique, unifying White identity.  That has been a bad idea since the 1950s when integration was the goal of the Civil Rights Movement.   A totally woke America will create the real White Racist or Supremacist bogeyman – who doesn’t exist today.

America needs to make “Woke” merely an old joke to survive.

Seriously, we must crush Critical Race Theory (CRT), Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) ,and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), while promoting ethnic (not using the word “race”) integration everywhere.

I bought and read 18 of the source materials that Voddie Baucham Jr. used to destroy CRT from a Biblical viewpoint in “Faultlines.”  From White Fragility to Critical Race Theory to Teaching Diversity & Social Justice to Is Everyone Really Equal to How to Be an Anti-Racist to … ugh 18.  It was a long, tough read.   What wasn’t written in Gibberish was in Babble, Gobbledygook, Balderdash, Drivel, Jabber, Prattle, or both plain and pretentious Nonsense.  Every premise, finding, and conclusion is mock worthy.  Also, the absence of rational empiricism is astounding. 

Reject the language of the Left.  Don’t use their words.  When they speak, challenge them from the start to state their definitions.  Like, ”Define diversity.”  “Define equity.”  It takes very little homework to devastate their assertions. 

For starters, read Thomas Sowell, the late Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Voddie Baucham Jr, and James McWhorter to destroy their Cultural Marxism.

Wherever possible – and don’t give up if it isn’t possible today – de-fund every job based on race, focused on race, or making decisions based on race.  Uproot the cancerous weeds at every level of government and in every business and organization.  Eliminate race-based programs, offices, positions wherever they are.  Stand up to the criticism and lies that will be cast against you.

Most of all, love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Treat all Americans with dignity and respect.  Show kindness and care for all Americans.  Take it upon yourself, individually, to help those in need. 

*Cultural Marxists are another branch of Human Secularist Totalitarianism. They are part of the same ideological tree as traditional Marxists, Socialists, Communists, National Socialists, Fascists, Progressives, and Greens.

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