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Virginia Voters Blind Rage

Sampson was blinded. His righteous anger was a deadly rage.

Sampson was blinded. His righteous anger was a deadly rage.

Trump won Virginia’s primary on the wave of a boiling rage. Blind rage.  The anger is against The Establishment. The anger is against the Republican Establishment as much as it’s against the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Commie/Nom de Jour establishment Establishment. I expected it – and called it a wildfire – a decade ago. I was wrong then, not on substance, but on timing. And, as we know from comedy to war, timing is everything.

I thought when Republicans brought us the largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004, there would be a revolt at the polls. Then, Republicans passed HB 3202 – the spectacularly, unconstitutional, regional government transportation scam – the worst legislation since Massive Resistance. A few fat cats were killed in primaries and Republicans lost the long hard won majority in the General Assembly, but the whole fetid alley of feral Virginia Republicans wasn’t cleaned out. When our Republicans won the majority again, they passed a new largest tax increase in Virginia history in 2013.

The Establishment got their money man, Fast Eddie Gillespie to run as the stand out failure in the epochal, earth quake anti-Obama side of the Establishment election in 2014. There were no consequences, just excuses. In 2015, the few challenges to The Establishment in Virginia were swatted aside. When the Virginia Attorney General violated his oath of office, only one Republican, Bob Marshall, tried to impeach him. His courage to do his duty was summarily dismissed.

Last year, 2015, and this year Virginia’s Republican congressional delegation did nothing to stand up to abusive, unconstitutional Supreme Court rulings. Nothing. A few fellows got to vote against the Speaker of the House’s unconditional surrender to Obama, when their votes weren’t going to matter. No profiles in courage here.

So, is it any surprise that Trump took Virginia?

Other writers weave Trump’s triumphs as a tale of demographic voting blocs being squeezed as a class, losing privileges of race, hurting from challenges and mockery of their religion and culture, displaced by immigrants, and ignored by the very people and Party they voted to fix things. I see it in simple terms of inevitable, foreseeable corruption. Nothing a revolution can’t fix.

Our Republic is ruled – across all three branches of the Federal government – by an Establishment corrupted by politics as usual because politics is just a corrupt business. Not public service. It’s the business of power and money because of the status of the USA as a Super-Power – whether it’s in decline or not. Career politicians are the problem. Replacing them for a ‘revolutionary season’ of 12 to 20 years with people who don’t need the job and money, can’t be bought, and are passionate to restore the Constitution and Rule of Law is the best fix. Finding and electing such patriots is a lot of hard work.

Only a handful of incumbent Republicans can be trusted to what is right instead of what they are told.  Nationally, Ted Cruz is one such leader.

So, what I expected in 2005 and thought I saw in the Tea Party in 2009, may finally be happening in 2015-16 across Virginia. The wildfire, the storm, the tidal wave, the earthquake, the blind rage, whatever it is, is here. But, Trump isn’t the answer. He is riding a bubble that he is going to pop himself. Furthermore, no one, currently, is leading a fight to clean out and replace the Republican Establishment in Virginia.

Most of Trump’s success is the national failure and betrayal by Republicans.  Yet, some of the Trump and Cruz vote in Virginia is the responsibility of Virginia Republicans – the majority of those elected to party and public office.

Russ Moulton and allies work to influence Republican Party of Virginia elections – to exceed and consolidate the successes of 2012. Cynthia Dunbar is running for National Committeewoman. Yet, there isn’t a vision for what to do, when and how, about the whole R Establishment across the Commonwealth. Additionally, along with the absence of an achievable plan, there’s no champion. No Patrick Henry to give voice. No George Washington to lead. Yet.

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Why Virginians Should Vote Cruz

The Establishment (R& D) hates and fears Cruz more than Trump.  I trust Ted.

The Establishment (R & D) hates and fears Cruz more than Trump. I trust Ted.

Tuesday, March 1st Virginians vote in the primary for President of the United States of America. Virginians should vote for Ted Cruz. I’ve been looking for the grassfire revolution to reclaim our government from The Establishment for a decade.  Cruz gets what’s wrong and what needs to be done.   Virginians, please vote for Cruz. I beg you, as an old man who has loved this God’s Country, our Commonwealth of Virginia, since I was a little boy.

  1. Restore the Constitution. Cruz will restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Nothing is more important than this for the survival of our Republic. He will undo all of Barry Soetero’s Executive Orders on Day One. Rubio would do much, but not all, the same. Trump has an entertainer’s understanding of the Constitution.
  2. Beat Hillary. Cruz will crush HRH Hillary the First in the swing states where the election is determined and the cheating must be overcome. Rubio might win, too. Trump will lose ‘yugely’.
  3. Repeal Obamacare. Cruz will repeal every word. He’ll establish individual Health Savings Accounts, interstate portability, and other reforms to increase supply and quality of medical services and cut costs. Trump will replace with another statist, Federal-socialized medicine and individual (anti-Constitutional) mandate.
  4. Fix Illegal Immigration. Cruz and Trump will build walls. Rubio will build a wall in some places. Trump, somehow, says he will deport and re-admit 11 million people. Rubio will revert to the Amnesty he supported in the Gang of 8 bill. Cruz will start by deporting the illegal aliens with criminal records. Let’s see if that takes 8 years to determine who gets deported next.
  5. Rebuild the Economy. Cruz’s flat tax will make the economy so great, it will make the Reagan boom and Kennedy tax cuts look weak. Millions more jobs. Trillions more in tax revenue. Restore the freedom of opportunity. Rubio and Trump tinker with the Marxist graduated income tax and will get weaker results based on crony capitalism.
  6. Rebuild the Military. Everyone one says they will re-build, fight ISIS, and lead again.  I’d have to see who the senior military advisors are to evaluate how well they will. I’d trust Cruz or Rubio to deal with the bad guys who wish us harm.
  7. Protect Life. Cruz will open investigations on Planned Parenthood for trafficking in baby parts. Rubio might do something similar. Trump is still saying the abortion industry provides women’s health services. Trump’s tax returns will show how much he gives to Planned Parenthood.
  8. Reduce Government Spending. Cruz will eliminate whole Federal departments doing things not provided by the Constitution. He will stop Common Core. Not sure Rubio would actually eliminate the departments. Trump will do what is politically expedient and beneficial to the crony capitalism that counts – His.
  9. Change the Supreme Court. Cruz clerked there. He will nominate strict construction judges and change the lower courts with his appointments. Rubio will compromise to look good. Trump might nominate his sister, a serving judge he said who would be great, or another pro-abortion Liberal and tip the balance as badly as Hillary would.  The wrong appointments – from Hillary beating Trump or Trump himself will destroy our freedoms.
  10. Trust Character. Character counts. Especially in the White House. All candidates are flawed men. Cruz is the consistent, courageous, Constitutional Conservative. Rubio betrayed his voters by supporting Amnesty. No one can make the Conservative or Christian case for Trump – merely a political one leaning on thin reeds. No one can make the moral character case for this draft dodger, unrepentant serial adulterer, braggart, boorish, rich bully with a proud and haughty look. We can trust Ted that his “Yes” means Yes and his “No” means No.

    Please restore the Constitution, our liberty and freedoms, and our opportunities with Ted Cruz. Vote Cruz!  Our Commonwealth produced the ideas of our Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. We produced heroes that made our freedom happen from the very start of America at Jamestown to today. Our heritage is our guidance.

The best candidate since Reagan.

The best candidate since Reagan.

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Conservative and Christian Judas Goats for Trump

Judas goats lead sheep to the slaughter

Judas goats lead sheep to the slaughter

I know I’m calling out evil before the primaries finish, but it’s needed.

Every Conservative leader and Christian leader who endorses Donald Trump is a Judas goat.  The Christian pastors, heads of universities and professedly Christian organizations are charged by the Lord Jesus Christ to feed his lambs, care for his sheep, feed his sheep.  Supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States of America is leading his sheep to the slaughter – just like a Judas goat does.

The slaughter comes after HRH Hillary the First or whoever the Communists nominate as the Democrat candidate soundly beats Trump in the general election.  The change the Liberals will make in the Supreme Court means the Constitution will be shredded more than it already has.  And, since bullies always overplay their hand, the PC Totalitarians will try to crush Christians.  Don’t think so?  Preach that homosexuality is a Biblical sin in Canada or Western Europe and see what happens.  Speak against Islam and see what happens.

Or, let’s pretend Trump wins the election.  He will likely appoint the same dangerous Liberals to the Court.  He may not persecute Christians like the Liberal Puritans, but he will do serious damage to America.    He will do nothing to restore the Rule of Law and restore the Constitution.  Trump will try to bully and rule like Barry Soetero.  He is a wannabe Mussolini II, but isn’t as good an actor.

Fundamentally, Trump is a man of low or no character.  Character counts in the White House.  It matters in the great decisions that befall the most powerful man on temporal earth.   The Caesars never dreamed of having such power.   Yet, Christian leaders can’t use the spiritual gift of discernment to see what is wrong with Trump?  What is wrong with their vision – and the eyes of their heart?

Why would a Christian or Conservative leader ever chose Trump over Cruz?  What is their testimony – couched in their Christian or Conservative values – that leads them to Trump? If they say Trump has evolved from his pro-partial birth abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, unrepentant serial adultery, cowardly draft dodging, etc. – not to forget his proud and haughty look, his abounding personal pride and bragging, childish petulant personal attacks, etc. – chapter and verse litany of who not to endorse for any office ever, then they have been played as fools.

The Conservative and Christian leaders for Trump are as blindly hypocritical as the leaders of the Temple who condemned Christ.  They are as cynical as the leaders who led the crowd to shout for Barabas because of their anger against Rome was greater than their concern for condemning an innocent man.  They are as untrustworthy as the actual Judas who sold out for 30 pieces of silver.

It was fun to watch Trump mock the media last Summer.  I share Trump’s voters’ anger and contempt for The Establishment – Republican and Democrat.  But, now that voting has begun, it is too serious a time to nominate a carnival barker, a con man, an entertainer, and a rich man who couldn’t get through the eye of the needle. It is shameful for every Conservative and Christian person in any position of authority.

May God bless America and save us from such Judas goats among us, from the likes of Judas himself.  At least we know who you are.  I won’t forget – to my dying day.  You have lost my respect.

I wish I could be 30 years younger to fight for America to return to the Rule of Law and restore the Constitution.  To restore the Judeo-Christian culture to the states who want to be a safe place for Christians and Jews.

Christians who support Trump are like Judas himself.  They betray truth for coins of the realm.

Christians who support Trump are like Judas himself. They betray truth for coins of the realm.

Trump would be like Mussolini II.  Probably not as tough and a bigger bully.

Trump would be like Mussolini II. Probably not as tough and a bigger bully.

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 22, 2016

Evangelicals for Trump?

Christians are not supposed to be stumbling stones to weaker Christians and others.

Christians are not supposed to be stumbling stones to weaker Christians and others.

“Evangelicals for Trump” is like “Christians for the Lions or Gladiators”. It makes a loud clashing sound when you say it. It’s shocking. But it’s real – at least for Trump in South Carolina. In fact, it may be more like Ethiopians for Mussolini – the big man most like Trump. Yet, I think I know why so many Evangelicals voted for Trump. It’s the anger.

Anger trumps reason. Emotion overrides intellect in voting – always. The rage against Republicans, The Establishment (R and D), and the absence of a public presence on so many issues – made Trump the champion for millions of voiceless Americans. Including millions of Evangelicals. I get the rage. I feel its burning. But, Evangelicals shouldn’t let rage become blind rage.

Yes, I understand how much you hate the “Romans”. Hold true, righteous anger. But, it’s wrong to be in a mob screaming insanely to free Barabbas – so he might kill more Romans, when a better man stands ready to serve.

No, Cruz isn’t Jesus. But, Cruz will restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Trump will only be liberal, democrat, New York, showbiz Trump. Which is precisely why Evangelicals for Trump sounds so discordant.

Republicans for Trump doesn’t read rightly. What is Republican about Trump?

Conservatives for Trump. Or, Constitutionalists for Trump is wrong. What is Conservative or Constitutionalist about Trump?

Evangelicals for Trump begs – what is Evangelical about Trump? Seriously. Evangelicals believe in the Bible. Biblical wisdom should apply in all cases, so make one fit for Trump.

Put partial-birth abortion, Trump and Christian together in a sentence. Compose one that works. Trump supported partial-birth abortion. He still wants federal funding of Planned Parenthood – the abortion killing ground to harvest and sell baby parts.

Trump is a draft dodger. A moral coward. Peter was too, but Peter was ashamed.

Trump is a serial adulterer. David committed adultery, but David was broken-hearted in Psalm 51.

Trump’s attempted eviction of a widow isn’t “plead the case of the widow.” (Is 2:17)

Trump doesn’t tithe from his wealth.

Furthermore, “The Lord detests all the proud of heart.” (Prov 16:5)

“The proud and arrogant man – the “Mocker” is his name, he behaves with overweening pride.” (Prov 21:24)

“There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him.” (Prov 6:16) Including “haughty eyes”, “lying tongue”, “a heart that devises schemes”, and “a man who stirs up dissension among brothers”.

So, what is the Evangelical case for Trump?

There isn’t one. There’s just the blind rage.

All the Evangelical Christian leaders seeking Trump’s money or favor – like Falwell at Liberty University – need to be mindful. “Be careful, however, that your exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block for the weak.” (1 Cor 8:9 – First, not “One”, Corinthians!)

I beg Evangelicals-for-Trump to read The Word and let the scales fall from their eyes. If not, make the case for Trump from an Evangelical perspective. Much as you make the case for partial birth abortion from an Evangelical perspective – since Trump supported it.

Cruz will do far more, better, faster to support every issue Republicans, Conservatives and Evangelicals care about than Trump. He knows what to do, when and how. Trump barks, but Cruz has a bite.   Trump talks about fighting, but Cruz has fought and won while out-numbered. The Establishment hates Cruz – and fears him – far, far more than they care about the deal-making Donald. Don’t be an Evangelical for Trump, be an Evangelical to triumph with Cruz.


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Two Years to the Day

My daughter's friend, Amanda, painted this backyard view from a pic.

My daughter’s friend, Amanda, painted this backyard view from a pic.

Two years to the day from the burial service of my late wife, Nellie Katherine Kyle Bowden, this is the Bible reading in church today:

Psalm 63

I have seen you in the sanctuary
    and beheld your power and your glory.
Because your love is better than life,
    my lips will glorify you.
I will praise you as long as I live,
    and in your name I will lift up my hands.
I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods;
    with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

View from dock at  Sanctuary, February 2016.

View from dock at Sanctuary, February 2016.

The week before her burial, I moved into the house I call ‘Sanctuary’.

How perfect that this is the Bible verse – two years later to the day.  Dr. Charles Stanley says there are no coincidences in life.  None.

I feel blessed.  I’m grateful for my Sanctuary – to be the caretaker for my time.

I remain deeply thankful for the family, friends and classmates – who gave their time to share Nellie’s funeral and fellowship afterwards in lovingkindness.

First page of Nellie's Bible - in her hand.

First page of Nellie’s Bible – in her hand.


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Another Transition

Life imitating art. Welcoming the new family to their home.

Life imitating art. Welcoming the family to their new home – It’s a Wonderful Life.

I said good-bye to our old home, the house I built for Nellie, on Friday.  I had moved out on Valentine’s Day 2014, right before Nellie Katherine’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery to the place on The Bay – I call Sanctuary.  I thought the house would sell in 3 months.  It sat empty for 2 years.  The new family took possession and we close the sale next week.

On the spur of the moment or the suggestion of the Holy Spirit, I wrote the new folks a note.

The legacy of this home.

The legacy of this home.

May God Bless all who make this house their home.

May God Bless all who make this house their home.

Then, in another flash, I decided to let life imitate art.  I welcomed the family with bread, salt and wine – like It’s a Wonderful Life.

The new folks are leaving New York, Long Island – and I know how to say “LawnGUYland” from living 7 years near enough up the Hudson – for a better life in God’s Country, the Commonwealth of Virginia – the South.  They have a marvelous Italian name with multiple syllables and many vowels.  Former Marine and cop with wife, bringing two school aged kids to a quiet, good small town.  Happy for them.

Sad, yet reconciled to the reality of necessary transitions, for me.  I walked through the house several times.  Every room.  I wept loudly.  Thanked God and Nellie a lot.  Said, “Goodbye.”  On another spur, took a final picture of each room bathed in a last winter day’s light.

Someday, my kids will do the same for me at this new home that I call Sanctuary.  They’ll say good bye to Daddy and the old Papa to their kids.  It’s the way of the world.  It’s how our People live – our Southern Clan ways as best I know them.

We live life – as it is.  We turn our heads to face into the wind for every storm.  We stand on the Rock of our Savior – Lord Jesus Christ.  We read our Bible and believe.  Our tears aren’t a lack of courage, but an abundance of passion.  We work to provide.  We never quit.  Never.  We like to laugh.  We love a lot.  Family first – family, family, family – and then outward from adopted kin to church and community to strangers when we should.

So, we, as my kids agree, welcomed the strangers to us – to our old home, the Home Nellie Made, to make it their own.  May they seek the Lord always and know Him, worship Him and love Him well.

Welcome home, Imbasciani Family.

Welcome home, Imbasciani Family.


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A Trumpian Folly and Fallacy or The Money Man is the Music Man

Donald Trump exploits the trouble in River City

Donald Trump exploits the trouble in River City

Donald Trump knows there’s trouble, right here in River City.  Trouble with a capital “T” and it rhymes with “P” and it stands for Party.  That’s the Republican Party, folks.  The Republican Party and its politicians, Establishment, RINOs, Insiders and everyone else who failed to fight against President Barry Soetero, the Democrats, Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Academics hell bent on radically transforming America.  Trump captures the outrage, and more importantly, the disgust in those who didn’t do their duty to defend America and our way of life.

Trump’s power and potential rides a wave of passion like every good movement or revolution.  Yet, his leadership is more of the Music Man huckster, than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington virtue.  Meanwhile, his unmatched outspokenness is such a clear beacon to many, that any criticism of Trump is met with scorn.  His followers, “Trumpians”, respond with bitter, personal, vindictive accusations.  How unfortunate.

The Trumpian response is fueled by their contempt for the status quo.  Any criticism of Trump equals support of the same ‘stuff’.   Even if it is merely an unfavorable comparison with the other revolutionary pariah, Ted Cruz.  Such exclusive loyalty to Donald Trump is folly.

Granted, Trumpians have taken the true measure of their real opponents racing for the Republican nomination.  The Republican Establishment – for the lack of a universally-accepted label – mocks Trumpian and Cruz supporters in the preening arrogance of their superior, political pragmatism.   The political class fails to recognize, let alone concede, their feckless, impotent, fawning cowardice.  Or, their incompetent and traitorous failure to do their duty in Congress.  Their abject fealty is to politics as just business – in the business of power and money, money and power.

So, it’s the height of folly to bash Cruz and his cohort – who are the foundational and intellectual allies of Trumpians.

The fallacy is to put so much trust in Trump.

Trump isn’t a bad fellow as far as extreme narcissists go.  He actually may mean everything he says when he says it – today.  He may not mean it, remember it, or stick with it – tomorrow.  The liberal, progressive, pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-socialized medicine, illegal alien amnesty positions Trump held a few years ago – and funded with millions of dollars to our detriment weren’t dropped because he had a conversion to Conservative ideas.   His positions changed based on opportunity.

Trump is posturing his positions.  Trump doesn’t have our principles.  He has never been encumbered by a Conservative principle as an anchor.  Or, values as a moral plumb line.  The single, life long principle of Trump is self-promotion.

Politics is a business – with severe consequences for your family, faith and freedom.  It’s also show business for people less than Hollywood beautiful.  Just as the Music Man hustled the folks in River City, Trump is acting in a new reality TV show.  His reality TV show was great practice for running for President.  Trump has a huge audience emotionally entrusted in himself.  Trump is a character, but not a man of great and good character.

Trump’s petty, childish and Alinskyite personal attacks on Cruz are equal to the R Establishment, and even the Dems, on their despicable days.  Yet, what Trump barks in bully and bombast should be compared to what Cruz has shown in courage and consistency.  The political enemies of the Trumpians themselves hate and fear Ted Cruz more than they worry about Trump.

While Trump and Cruz share many critics, when Thomas Sowell speaks, only fools fail to listen.  Thomas Sowell and other good men and women, who share Trump’s currently stated political objectives, don’t put their trust in Trump.

A Music Man with too much power can produce deadly mischief.

Huge crowds don't mean good and right  things are coming

Huge crowds don’t mean good and right things are coming

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who can defeat HRH Hillary the First.  He isn’t the only one who can turn America around.  He just says he is.


Pride goeth before the fall.

Pride goeth before the fall.


Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 5, 2016

A Remarkable Year

Rainbows follow the storms.

Rainbows follow the storms.

2015 was a Remarkable Year for me. Quite a contrast from 2014 which was A Very Different Year.

2014, that long year of anguish was the first full year after the death of my wife, Nellie Katherine. That was a year of foul, unwelcomed firsts that death bestows the still living. It was a year of unimagined physical pain. More tears than I knew a person, let alone a man, could cry. It was an awful, necessary year. A year of grieving needed by me and all who loved this woman, my wife, who were touched by her life – who missed her with great sorrow. A year in which her husband of over 38 years, who beloved her all of our entire adult lives, simply survived. I just did the best I could – to do my duties. Throughout it all, it was a year of the Lord’s continual tender mercies. Early in that year, He gave me a home I call “Sanctuary.”

2015 was a second year of grieving, but quite different. Grieving was healing. My health came back. My physical health rebounded so much that by Summer I was truly astounded. How good it feels to be alive in this flesh! How remarkable!

2015 was most remarkable in contrast to 2014. Even though 2015 still was a year of grieving. And, although it was not a year that lacked in new conflict, disappointment, problems and challenges. That’s called normal. That’s life. But, this year far exceeded the recent past in the explosion of living. In the blessing of life itself.

Katherine Bowden Buchanan was born to daughter, Maggie, on Maggie’s birthday.

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan and Katherine Bowden Buchanan - born Dec 1st, 2015

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan and Katherine Bowden Buchanan – born Dec 1st, 2015

All three grown up kids moved. I traveled. A lot. I saw stunning visuals.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

I helped get a project envisioned in 2014 come to life in 2015 –the Virginia First Foundation. We’ve only just begun to transform Virginia’s culture for good. My colleagues are taking active, decisive roles to lead Virginia’s choice for President in 2016.

That election, the most important election since 1860, is the crucible for determining if Right half of America’s growing disgust with the Establishment becomes action at the polls. Or, if the Left’s election cheating pushes the majority closer to rebellion.

Meanwhile the world war of aggressive Islam against all, including peaceful Islam, grows. In 2015, I got to see one man, a few feet away in a small group, who can lead America, the West and the world to more security and stability – Ted Cruz. As the Bible says, I don’t put my faith in any man. But, we can find one man or woman at a time to do what is bold, right, and necessary.

The failure of professional Republican pols is so complete and abject that it approaches treachery. If elected Republicans continue clucking their cowardice is just ‘practical politics’, the cost of their impotence will look more like treason. Thinking and writing about this political soup is a significant part of my remarkable past year.

Finally, this remarkable year included the healing of healthy relationships.

Every relationship – faith, family, friend and personal – has premises, promises and hope. 2016 could be bursting with promises and is wide open to hope. The remarkable year of 2015 set the stage for a ‘boffo’ 2016.

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Two Years


Bonnie Kyle Buchanan and Katherine Bowden Buchanan - born Dec 1st, 2015

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan and baby Katherine Bowden Buchanan – born Dec 1st, 2015.

“God never wastes our sufferings.”

Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 7, 2015

The Next King Phillip’s War

Radical Indians practicing a, distorted, extreme Paganism attack.

Radical Indians practicing a, distorted, extreme Paganism attack.

The King Philip’s War (1675-1676) was the bloodiest war – per capita – in America. Twice as many casualties as a portion of the population than our American Civil War (a.k.a. The Recent Unpleasantness)! Seven times more bloody that WW II – FYI – for all “Greatest Generation” fans. Consider what happened and could happen again.

The pagan Indian tribes of New England were at peace with the English colonists for many years. The Indian tribes had historic conflicts, like the Sunni and Shia Muslims do, with each other. The Wampanoag tribe hated their traditional enemies, the Pequot, Narragansett, and the Mohegan and vice versa. A number of Indians had converted to Christianity, lived in English-style towns and were called Praying Indians.

The Indian tribes were Neolithic Pagans.  They were at least 2000 years behind Western Civilization – the English colonists.  They sold their land to buy the advanced goods of the West.  Islam is a Totalitarian Ideology and identity, which includes a barbarian religion, and is 800 years behind Western and American Civilization.

The death of John Sassamon started the awful war. Sassamon was an Indian, and Harvard graduate, who converted to Christianity. His “Indianophobic” Christian speech against their ancient pagan religion and culture – and warning the English of plots to attack – provoked his death. Since his murder was “wood (actually frozen pond) place violence” not terrorism, three Wampanoag warriors were tried in a criminal trial, where Indian elders were on the jury. The perps were found guilty and hung. That, and possibly other discriminatory actions, “radicalized” Chief Metacom – a.k.a King Philip.

The radicalized King Philip led the formerly moderate Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Pocumtuck (or Podunk), Nashaway and Narragansett tribes against the English and good, moderate Mohegan, Pequot, Massachusetts, Nauset Indian tribes.  Some Praying Indians, Christians, supported the English and some reverted to the perversion of their honorable pagan religion. Like the Middle East, where shifting alliances among Shia and Sunni Muslims and minorities like Muslim Kurds, Christians and others are common. The radical, “extremist” Indians – using their interpretation of their ancient pagan religion – attacked to murder, rape, and burn. Twelve frontier towns were destroyed.

Crime - terrorism - or war? When war comes, the people know.

Crime – terrorism – or war? When war comes, the people know.

The radical Indians used the tactical armor and assault weapons of the day to commit mass “gun and hatchet” violence. A few years earlier, the English had forced the Wampanoags the give up their guns– a form of early gun laws – but, like Muslim terrorists, they had the weapons they wanted. (Burning wagons instead of home-made pipe bombs, though).

Gun control didn't stop the extremists then.

Gun control didn’t stop the extremists then.

Old people, women and children were murdered by both sides. Both sides destroyed food stocks, production and animals to starve the other through the harsh New England winter.

While Christian and moderate Pagan Indians fought alongside the English, the English never felt compelled to praise Paganism, attend Pagan rites, stop proselytizing Christianity, or stop trying to civilize the Indians. It’s odd to imagine olde New England without Political Correctness.

The olde English custom of dismemberment and sending the body parts of the realm were in effect.

The olde English custom of dismemberment and sending the body parts to the corners of the realm were in effect.

The Indians lost. When some Indians pleaded with the mighty Mohawks, their old enemies, to not be exclusive, celebrate Indian diversity and fight to help them create safe spaces to be Indian, the Mohawks laughed in their faces and told them to die. How could the Mohawks have done such – unless they wanted to exercise something like “White Privilege” against their fellow persons of color?

Bloodiest war ever - between neighbors - in American history.

Bloodiest war ever – between neighbors – in American history.

One out of ten military-age Englishmen were dead. Every family in New England suffered a loss. The threat of radical, extreme Indian attacks in New England was over.

The next King Philip’s War in America could involve moderates of one culture and religion becoming “radicalized”, or just reverting to their actual, old teachings. It could include moderates of the same barbarian culture supporting the civilized, English-speaking culture and fighting as allies – serving as citizens. It could involve an enemy, like ISIS, Al Queda, or any branch office of Islamism instigating the murderous rampage, like King Philip did, to make sure all the moderates have to choose one side or the other. It’s what happens in wars.

A second King Philip’s War could lead to an eradication of any future threat of this type in the U.S. The violence and attacks against innocent people of both cultures could be awful.

A dangerous and distorted view of paganism wasn’t the problem, really, in the first King Philip’s War. “Radical” Islam won’t be the problem if there is a second such war. Gun control didn’t work then and won’t work now.

Let’s hope more of today’s barbarians come to be Praying Christians – and stay such – and prevent a Second King Philip’s War.  God Bless John Sassamon.

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