Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 2, 2011

A Real Republican Deal

Democrats know how to sell used cars and old, failed ideas

The deficit extension was a real Republican deal.   Classic Republican politics.   Quintessential Establishment Republican public policy.   The Republicans increased the national debt by over $2 trillion dollars.   Divide 2 T by 300 million and that is almost $70,000 more debt for every American.  And, the Establishment Republicans are bragging about it because “it changed the conversation in Washington DC.”    Apparently, politicians talking about deficit reduction, even spending cuts, is something dramatic.   Not that they will actually do anything other than cut the rate of growth.  And raise taxes.

The Establishment Republicans go to used car lot to buy a new lemon for their constituents.   If you buy the car, it costs $50k, if you pay cash.  But, you can buy it by installments in 10 years for $75k.  So, the Democrat used car salesman offers the car for $70k.  The Establishment Republicans say, “Sold!”   They brag about changing the conversation at the Used Car  dealership  – and saving you 5k.

What a deal.

So, the freshmen in Congress fell off the turnip wagon and bought their first bag of magic beans.  If the select committee doing their job for them offers them a plan which raises one tax one penny in January, then the Tea Party Republicans may redeem themselves.   They can vote NO.  Let the ooh so scary salami slices across the budget happen – it will only be for months until a Constitutional Republican Congress and POTUS can be elected – and fix it all.


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