Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 17, 2009

Wake Up. Two World Events to Watch

Two small events are the bow waves of greater forces moving – towards collisions. 

1.  Watch the drug war in Mexico.  The corruption in Mexico has always been pervasive, yet limited.  There were understandings about what happens in public and in private.  This give and take between the Mexican authorities – their governments – and the Mexican criminals has broken down.  There is open warfare across the north of Mexico.  It includes the Army. 

If the Mexican criminals win, then they will establish themselves as the government – even if it is sub-rosa and hidden – the real government.  It makes Mexico all the more ripe for another civil war.  Their civil conflicts were especially bloody and brutal in the early 20th Century.

There are other huge ramifications for illegal immigration, trade and national security – not to mention drug trafficking.

It can be a game changing event for our national defense for decades to come.

2.  Watch the UK’s ban of Geert Wilders from entering the UK – because of his free speech.  The Muslims don’t like it.  Wilders made the 14 minute movie that juxtaposes hateful verses from the Koran with Muslims doing hateful things.  Not much of a stretch, but outrageous to all the dhimmis and the barbarians.  He has called for banning the Koran – using the EU laws on hate speech.  He is an elected member of the Netherlands parliament.  He was invited to the UK by a member of the UK parliament.  But, a Muslim member appointed to the House of Lords objected and threatened to have Muslim mobs protest.  Then, the amazing thing happened in the Mother Country.  The government backed down and supported the Muslim suppression of free speech. 

The UK is more of Chamberlain than Churchill these days.

Watch for this in the U.S.  The Muslims can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas.  They can’t stand criticism of the Koran or Mohammed or anything else in their backward, relatively-to-us barbarian civilization. 

Of course, it will be easy to see it across Europe as the continent slides behind the veil of Islam to a dark ages far darker than the time after Rome fell to barbarian hordes.

But, watch it in the U.S.   Watch for anyone saying that criticism of Islam is “hate speech.”

Some Puritan Liberals (liberal human secularists) will want to curb speech against Islam as a necessary step to suppress Conservative – and Christian and Jewish free speech.  Some Liberals may actually see the danger damaging our free speech.

The fight for fundamental freedoms – like speech – is part of both our ACW II and our WW IV against the Islamists.


The canary is choking in the mine.



  1. Can you make sure to give us a 6-9 month heads up on when it’s time to get out while we still can?

  2. Get out of the world? LOL.

    No, I expect all anonymous persons to stand and fight.

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