Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 3, 2021

Why Winsome Sears for Lt Gov, Virginia

Winsome Sears for the Win!

Why Winsome


Elect Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

I hadn’t seen Winsome face to face since she was running for Congress.  When I heard she’s running for Lt. Governor of Virginia I knew instantly that I support her.  I don’t care who her opponents are.  There’s no one in politics who will serve The People of Virginia better than Winsome Sears.  None.

My confidence in her after all these years is precisely because I see the sum of my 30 years in Virginia Republican politics is many politicians and so few public servants.  Winsome Sears breaks the mold.  Her uniqueness isn’t being the first legal immigrant and the only black Republican woman ever elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates.  Her standout capability is her courage, conviction, and commitment.  

Winsome has lived life.  She’s grateful, as most immigrants are, to have lived the American dream.  She gives credit to America for every opportunity from service as a Marine to building a small business to being elected to represent Virginians to being appointed to serve the Nation.  Her modesty masks what she achieved.  Her grace covers over what she’s endured.

I remember the awful, truly hateful, vicious lies, slander, and epithets the Democrats heaped on her – because she was running as a Republican.  That’s “too uppity” for the Democrats.  No one running across Virginia in this race has ever stood up to the abuse she faced.  No one currently in Virginia politics has shown the courage she demonstrated.

Winsome can take the rocks, arrows, bullets and bombs that you know are coming at any Republican who dares run in Virginia.  Especially, if the candidate isn’t an Establishment career politician.  Winsome is running from the same conviction that lead her to ministry in a men’s prison ministry and women’s homeless shelter.  Her convictions are tried, tested, and true.

When elected, Winsome’s experience as a Delegate makes her ready on day one to make things happen in the General Assembly for all of Virginia.  She’ll make the difference that politicians promise, but only fighters deliver on the issues that matter. 

Winsome will get Virginia back to normal.  That means back to our basic freedoms and business.  She’ll reopen our economy.  Furthermore, she’ll clean up our elections by improving ballot box integrity.  Winsome won’t back down on challenges to our rights – especially the Right to Life for babies in the womb and the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  She’ll work for school choice, funding families to choose the best education for children instead of spending your tax dollars funding failing schools.

Politicians run from school choice.  They fear the teachers’ lobby and all their loot. But, Winsome seeks to serve all Virginians from every walk of life – at every stage and condition of life.  Her commitment to all Virginians is personal.

Since the Democrats took over the General Assembly in 2019, they’ve passed over a thousand bills that do more than harm Virginia.  Their bills and the Governor’s edicts make the damage to families, jobs, schools, and freedom malicious enough to be called evil.  They are destroying the Commonwealth of Virginia with the cancerous rot of Cultural Marxism. 

Winsome Sears is the bravest and finest fighter for family, faith, and freedom running for office in Virginia.  Please help elect her as our next Lt. Governor.

James Atticus Bowden

Chairman, 91 HD Legislative Committee

Former: Chairman, 1 CD, RPV,

Member, SCC, RPV, and

Chairman, Poquoson City Committee, RPV


  1. Bubba –

    Your op-ed makes me wish I lived in VA so I could vote for her. We need many more like her in elected positions all across our land.

    In His Mighty Grip,

    Ward Bursley

  2. Great statement for all conservative Virginians. Makes me want to vote for her!


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