Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 4, 2019

On Meeting Daniel Gade

Daniel Gade, Retired Army Officer, Professor, Virginian.

On Meeting Daniel Gade

10 Quick Impressions

I got some face time with Daniel Gade yesterday. Daniel is running for the Republican nomination to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate. I sat with three other political activists from Tidewater. One fellow and I go back through 20 years of grassroots work together. I listened and spoke little. Daniel Gade impressed me.

I don’t impress easily. I know to keep my mouth shut and just wait to see if first impressions prove out to be true or false. Yet, something stirs me in my guts enough that I really want to share these impressions. Daniel Gade is:

  1. Properly Grounded. His roots are in his Christian faith, family, his West Point training and education, his Army service – especially his time in combat, and his life-changing recovery from the loss of his leg. Not a narcissistic politician. Real depth as a man.
  2. Wise on War. Actually, very wise on when America should go to war and how. Wants to revise the War Powers Act to have Congress do its Constitutional duty. Understands that any fighting should only be for a vital national interest and only after all other forms of national power have failed. And with a plan to win and exit.
  3. Smart on Spending. Gets it that there is no “third rail” or “sacred cow” of federal spending from defense to veterans to healthcare to social security. Reforms are necessary. Reforms can finance their own cuts without cutting essential services or promises made.
  4. Committed to the Constitution. Ready for the hard task of returning powers not enumerated in the Constitution from the Federal government to the states. 10th Amendment champion.
  5. Spot on about Economics. Taught it at West Point and understands the need to cut taxes to create jobs and opportunities. That economic freedom means real choices, real personal freedom. Bad policies, like climate change regulations, hurt the economy and kill jobs.
  6. Practical about Politics. Did his homework on how much money it takes to run a winnable race in Virginia. Understands how to raise it – especially in-state among many small donors across Virginia.
  7. A Commonsense Voice. Speaks to the day-to-day concerns of urban and suburban Virginians who will vote kneejerk Dem Blue if no one talks to them about schools, transportation, safety, jobs, gangs, opioid crisis, healthcare, and retirement. All the real issues of their daily lives.
  8. Libertarian and Conservative Enough. Liberty-minded enough to not abuse the powers of government for political doctrines or pandering.   Conservative-minded enough to know the fundamental problems and answers in society are found in the human heart and families, not governments.
  9. Caring Enough. As concerned for the safety of baby with a heart beat in the womb as a child in school and a woman after dark. Caring for the victims of opioids as well as gang violence.
  10. Hopeful to Build Coalitions. As a Virginia citizen seeking public service, he is a real outsider to the tribal warfare among all those who have involved themselves in Virginia Republican politics since George Allen upset apple carts in 1993. The grudge-holding, bitterly-opposing political acolytes of every successful and failed candidate for the past 30 years can stand together and cheer the same candidate – who is not beholden to anyone but We, The People.

And, like an alibi on a rifle range – 11. Keenly Aware of This One Shot. Daniel Gade gets to run as simply – a citizen – one time. He isn’t a career politician. He isn’t part of the Republican Establishment. He’s actually running as the Founding Fathers – especially the Virginians – intended us to do. Wow, it’s 1788 again, in a good way.

My impressions are mine alone. I learned to read men from 20 years in the Infantry. I learned to herd engineers with 20 years of consulting. I learned to always answer, “Yes, Dear,” to my late wife. And, I participated in 20 years of grassroots grind and saw the political theater of Virginia party politics.

I believe Daniel Gade is the real deal to be elected our U.S. Senator from Virginia in 2020.

Please go to http://www.GadeforVirginia. com

Volunteer to help.

Send money – no matter how small a donation – for Virginia.

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