Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 2, 2019

Why Political Compromise Is Vanishing

There’s no middle ground to compromise on.

Why Political Compromise Is Vanishing

The fundamental fault line across America isn’t identified correctly as Republican vs. Democrat, Conservative vs. Liberal Progressive Socialist Commie, Rural vs. Urban, or Right vs. Left.  The split is what this graphic portrays.  The ideas of the worldview, (the word is cooler in German – Weltanschauung) of the consensus culture that is the basis of a society.. wait, please read it slowly, ok got that?.. are diverging on two irreconcilable paths.  The ideas bubble up and are bundled with different labels, like Conservative or brands like the lousy one called Republican.  Ideas are expressed in issue after issue.   But, fundamentally – again – down at the bed rock level the tectonic plates of American Civilization are moving in different directions.  The gaping deep fissure will not close on its own.  There is no firm space in between.  There is no common ground to build political compromise on.

The former consensus culture of the US consisted of the ideas of the American Revolution.  The ideological boundaries of those ideas went from Jefferson on one side to Hamilton on the other.  Their ideas were in opposition, but both sets of ideas were American.   The late Samuel Huntington’s last book, “Who Are We? ” lays out the ideas that make America.  Others, too, have written that America is a set of ideas, set in one place and time, sprouted from the unique English Branch of Western Civilization with all of its particulars.

If we must label the ideas of the American Revolution as they are understood in 2019, they are “Conservative”.  List the issues and thought supporting them for Conservatives and they line up with America’s traditional thinking and the very words of American Revolutionary Patriots.

The diverging ideas come from the French Revolution.  They include the primacy of the state, rights come from the state, perfectibility of man, rejection of the Christian God and religion, a perfect equality, and other ideas that failed every time they were tried.  The ideas are “Human Secularist Totalitarianism”.  But, that is such an awkward mouthful and incomprehensible to an electorate deficient in historical knowledge.  The ideas are the “Left”.  They are the same Left as in Europe.

The ideas of the French Revolution evolved with Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Freud and others to become the ideas of Socialism, National Socialism, and Communism.  They’re all branches from the same tree.  History shows the terribly deadly fruit this Totalitarian tree bears from its poisonous roots.   Gertrude Himmelfarb lays out the lineage in “The Roads to Modernity: the British, French, and American Enlightenments”.

In these United States it was a slow process for the ancestors of Puritans in New England to reject God of the Holy Bible and worship the small god of Self as Human Secularists.  It can be traced from aspects of Transcendentalism through Abolitionism through Darwinism through Social Darwinism and Eugenics to the New Deal.  The big break, when the conflict clearly had broken the consensus culture in two, was the 1960s.  The Left exalted their new trinity of race, class, and genders.

The two cultures at war – and it is a Culture War – are detailed in Gertrude Himmelfarb’s “One Nation, Two Cultures”,  James Davison Hunter’s “Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America” and “Before the Shooting Begins”, Rabbi Daniel Labin’s “America’s Real War”.

The culture war isn’t new news.  It’s just not interesting to most people.  But, everyone is affected by it.  I made the graphic above almost 20 years ago.  I made tiny tick updates to publish it today.

Only one culture shapes a society at a time.  Multiculturalism is bunk.  Multi-ethnic societies and pluralism in religion and language within definitive boundaries can work, but only one culture at time can define a society.  One culture at a time from the tiniest tribe to the greatest civilization.

The upcoming brouhaha in Virginia over gun control and red flag laws is a perfect example of the irreconcilable differences between the Conservatives and the Left.  A new battle in the Great U.S. Culture is coming to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Pray and act wisely to keep the legitimate conflict peaceful and non-violent.

Please take another look at the graphic.  That’s what is happening here.

Only one side can shape society and govern at a time.




  1. This a great post James and really explains well what is going on in the Western World.

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