Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 30, 2019

He Fixed My Heart Part II

Post Op Part II

He Fixed My Heart, Part II

Yesterday, I had a second fix on my beating heart.

On October 14th, 2019 I had a heart ablation to fix atrial flutter. Two weeks later I started having spikes in my heart rate, much as I had since their first sudden onset September 26th. The cardiologist looked at my ECGs and told me that I had atrial fibrillation in addition to atrial flutter. This isn’t unusual, he said. Of course, it’s all unusual for me! Yesterday I had a heart ablation to fix atrial fibrillation. The cardiologist said it’ll take three months to see if it fixed my heart. Ok.

So the “He Fixed My Heart, Part II” includes more medical science miracles performed on one 69 year old man. A man who feels great when his heart isn’t spastic with rapid beats and out of sync.  Seriously, feel great!  Walk 3 miles or more and kayak 50 minutes with no issues – let’s call them symptoms – whatsoever. Easy breezy living, then out of the blue, the insubordinate heart will tell me how mortal I am.

Sharing the spiritual Part II of heart procedure II is about praying for family and loved ones by name as the last thing before they put me under. Saying His name, “Jesus.” Taking that 1 to 999 chance on fatality. And realizing, “If I don’t wake up, no one will know my last thoughts.” Another flash of the obvious as the reigning Captain Obvious of my family! That seemed ironic and funny to me. I chuckled. So, my little secret pleased me then, and now I’m actually publishing it to be secret no more.

The second ablation was more complicated than the first one. I won’t TMI it. There was one very funny thing to me, which I may write later. Gotta run it by my female instruction givers and appropriateness censors.

I’m home and deeply grateful. Pleased my family living nearby could taxi and visit me. Pleased to hear from family far away and friends.

After the procedure, I told the different nurses and tech specialists about how their job was to “re-purpose” the day – The day after Thanksgiving, November 29th.   Because 6 years ago on this day and date, my wife of 38 years had a massive stroke. She was admitted to the same hospital and died there on December 9th, 2013. I told them it was their job to change this date. Make this the day that Papa’s heart got fixed so he could spend more time with grandchildren. Including two that my late wife never knew. I thanked them, each one, for what they were doing. I meant it.

My greatest gratitude, as in all things, is to my Risen Savior – Lord Jesus Christ – who is alive today with the one, true, only, living Father God and gives me the Holy Spirit as my personal advocate and comforter. That gratitude makes me speechless. It makes the salty happiness come out my eyes. I truly can’t control the tears. I stay and remain overwhelmed by gratitude.

I know we can’t undo an awful day. But, we can make wonderful memories that ultimately transcend painful times. Just as gratitude transforms and triumphs over grief.

Thank you, Creator of the Universe and attending medical professionals, for fixing my heart Part II.

I come home to “Sanctuary.” What a gift!


  1. Thank you for sharing all this. Just out of nowhere. This year at Thanksgiving I find I’m feeling very nostalgic about things when I was a little girl, things I took for granted my parents did for me. The time flies by so fast. Also grateful for the provision of the One who knows and see me.

    • Diane, It is odd how thoughts come, linger with such clarity and emotion in the present,and move on. I think it’s sweet to be able to recall and relive in part. I know it can be painful, too. Hope you and Ray and family are as well as can be.

  2. Amen!! PTL!

    Ward Bursley

    864-349-1943 (cell)

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