Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 25, 2019

Making Virginia First Again: Step One

This can be fixed. Win the House of Delegates in 2021

Step 1 to win the House of Delegates in 2021:  You, yes – you – normal Virginian, write down everyone who would come to a wedding in your family or your funeral.  Put it on a spreadsheet, if you can.  If not, just write a list.

If you have moral suasion with these persons, meaning they will do what you ask if you ask once, put them on the list.  If they are hardcore Commie and would never do what you ask – vote rationally – don’t put them on the list.

Put down as much of this following data that you have.  Don’t worry if you don’t know all of it.  Add columns to the right of the names for address, home phone, mobile phone/text, email, FaceBook name, Twitter, Instagram, Other social media addresses, significant organization (if member of church, VFW, Am Legion, Kiwanis, etc.), significant issue (if known), Congressional District, VA Senate District, VA House District (HD), Precinct.

If you only know the name, address and mobile phone, that’s ok.  Start there.

Between now and Labor Day 2020, keep adding to the list.  Add neighbors, co-workers, church family, and others.  On Labor Day 2020 share the list with the new candidate recruited by We, The People to run as a Republican in your HD.  And, share data for folks in other HDs.

From Labor Day 2020 to Labor Day 2021 keep adding to the list.

When each candidate in every HD can put together a list from many lists that names 20-25k voters, that candidate will win in Nov 2021.

If you have just 100 people on your list – just 50 couples – and 200 people in your HD do the same, we win.

We can do this.

Doesn’t take money.  Doesn’t involve the tiny RPV.  Doesn’t sell out to bad consultants or special interests.

Takes your time.  Takes your effort.

(Dear Admins on Sites, I’ll be re-posting this on a regular basis to catch the attention of new readers.  With your kind forbearance.)

You, as an individual, are the Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Act like it.  Start your list.  Help recruit a candidate by Labor Day 2020.  Share the data when the time comes.  Ask your people to vote – one post card and one email or text and one call or face to face.  Win.

Make Virginia First Again.


  1. Jim:

    I enjoyed your piece on Daniel Gade. I retired on 3 Jan of this year from 11 years as a GS at Quantico, 21 years as a contractor, 20 years as an active duty Marine. I’m trying to figure out how much activism and exactly where to put the time and emphasis. Please give me a call sometime. My cell is 540-840-3467 and my e-mail is

    Your Christian brother,
    Dennis Lister

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