Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 25, 2018

The Idiocy of Identity Politics.

A fancy way to say “shoot yourself in the foot” or “circular firing squad” is to “hoist yourself on your own petard”. You get blown up by your own bomb.  Don’t do it.

The Idiocy of Identity Politics

The idiocy of Identity politics for the Left is – if it wins, their perpetual protected classes of victims will really lose. The alt.right bogeymen they use to scare progressives into their safe spaces will actually arise. Demographics are destiny. Culture commands. Another Human Secularist nightmare will happen, not of its own truth, but because the fanatics of the Left made it so.  Identity politics will transform the empty silliness of ‘White Privilege’ and create real White Identity which will, inevitably, become White Power. It will be awful.

The racially-infused riot in Charlottesville was a fantasy come true for the Left. A hundred or so white misfits carried Nazi and Confederate banners side by side, shouted anti-Semitic slogans, had a big fight, and killed an innocent person. It was heaven-sent. Or, rather, it was the Hollywood-perfect players sent from central casting, since the Left doesn’t believe in God. The alt.right fit the Left’s script for their evil characters – perfectly.

Actually, it was a pathetic posturing of impotent politics in America. The alt.right couldn’t even rally a battalion from across a region of over 80 million Americans. But, that will change, for the worse, if the Left keeps pushing Identity politics.

Identity politics elicits emotions from twisted morality plays. The good guys are permanent classes of victims. The ignorant, insane, and evil bad guys are those immutable oppressors. They’re the same bad guys you see on little and big screens as the Hollywood hierarchy of evil. The racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, gun nut, Confederate, anti-immigrant, anti-Choice, greedy capitalist, etc. heavies’ labels are applied to White, male, heterosexual, Christian, Second Amendment, Southern, anti-illegal alien, pro-Life, hard-working Americans. And, the Left is serious about putting everyone into fixed, labeled group identities. It’s celebrated, almost worshipped, as ‘Diversity”.

Except populations of people aren’t fixed. In the next 20 years as Whites become a minority in America, it will be disastrous to keep these groups and continue to assign virtue and guilt, restitution and privilege, and real political power to them. Because, eventually, enough Whites will start to think of themselves as ‘White’.

It will reverse a century of racial progress. Since the 1950’s the morally ascendant idea is to judge people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. Across the South and West millions of people stopped thinking about themselves as ‘White’ and adopted a ‘Christian’ identity. The Left will undo that good.

The last thing the Left should ever want is for half the country to start thinking the white color of their skin matters. Because, that half which is passionately dedicated to family, faith, and freedom will fight. If they are truly threatened, they will fight back to win terrible victories. Ask the Indians. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Don’t go there, Leftists. Don’t push these Americans into a corner.

Even if the racist policies of identity politics never boil into violence – let us pray they never do, who will lose the most in a competition with an energized, self-conscious, dynamic fifty per cent of the population – with a lot of resources?

The blending of all races in mixed marriages is increasing, but won’t blur racial lines sufficiently enough in the next 30 years to prevent identity discrimination.  Mixed race persons will be a complication for the Leftist zealots – which group label do they get? Are they victims or oppressors at birth?

It could all go horribly. It always does with Human Secularism.

The Jacobins had their bourgeoisie. Lenin had the aristocracy. Stalin had the kulaks. In Mexico and Spain, the murderers had each other in their Civil Wars. Hitler had the Jews. Mao had landlords. Castro had counter-revolutionaries. Pol Pot had Depositees.  North Vietnam and North Korea had their state enemies.  Apparently, the American Left is boiling its enemies list down to ‘Whites’.

If that happens enough, the re-awakened Whites will search for their own narrative – and leaders.  Those leaders won’t be kooks of today’s alt.right, but more serious and dangerous men and women.

If Human Secularism doesn’t lead the state to mass murder, then Identity politics creates the tribalism that certainly will kill. The Hutu committed genocide against the Tutsi. It’s what tribes do.

The Left’s Identity politics are idiocy. An awful, terrible, tragic, criminal, evil – avoidable -idiocy.


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