Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 13, 2018

From Trumpenstein to Forrest Gump Trump


Gump and Trump are the accidental leaders of movements.

From Trumpenstein to Forrest Gump Trump

In 2016 after Donald Trump’s stunning election, I wrote, “The Establishment Republicans in Congress created this ‘yuge’ political creature – Trumpenstein. They opposed him during the election and are sucking up to him now in public. But, they created him by betraying the voters who gave them the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. These career politicians didn’t do their duty and use their Constitutional powers. They were too cowardly to use the power of the purse, impeachment, approval of appointments and administrative oversight – with very few exceptions.”

Furthermore, “Trump, the man, won a historically spectacular victory connecting with the anger, frustration and desire to improve surging through Americans abused by the Establishment Republicans, as well as attacked, scorned and hated by the Left.   He beat the under-performing, wicked witch of the Democrat Establishment. Trump did great. Trumpenstein was created from the entrepreneur and entertainer Donald Trump.”

Now, in 2018, Trump is the leader of a “yuge” movement, much like Forrest Gump became the leader of a mystical, running movement. Neither leader planned the movement. Both accidental leaders found themselves with many followers. Trump, of course, won’t quit like Gump did. But, Trump will leave – at the latest in January 2025. Then, what for the movement?

Even the Left can see half the country supporting Trump at monster rallies and voting to pick up more senate seats. Of course, the Left mischaracterizes the movement as racism, white nationalism, women voting against their own interests, and every other excuse imaginable in their narrative of race, class and gender(s). Regardless, clearly there is a movement in desperate need of a champion after Trump.

The movement is Middle Americans who love America. It includes middle class Americans – including the lower, hard-working class. Likewise, it’s Americans living in the huge middle of the country away from the North East, Left Coast, and scattered urban cesspools. It’s the Americans, everywhere, who believe “America” is still an ascending idea and the greatest country on earth – without apology.

America’s middle class has been squeezed hard during the transition from the Industrial Era to the Information Era. Globalism is an economic effect of the Information Era. The “Army 21” study I led forecasted the crunch back in 1992. We said the key to the future (2005-2015) would be “the political perception of economic change.”  We added illegal immigration and changing demographics, as well as a hostile ideology – Islamist Totalitarianism as it turned out to be – would affect America. Nailed it.

The result is a huge constituency who need jobs to come back to their hometowns. They want to live, work, and raise their families where they grew up. Furthermore, these Americans take pride in being American. They don’t want open borders for waves of illegal aliens. They expect immigrants to happily assimilate as Americans. They reject being called names by the elites and both Establishments.

President Donald Trump didn’t build this movement, but he speaks to it in his rally rhetoric. He has at least two more years to make more mileage leading the movement. The Democrat control of the House will be challenging, but actually may serve as a useful foil.

Trump, like Gump, is the accidental, or incidental, leader. No one else could be Trump in this moment. Soon, a champion must rise to speak and act vigorously for the millions of Middle Americans who just want the American Dream. These, We The People, Americans just want their kids to have it a little better than they do. We Americans will fight for family, faith, and freedom.

Trump will run until Jan 2025 at the latest. The crowd behind will keep on going.


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