Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 25, 2018

Match Theology Arguments to Audiences

Interesting reading, watching and listening. Big ideas.

Match Arguments to Audiences

Recently, I’ve read and watched “For the New Christian Intellectual” by Cody Libolt and Jacob Brunton. (‘For the New Christian Intellectual’ is on Facebook and has a website). They’re taking on big issues with intellect and courage. I support them in their efforts in general – and would dispute some of their particulars. I’d like to make a comment, not a criticism, which provides a distinction that matters.

Advocating for and against the issues of Presuppositionalism, Christian Intellectualism, and Cultural Marxism engages different audiences. Making arguments for two or more issues at the same time can be confusing to mixed audiences. Even as the issues may be connected, perhaps the arguments are advanced better by focusing on one audience at a time.  Use the language of the audience in appealing to the audience.

Is this an accurate enough estimate of American theology audiences?

  • Presuppositionalism.  5-10 k? Just using this word narrows the discussion to the seminary halls and professors of religion scattered across secular colleges. No one else talks like this. As important as it may be, it matters only in the discussions of a select group.
  • Christian Intellectuals.  100s k? More people will be engaged in promoting the idea that ‘Christian Intellectual’ is a natural, preferred, even scholarly superior term, and not an oxymoron. The arguments to restore the fruits of the Enlightenment to faithful Christians are vital to restore every culture in Western Civilization – and to reach the world.
  • Cultural Marxism. 10s m? The cancer of cultural Marxism in the church is life-threatening to every church body in America. The diseased rot subverts before it kills Christianity everywhere it spreads. The Statement on Social Justice is a good first step in cultural cancer awareness. Much more needs to be done to cut out the temporal tumors and prevent reoccurring

The Apostle Paul was keenly aware of his different audiences. We should do the same. When it’s appropriate connect the dots among the three issues. Add other issues as they fit. Make the strongest arguments possible to advance the Good News.

It’s very encouraging to see young Christian scholars being rightly moved. The passion of youth is well spent for the Word – our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ideas motivate humankind.


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