Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 8, 2018

Draining the D.C. Swamp

The swamp needs to be drained.

Drain the D.C. Swamp of Power and Money

The Virginia First Foundation educates and advocates for Virginians to advance the Rule of Law. Draining the swamp in Washington D.C. is necessary to that purpose. Recently, Victor Davis Hansen made podcast on shifting power outside of Washington and the big city bubbles where the Left rules. His take on the politics of geography was interesting, but missed the heart of the matter. We don’t need to farm out government bureaucrats. America needs to move money and power out, not people. The D.C. Swamp is all about power and money. Draining the swamp means draining significant power and money out of Washington. It can be done.

Consider how the Soviet Empire crumbled in the early 90s. The Union of Soviet Socialists Republics was held together by one thing – the Communist Party. The Party had to be destroyed to break up the Soviet Union. The experienced, crafty party boss, Boris Yeltsin, knew the center of gravity for party power. Ironically for the Communists, it was all about the money. Yeltsin levied a huge tax on every party asset – building, resort, car, bank account, etc. and the Communist Party went out of business in weeks. They couldn’t pay their own operatives to make a counter coup. Communist Party control was over.

In America, the Left captured and controls key institutions – the Federal Government – as well as parts of state and local governments, Education, Entertainment, Large Corporations and Foundations, and some Religious Denominations in part or completely. Money circulates among these institutions like the water filling a swamp. Draining the swamp means stopping the money that flows in, even as the money already there is drained out.

The biggest ditch needed moves money from the Federal Government to the States. Consider our Commonwealth. Virginia sends about $80b in taxes to the Federal Government every year. Our biennial budget is about $50b a year. If half of Virginia’s taxes stayed in Virginia and were spent by the Commonwealth, then Virginia would be spending $90b a year. Significant political power would shift to Richmond – and 49 other state capitols.

Here are ways to move the money and power away from the Federal government.  It’s a good start.

    1. Send Medicaid, then Medicare, and then Social Security back to the states. Grandfather whoever needs the current system for “poor promises made, poor promises kept”. Sunset the grandfather clause for each socialized program appropriately. It’s Constitutional and sweeping to create 50 laboratories of democratic representative innovation.
    2. Stop Federal funding of higher education. Reducing the federal debt by billions reduces personal debt for millions of Millennials pursuing degrees of diminishing value. It gets the Feds out of more un-Constitutional business while it reduces the cultural rot of providing socialist paradises – called college campuses – to indoctrinate a generation. When the Left laments about such a loss to “education”, tell their foundations, corporations and ultra-rich pay to cover the cost. This must be messaged very carefully.
    3. Tax “Overpaid” entertainers – including musicians, sports figures, etc. – fairly to ‘ fix’  income inequality.  Tax the super rich based on the number of days they actually work and in relationship to the lowest paid co-workers. So, if a star makes 500 times what the lowest worker makes in the same day’s work, create a special tax for every dollar more than, say, 10 times what the lowest worker makes.
      • A fair tax example: “Overpaid” Sports Star X earns $1m in one year. If he actually goes to a work 200 days a year, then divide $1m by 200 = $50k @ day income. Say the lowest worker makes $100 @ day. Then, the first $1000 dollars the star makes are taxed normally – up to 10 times the worker’s daily $100. But, the extra $49k the star averages, in one day, has 50% surtax, so the star keeps $1k + $24.5k = $25.5k. Then, the $25.5k is taxed normally, just as the worker’s $100 is.
      • The 50% surtax is only an example. The surtax could be a graduated rate – since Liberals like that – or a per cent above a fixed amount or ratio of income inequalities.
    4. Tax foundations that don’t distribute significant portions of their funds.  Require foundations to distribute at least 10% of their cumulative wealth every year. If they fail to distribute 10%, tax them up to 10% or more of their cumulative wealth
    5. Tax non-religious non-profits based on their administrative overhead payoffs.  If the administrative costs exceed 10% of total revenue, tax on a sliding scale with the higher administrative overhead being taxed at a higher rate.
      • Consider applying the “Overpaid” tax to bloated salaries. Take the daily income of the lowest paid worker in the corporation paying Fat Cat Relative or In-Law Executive X and assign a scale that taxes an increasing per cent for every multiple the Fat Cat earns more than the lowest paid worker. Or, above a point – say ten times the wage of the lowest worker – there is a 50% surtax on every extra dollar paid.
    6. Reduce existing IRS code 100 pages a year. Or, reduce 10 pages for every one page added per year. Go to flat tax. End earned income credit. There are many ways to reduce taxes, but every single reduction keeps capital alive in the economy – which grows even more capital
    7. Impeach judges. The first time a Congressman does his duty to impeach a judge for high crimes and misdemeanors – like making up law, it may be like Wilberforce’s first bill to end slavery in the British Parliament. But, duty and justice will gain strength and succeed. Start at any level of the judiciary – against the first, worst case of writing laws from the bench
    8. Congressional retirement, medical benefits, and special medical facilities. Grandfather in serving congressmen, if you must, but the optics for this reform are powerful. Establish a Congressional 401k fund and use the same health plan as any government worker in DC. Ending political careerism requires ending the incentives for a career.
    9. Establish social networking as free speech.  Establish a threshold that constitutes “public” use and, hence, protections provided individuals in the public square. Whether it’s 100k, 1m, or far less, it keeps the Left from censoring speech, especially Christian and conservative free speech. If necessary, the “hate speech” can be identified by the social network provider, along with a justification, and labeled, but not censored.   Apply the established legal standards which work for private persons today.
    10. End social engineering in the federal government and federal contracting. End identity politics. End special months and events based on identity.

It’s hard to imagine the Left being any more insane, raging angry, or hysterical than they are now, but these reforms would push them further into their excesses. The howling will serve as an applause meter for how well these reforms will drain the swamp.

All Patriots elected to political offices need to dig these ditches and drain the D.C. Swamp. Establishment politicians need not apply.

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