Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 31, 2018

Seek God First In All Things

Seek in all things = Everything from rising to resting

Our new pastor, Scott Wade, led a unique worship service on his first day.  Wednesday night Bible study transformed to scripture reading and prayer.  I was asked to prepare a written prayer on “Seek God First in All Things.”

I didn’t seek God first when I was young.  I learned, the hard way, that when I do seek God first – before I decide, speak, or act – things go much better.  Duh, me.  I’m far from perfect at seeking the Lord God’s Will first, but I’m getting a lot better – and so is my life.  More joy, peace, contentment than I’ve known – ever.  Even with residual grieving as a constant companion  – more joy, peace and contentment.

A Prayer to Seek God First In All Things

Oh, great, true, one, only, living, holy, holy, holy God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – You care about the new beginning for Emmaus Baptist Church. Lord, You care for each man and woman who are Your living body in this church.  You make Your Sanctuary in our bodies to physically live inside us. You have a plan for each of us individually and all of us as a body.

The Word of God says “In the beginning, God”. Lord God, You are the start of all things. You are the beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega. You are the God of all things from the infinitesimally small to the infinitesimally large. From the atom to the whole of the universe. From numbering the hairs on our head, to naming each one of ten thousand billion stars, to knowing when a single sparrow falls. You are all knowing, all powerful, and all loving.

In Your unfailing lovingkindness You care about our every single thought, word, and deed. Your caring love poured out when Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Brothers and sisters, let’s pray together to seek God first in all things. Let us live lives of prayer without ceasing, so we constantly communicate with the Lord Jesus Christ before we decide, speak, or act.

Let us ask the Lord God without ceasing, “What is Your Will? What should I say? What should I do? How can I serve you? How can I worship You in praise and good works? How can I love others?

Please, Lord Jesus Christ, open our minds and hearts to seek You First and have You lead our lives in every aspect, every day, from rising to resting.

Oh, dear, wonderful, kind, loving, generous, faithful, courageous, good, holy Jesus please help us to seek God:

  • Seek God first: in our faith, our walk, our witness, our worship, our testimony, our fellowship, our service, our teaching, our preaching, our good works, our prayers, our agape love for others and
  • Seek God first: in our marriages, parenting our children, loving our grandchildren and all family, being sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, close kin and in all of our relationships, our philos, eros, and storge love, and
  • Seek God first: in our work, our retirement, our finances, our giving, our saving, our planning, our planting and harvesting and
  • Seek God first: in our health, our diet, our exercise, our medicine, our illness, our injury and suffering, our praise and joy in baptisms, marriages and births, our mourning and grieving, and our eventual death in this body and
  • Seek God first: to recover from every sin of our thought, word and deed, from our every falling and failing, from everything someone did to us and we did by thought or flesh in return, every slight we haven’t forgiven yet and all forgiveness due us, from our every accident or ill will felt, fear, anxiety, hurt, addiction, affliction, hardship and tragedy that carries the seeds of bitterness and
  • Seek God first: in our past times and pleasures, our hobbies, our sports, our earthly fancies, our entertainment and reading and
  • Seek God first: in our other communities as neighbors, citizens, voters, Bull Islanders and Move-Ins, Virginians, and Americans and
  • Seek God first: to know His Will for what each man and woman in Emmaus is to do and what we are to do as a body. Help us fight Satan when he arises against us – as he will. And, please Lord Jesus, help us do Your Will with a happy and grateful heart.

If we seek God first in all things, trust and obey – truly – we will be amazed at what God does with Emmaus and in each of us and for everyone we love.

We promise to seek God first in all things.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

With great gratitude,

James Atticus Bowden

May 30th, 2018


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