Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 17, 2017

Ed Gillespie, R for Governor of Virginia, on Confederate monuments

Coulda gone better

A real Virginia leader could just say, “Leave the monuments and names alone. Have a nice day.”

Many Republicans will drool over the Ed Gillipsie’s non-defense of Confederate monuments and names, etc.

His weak position is a step away from his opponent. So, Virginians who don’t want more  Totalitarian cultural cleansing have no champion in this race. If they stay home, Ed loses. Again.

Ed Gillespie describes his Democrat opponent position as, “My opponent now says that he believes decisions about historical statues are best made at the local level, but that they should be removed.”

Ed says, “I believe that decisions about historical statues are best made at the local level, but they should stay and be placed in historical context”

They both agree that decisions should be made at the local level despite the Code of Virginia saying localities can’t do that. They disagree on what localities should decide by degree. Ed says they can stay but adds the PC appeasement of changing them with “historical context.” That is no defense of historical monuments. Ed must know the Commie Blue localities will culturally cleanse everything Confederate they can find. He has no clue what PC cartoon the historical context may be. Ugh.

A defense of historical monuments should say, again, “Virginia’s monuments and names should be left alone. They should stay as they are, where they are.”

It’s a no brainer to list the sins of the past – slavery, segregation and racism – as part of Virginia history. Using the language of the Left about the wrong side of history is sloppy.

And, saying Virginia was “seeking to sustain the evil institution of slavery in the Civil War” is falling for the Liberal PC Presentism cartoonish view of the War. Wars are far more complex. It’s an insult to not know the reason why the Upper South seceded and be able to articulate it. It’s stupid to use the language of the Left.

Then, there is “they are weighing how to put them in proper historical context.” What utter BS. The plaques on the statues say what they are about. They don’t need PC Liberal Presentism interpretation.

This barf is pure PC Liberal Presentism – “Rather than glorifying their objects, the statues should be instructional. While ensuring that Confederate statues are not exalting them but educating about them, we should do more to elevate Virginia’s history in expanding freedom and equality by extolling the many Virginians who played critical roles in this regard.” Really?  How are Lee, Jackson and Confederate soldiers wrongly exalted? What education is needed? Who are the Virginians who need to be extolled for expanding freedom and equality?

He failed to mention what per cent of the Antifa rioters were from Virginia. Ed didn’t mention the other side rioting at all.

Ed punts the ball to localities to do the cultural cleansing. It’s okay with him. An alternative is to say all Virginians get to live with and learn about all of Virginia history for good and bad. Letting things be – live and let live – is real tolerance.

But, of course, that live and let live attitude is distinctly Southern.



  1. Ed seems pretty clear James, Here is a piece the matter that is still fresh..

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I plan on voting for Ed Gillipsie. However, like many other Conservatives I will do so without much enthusiasm. James Atticus Bowden’s post provides an example of why.

    Here is Gillipsie’s statement on the Confederate monuments issue:

    Here is how his statement begins.

    My opponent now says that he believes decisions about historical statues are best made at the local level, but that they should be removed. I believe that decisions about historical statues are best made at the local level, but they should stay and be placed in historical context.

    What Gillipsie says sounds reasonable, but give it a little thought. It is a joke.

    The historical context thing is a big problem. What it amounts to is allowing the elites to tell the rest of us what to think. Who needs that? There is no end to such nonsense.

    Consider. Everyone has their own opinion as to what caused the American Civil War. Why? Individual soldiers had their own motivations, not necessarily just one. So who is qualified to judge the matter? Politicians? Do we need the National Park Service to tell us what caused the Civil War? Well, thanks to Congress that’s what they think there job is, and that is what Congress wants them to do.


    Do you trust politicians to decide what we and our families should believe? Isn’t advertising is bad enough? How would you like a world filled with “historical context”, “educational context”, “politicial context”, “religious context”, and so forth instead? Aren’t we already headed that way?

    The National Park Service and the other folks who maintain the lands and the monuments we want to preserve have a difficult job. It is often a pain in the neck just to keep something in its natural state or in the state it was created. When we add a requirement for indoctrination in “correct” beliefs, that is about as useful as sticking half a dozen frightened skunks in a lecture hall. It does not solve anything; it just adds a ghastly stink.

    Instead of trying to please everyone, why can’t Gillipsie just stand for traditional American values? Unfortunately, when he tries to please everyone, he doesn’t. Fortunately for Gillipsie his opponent actually opposes traditional American values. Therefore, there is a good chance Gillipsie will win, but it won’t be a win for Virginia. It just won’t be as great a loss. So I will go to the polls and vote for him. He is not perfect, but he is much better than the other guy.

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