Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 18, 2017

Timing Is Everything

Many times the Bible talks about His timing and its perfection.

Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything – when it really matters – in love, war, comedy, crops, music, sports, politics, and you name it. “Timing is Everything” is one of my pat phrases. Ask my kids. It’s included with “This/Such is Life”, “Life is Short”, “Ça ne fait rien”, and “People are People” in my top ten clichés and French phrases that meme significant truths. I stumbled on God’s truths when I prepared my 30 year old vision piece.

I found a promise from 1997 was fulfilled in 2014. I had totally forgotten about it. The promise was in my prayer journal. The Lord told me, “I’ll take care of the details.”

Since I was 6 years old I wanted to live in The Valley (a.k.a. Shenandoah Valley) or the eastern slope of Virginia’s Blue Ridge where the Piedmont tumbles out before your eyes in broad vistas. After we moved to Tidewater Virginia, when I was 39, I fell in love with The Bay (a.k.a. Chesapeake Bay). My many business trips to NoVA and Maryland allowed me to check out every waterfront on the Virginia peninsulas that jut into The Bay.

My prayer journal started in 1994. I write very little in it. A few words may pass for a year and be written over a year after the event. Yet, it matters to me. It captures key stepping stones on the path of my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, in June 1997 I wrote, “Wanting and working for the house on the water.” Then, the response I got from the Lord was, “I’ll take care of the details.” It was a clear thought in my head. A year later I got to build the house my wife always wanted. Not on the water. I wrote, “No to house on water.”

In 2007 my wife refused to sign a contract for a house wrecked by Hurricane Isabelle on gorgeous water – and a setting in my novel, Rosetta 6.2 She wouldn’t say why. Who knew her “No” would serve His “wait for something better”?

In 2009 I went to a Christian men’s retreat. I gave up every desire of my heart. Really. I surrendered the expectation to see prayers answered in my lifetime to the most honest, best of my ability. Seriously – to the core of my being. Most of my prayers were for family member issues. I gave up seeing them resolved in my lifetime. I gave up seeing any of my aspirations and desires fulfilled. Living with great esthetics in the beauty of nature – on the water – was one of those desires. I asked the Lord God what He wanted me to do with my time here. “Please show me simply and clearly.”

In 2014 after my wife died, I found waterfront close to home had a huge drop in price. I bought it with the blessing of my adult children. It’s three doors down from the place we could have bought in 2007. It’s less than half the cost.

I named my home “Sanctuary” because it is.

Almost twenty years after I got the message, “I’ll take care of the details,” He did. Wow. His timing was to give it to me at the precise moment of overwhelming grief and sadness. Many hours on the dock, deck and looking out the windows have been a healing balm. Sanctuary is saturated in peace and joy.  It held my tears in confidence.  Sanctuary echoes the squeals of joy from my grandchildren. It makes visitors gasp. I live in a place of incredible, awesome, ever-changing, overwhelming beauty. Even the storms are beautiful in their power.

I say out loud every morning when I rise, “Thank You, Lord.” I confess how much I don’t deserve it and how sweet He is to a sinner like me to give me such a gift.

I’m still spinning from stumbling upon my prayer journal entry. I had forgotten. However faithful I’ve been about reading and writing for 30 years, the Lord Jesus Christ is more than faithful. Every promise in the Bible and every prayer is fulfilled. His word never returns empty.

Rainbows follow the storms.

Morning has broken -July 21, 2016. God makes all things new.

Amazing beauty

Let it rain. Rainbow follows.

Every day has its on constantly changing tapestry


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