Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 17, 2017

Obligatory St. Patrick’s Day Ode

What I wear on St Patrick’s day beneath my orange Univ of VA “Virginia” sweatshirt.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, 2017!

My great-grandmother Maley and others in our bloodline gave us our unique Irish heritage by stirring it well with others (Scottish, English, Welsh, and French Huguenot) as Southerners. We have no connections to the past that haven’t been strained through many generations of the American Experience.  We have no kin in the auld sod.

Still, fun stuff to know what happened in history and see how “Culture Commands”. The Scot-Irish sense of family, faith, freedom is alive today – and vibrant.

Fun fact: At the time of the Revolution the 13 colonies were 98-99% Protestant. The diversity of the day was the sects who warred so bitterly in the English Civil War united as Americans. And, American Catholics and Jews, as well, paid the blood tax. Scot-Irish were 15% of the population and 40% of the Army.

America is “My Country” to all Americans.  The intensity we many deplorables of Scot-Irish heritage apply to the words “My Country” has a history back to America’s foundation.  Ancestors not present at the creation doesn’t make anyone who believes in America less American.  Ancestors present at the creation doesn’t prevent way too many from betraying their American trust and heritage – as well as walking away from the one, only, true, living, triune God.  Just know how passionately loyal many of us Scot-Irish Americans remain about the ascending idea of “America.”

Born fighting for family, faith, freedom.

I’m more Scot by blood than Scot-Irish, but more Scot-Irish by culture (which commands!) than anything.  So, the “born fighting” moniker from James Webb should be – actually – family, family, family, faith, freedom!

Born Fighting for family, faith, freedom



  1. Here is a belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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