Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 15, 2017

My 30 Year Old Vision

My vision was personal, yet Aslan’s breath brings life to all kinds of visions

My 30 Year Old Vision

I’ve had one mystical, religious vision in my life. It happened 30 years ago, March 15th, 1987 on Range 214 at Grafenwoehr, Germany. Frequently, I believe the Creator of the entire Universe gives me messages in how I feel after I read, think, hear, see, or sense different things. That’s not a vanity, but shared reality for believing Christians. Occasionally, I have very specific words, appear as thoughts which seem to come from outside my mind to me. I had two dreams unlike all other dreams after my Father died and before my Mother died. But, I’ve only had one vision.

I’ve written the narrative of my vision many times – even put it in the foreword to Rosetta 6.2 – and told a number of people.

The short version begins when I saw my Father in a dream unlike any dream the night he died. He told me, without speaking, “I’m okay, I’m all right,” and shared his compassion for me. After that I prayed daily for 7 years for a clear sign of how we actually go to one space and time – Heaven – in this vast cosmos.

Then, in the space of a few seconds or minutes, not sure which, as I walked behind the range to the Quonset huts at sunset, the sky lit up – all pink – and a warm air blew through my ribs and filled me like a balloon. It was the best feeling of joy and peace I’ve ever had in my life. Ever. The thought “There is a warmth and a light on the other side,” reassured me in many ways beyond the simple words that our identities with memories go to another place. Then, I was shocked with the thought, “You will not command in peace or war. You will read and write.”

Commanding in the Army was the focus of my life. A few months later my beloved Army career was crushed like a bug. (Color commentary is best added in person.)

It’s 30 years later.

I was in recovery – that’s what my wife and I called it – working hard in a different unit for 2 years. Then, spent another frenetic year as an Army speech writer. I started writing after work in 1990 – novel published in 2007. Started op eds in 2001. Blog in 2005. Did a lot of reading. Still, I beat myself up for not pushing harder to read and write more. I’m keenly aware my time is running out.

The Ides of March is a demarcation line in my life. My one vision changed my life.

I never thought about death the same. I got a context for my most humiliating personal defeat. “His will, not mine” has an expressed purpose in my life. Later, it was easy to see why His wisdom prevailed over my ardent will. And, I feel like I got the tiniest taste of what it’s like to be near the Lord in Heaven. The good feeling of the warm wind was beyond my description.

A lot of living and some dying filled the 30 years. My task to read and write remains. It was woven in the fabric of my day job, my passions and purposeful works. His assurance about Heaven has helped me face my wife and sister’s passing as well as my recent ER visits with accepting peace. I’ll obey the compelling urgency to read and write.

If you have a question, ask the Lord. I got an answer that changed my life – in 7 years. Since every person has gifts – with absolutely no one beneath or incapable of serving, do you know your mission? Ask.

Graf. Old soldiers know it well.

Range 214 was Bradley range on far left of map.

In the 80s weapons were fired 364 days a year.



  1. Thank you. He does speak…. would love for you to check out my blog.

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