Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 11, 2016


Trump became Trumpenstein and he's alive - and President-elect.

Trump became Trumpenstein and he’s alive – and President-elect.

The Establishment Republicans in Congress created this ‘yuge’ political creature – Trumpenstein. They opposed him during the election and are sucking up to him now in public. But, they created him by betraying the voters who gave them the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. These career politicians didn’t do their duty and use their Constitutional powers. They were too cowardly to use the power of the purse, impeachment, approval of appointments and administrative oversight – with very few exceptions. The Establishment Republicans created such an anger and frustration that 13 million voted for a newly manufactured man, this Trumpenstein, in the Republican primaries. About 7 million voted for the Congressional standout exception – Ted Cruz.

I supported Cruz against Donald Trump – the candidate.

I was a hair’s breadth away from becoming a Never Trumper.  But then, I concluded that Trumpenstein isn’t Trump. Trumpenstein is the completely new creation running with the name ‘Trump’.

I believe the former Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States, but he won and will be President. I judge he lacks the character to be promoted to corporal in the Army. That irony for the Commander in Chief may transition into a good tale of growing into the job – at age 70. Or, it may go badly. We’ll see.

I find the fellow unfit based on his character – as I’ve seen from far away, his lack of principles and thoughtfulness about governance, politics, and history – as I’ve seen from his own words, his narcissism and childishness – as I’ve gathered from public behavior, and his track record of supporting, advocating and financing liberal ideas and liberals – as I glean from public records. He got multiple draft deferments during the Vietnam War. He shows no fruit of the spirit as a transformed Christian. And, I voted for him. The danger of the Clinton crime family getting such power was too much of a corrupting cancer threatening the Rule the Law.

On election morning, I thought Trump would lose by 2 per cent. I was so wrong. (Which might mean my misgivings will be proven wrong too). I was thrilled when Trumpenstein won!

Trump isn’t Conservative, Constitutional, or Republican. Yet, Trumpenstein, the candidate for Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Republicans, may well champion their causes.

I’m so glad and grateful that Trump as Trumpenstein won. Our Republic has a respite from the headlong, liberal lemming march over a cliff. Some things may actually be improved – like the economy. The majority of Americans can give a great sigh of relief. Even though the political fights will continue, the Great U.S. Culture War picks up the pace, the World War with Islamists wages on, and the epochal transformations of the Information Era accelerate.

Trump, the man, won a historically spectacular victory connecting with the anger, frustration and desire to improve surging through Americans abused by the Establishment Republicans, as well as attacked, scorned and hated by the Left. He beat the under-performing, wicked witch of the Democrat Establishment. Trump did great.

Trumpenstein was created from the entrepreneur and entertainer Donald Trump. President Trump owes the Establishment Republicans NOTHING. He may turn out wonderfully. I hope so. Our President Trump may accomplish much for America.

As a Conservative Christian, I’ll cheer him when I agree and hold him accountable when I quarrel. He and his family need a lot of prayer support in lovingkindness.

I’ve been thinking about this piece since early July. I’m thrilled it turned all turned out so well with Trumpenstein. I’m deeply grateful for his successful campaign. I’ve got profound relief and real hope. Trumpenstein isn’t a monster. I trust it goes much better with the villagers.



  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    As I see it Trump is something of an invention of the Democratic Party. So I don’t entirely agree with this post, but for the most part I do.

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