Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 29, 2016

Why Virginians Should Vote Cruz

The Establishment (R& D) hates and fears Cruz more than Trump.  I trust Ted.

The Establishment (R & D) hates and fears Cruz more than Trump. I trust Ted.

Tuesday, March 1st Virginians vote in the primary for President of the United States of America. Virginians should vote for Ted Cruz. I’ve been looking for the grassfire revolution to reclaim our government from The Establishment for a decade.  Cruz gets what’s wrong and what needs to be done.   Virginians, please vote for Cruz. I beg you, as an old man who has loved this God’s Country, our Commonwealth of Virginia, since I was a little boy.

  1. Restore the Constitution. Cruz will restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Nothing is more important than this for the survival of our Republic. He will undo all of Barry Soetero’s Executive Orders on Day One. Rubio would do much, but not all, the same. Trump has an entertainer’s understanding of the Constitution.
  2. Beat Hillary. Cruz will crush HRH Hillary the First in the swing states where the election is determined and the cheating must be overcome. Rubio might win, too. Trump will lose ‘yugely’.
  3. Repeal Obamacare. Cruz will repeal every word. He’ll establish individual Health Savings Accounts, interstate portability, and other reforms to increase supply and quality of medical services and cut costs. Trump will replace with another statist, Federal-socialized medicine and individual (anti-Constitutional) mandate.
  4. Fix Illegal Immigration. Cruz and Trump will build walls. Rubio will build a wall in some places. Trump, somehow, says he will deport and re-admit 11 million people. Rubio will revert to the Amnesty he supported in the Gang of 8 bill. Cruz will start by deporting the illegal aliens with criminal records. Let’s see if that takes 8 years to determine who gets deported next.
  5. Rebuild the Economy. Cruz’s flat tax will make the economy so great, it will make the Reagan boom and Kennedy tax cuts look weak. Millions more jobs. Trillions more in tax revenue. Restore the freedom of opportunity. Rubio and Trump tinker with the Marxist graduated income tax and will get weaker results based on crony capitalism.
  6. Rebuild the Military. Everyone one says they will re-build, fight ISIS, and lead again.  I’d have to see who the senior military advisors are to evaluate how well they will. I’d trust Cruz or Rubio to deal with the bad guys who wish us harm.
  7. Protect Life. Cruz will open investigations on Planned Parenthood for trafficking in baby parts. Rubio might do something similar. Trump is still saying the abortion industry provides women’s health services. Trump’s tax returns will show how much he gives to Planned Parenthood.
  8. Reduce Government Spending. Cruz will eliminate whole Federal departments doing things not provided by the Constitution. He will stop Common Core. Not sure Rubio would actually eliminate the departments. Trump will do what is politically expedient and beneficial to the crony capitalism that counts – His.
  9. Change the Supreme Court. Cruz clerked there. He will nominate strict construction judges and change the lower courts with his appointments. Rubio will compromise to look good. Trump might nominate his sister, a serving judge he said who would be great, or another pro-abortion Liberal and tip the balance as badly as Hillary would.  The wrong appointments – from Hillary beating Trump or Trump himself will destroy our freedoms.
  10. Trust Character. Character counts. Especially in the White House. All candidates are flawed men. Cruz is the consistent, courageous, Constitutional Conservative. Rubio betrayed his voters by supporting Amnesty. No one can make the Conservative or Christian case for Trump – merely a political one leaning on thin reeds. No one can make the moral character case for this draft dodger, unrepentant serial adulterer, braggart, boorish, rich bully with a proud and haughty look. We can trust Ted that his “Yes” means Yes and his “No” means No.

    Please restore the Constitution, our liberty and freedoms, and our opportunities with Ted Cruz. Vote Cruz!  Our Commonwealth produced the ideas of our Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. We produced heroes that made our freedom happen from the very start of America at Jamestown to today. Our heritage is our guidance.

The best candidate since Reagan.

The best candidate since Reagan.



  1. Be there to vote Cruz in the morning

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