Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 26, 2016

Conservative and Christian Judas Goats for Trump

Judas goats lead sheep to the slaughter

Judas goats lead sheep to the slaughter

I know I’m calling out evil before the primaries finish, but it’s needed.

Every Conservative leader and Christian leader who endorses Donald Trump is a Judas goat.  The Christian pastors, heads of universities and professedly Christian organizations are charged by the Lord Jesus Christ to feed his lambs, care for his sheep, feed his sheep.  Supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States of America is leading his sheep to the slaughter – just like a Judas goat does.

The slaughter comes after HRH Hillary the First or whoever the Communists nominate as the Democrat candidate soundly beats Trump in the general election.  The change the Liberals will make in the Supreme Court means the Constitution will be shredded more than it already has.  And, since bullies always overplay their hand, the PC Totalitarians will try to crush Christians.  Don’t think so?  Preach that homosexuality is a Biblical sin in Canada or Western Europe and see what happens.  Speak against Islam and see what happens.

Or, let’s pretend Trump wins the election.  He will likely appoint the same dangerous Liberals to the Court.  He may not persecute Christians like the Liberal Puritans, but he will do serious damage to America.    He will do nothing to restore the Rule of Law and restore the Constitution.  Trump will try to bully and rule like Barry Soetero.  He is a wannabe Mussolini II, but isn’t as good an actor.

Fundamentally, Trump is a man of low or no character.  Character counts in the White House.  It matters in the great decisions that befall the most powerful man on temporal earth.   The Caesars never dreamed of having such power.   Yet, Christian leaders can’t use the spiritual gift of discernment to see what is wrong with Trump?  What is wrong with their vision – and the eyes of their heart?

Why would a Christian or Conservative leader ever chose Trump over Cruz?  What is their testimony – couched in their Christian or Conservative values – that leads them to Trump? If they say Trump has evolved from his pro-partial birth abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, unrepentant serial adultery, cowardly draft dodging, etc. – not to forget his proud and haughty look, his abounding personal pride and bragging, childish petulant personal attacks, etc. – chapter and verse litany of who not to endorse for any office ever, then they have been played as fools.

The Conservative and Christian leaders for Trump are as blindly hypocritical as the leaders of the Temple who condemned Christ.  They are as cynical as the leaders who led the crowd to shout for Barabas because of their anger against Rome was greater than their concern for condemning an innocent man.  They are as untrustworthy as the actual Judas who sold out for 30 pieces of silver.

It was fun to watch Trump mock the media last Summer.  I share Trump’s voters’ anger and contempt for The Establishment – Republican and Democrat.  But, now that voting has begun, it is too serious a time to nominate a carnival barker, a con man, an entertainer, and a rich man who couldn’t get through the eye of the needle. It is shameful for every Conservative and Christian person in any position of authority.

May God bless America and save us from such Judas goats among us, from the likes of Judas himself.  At least we know who you are.  I won’t forget – to my dying day.  You have lost my respect.

I wish I could be 30 years younger to fight for America to return to the Rule of Law and restore the Constitution.  To restore the Judeo-Christian culture to the states who want to be a safe place for Christians and Jews.

Christians who support Trump are like Judas himself.  They betray truth for coins of the realm.

Christians who support Trump are like Judas himself. They betray truth for coins of the realm.

Trump would be like Mussolini II.  Probably not as tough and a bigger bully.

Trump would be like Mussolini II. Probably not as tough and a bigger bully.



  1. I agree. Ill be at the polls Tuesday

  2. Completely sure with you, good post.

  3. Meant, “completely agree.” Darn auto type…

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