Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 22, 2016

Evangelicals for Trump?

Christians are not supposed to be stumbling stones to weaker Christians and others.

Christians are not supposed to be stumbling stones to weaker Christians and others.

“Evangelicals for Trump” is like “Christians for the Lions or Gladiators”. It makes a loud clashing sound when you say it. It’s shocking. But it’s real – at least for Trump in South Carolina. In fact, it may be more like Ethiopians for Mussolini – the big man most like Trump. Yet, I think I know why so many Evangelicals voted for Trump. It’s the anger.

Anger trumps reason. Emotion overrides intellect in voting – always. The rage against Republicans, The Establishment (R and D), and the absence of a public presence on so many issues – made Trump the champion for millions of voiceless Americans. Including millions of Evangelicals. I get the rage. I feel its burning. But, Evangelicals shouldn’t let rage become blind rage.

Yes, I understand how much you hate the “Romans”. Hold true, righteous anger. But, it’s wrong to be in a mob screaming insanely to free Barabbas – so he might kill more Romans, when a better man stands ready to serve.

No, Cruz isn’t Jesus. But, Cruz will restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Trump will only be liberal, democrat, New York, showbiz Trump. Which is precisely why Evangelicals for Trump sounds so discordant.

Republicans for Trump doesn’t read rightly. What is Republican about Trump?

Conservatives for Trump. Or, Constitutionalists for Trump is wrong. What is Conservative or Constitutionalist about Trump?

Evangelicals for Trump begs – what is Evangelical about Trump? Seriously. Evangelicals believe in the Bible. Biblical wisdom should apply in all cases, so make one fit for Trump.

Put partial-birth abortion, Trump and Christian together in a sentence. Compose one that works. Trump supported partial-birth abortion. He still wants federal funding of Planned Parenthood – the abortion killing ground to harvest and sell baby parts.

Trump is a draft dodger. A moral coward. Peter was too, but Peter was ashamed.

Trump is a serial adulterer. David committed adultery, but David was broken-hearted in Psalm 51.

Trump’s attempted eviction of a widow isn’t “plead the case of the widow.” (Is 2:17)

Trump doesn’t tithe from his wealth.

Furthermore, “The Lord detests all the proud of heart.” (Prov 16:5)

“The proud and arrogant man – the “Mocker” is his name, he behaves with overweening pride.” (Prov 21:24)

“There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him.” (Prov 6:16) Including “haughty eyes”, “lying tongue”, “a heart that devises schemes”, and “a man who stirs up dissension among brothers”.

So, what is the Evangelical case for Trump?

There isn’t one. There’s just the blind rage.

All the Evangelical Christian leaders seeking Trump’s money or favor – like Falwell at Liberty University – need to be mindful. “Be careful, however, that your exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block for the weak.” (1 Cor 8:9 – First, not “One”, Corinthians!)

I beg Evangelicals-for-Trump to read The Word and let the scales fall from their eyes. If not, make the case for Trump from an Evangelical perspective. Much as you make the case for partial birth abortion from an Evangelical perspective – since Trump supported it.

Cruz will do far more, better, faster to support every issue Republicans, Conservatives and Evangelicals care about than Trump. He knows what to do, when and how. Trump barks, but Cruz has a bite.   Trump talks about fighting, but Cruz has fought and won while out-numbered. The Establishment hates Cruz – and fears him – far, far more than they care about the deal-making Donald. Don’t be an Evangelical for Trump, be an Evangelical to triumph with Cruz.




  1. Jim: I share your opinion of Trump and recoil in horror for our country.

    A couple of points:
    1. Far too many evangelicals today are nominal. It is a poor political predictor now. I lay a good deal of blame upon our many, far too silent pulpits.

    2. As you and I have discussed before, I fear that you still don’t realize how much our country has changed. Like the post-Battle of the Bulge OKW, You seem like a frustrated Keitel still moving around Army Group tokens, that no longer represent full units, on the battle map. Look, we aren’t going to pull this one out. When we have lost even the Christians, we have long since lost the country.

    3. Trump or Hillary are the most likely to be elected. They actually reflect the majority, not us. We aren’t in Mayberry anymore. The majority is closer to Jerry Springer than Andy Griffith. The majority elected Obama TWICE! We really lost it years ago. Wait until you see the “Roland Freisler” the progressives will nominate for the Supreme Court.

    4. If Sanders doesn’t make it this time, “he” or another socialist will next time. The millennials are fully onboard and no longer value their liberty over their comfort.

    4. Cruz is the candidate that I have supported all along in this cycle. I will vote for him next Tuesday, but fear he won’t even win Virginia. Come November, I will likely vote Constitution party or if they have no decent candidate, I’ll write you in. Either way it won’t affect the already determined outcome and unlike the last presidential election where I voted for Romney, I will be able to look myself in the mirror afterwards.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He is most certainly not a Social Conservative.

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