Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 7, 2016

Another Transition

Life imitating art. Welcoming the new family to their home.

Life imitating art. Welcoming the family to their new home – It’s a Wonderful Life.

I said good-bye to our old home, the house I built for Nellie, on Friday.  I had moved out on Valentine’s Day 2014, right before Nellie Katherine’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery to the place on The Bay – I call Sanctuary.  I thought the house would sell in 3 months.  It sat empty for 2 years.  The new family took possession and we close the sale next week.

On the spur of the moment or the suggestion of the Holy Spirit, I wrote the new folks a note.

The legacy of this home.

The legacy of this home.

May God Bless all who make this house their home.

May God Bless all who make this house their home.

Then, in another flash, I decided to let life imitate art.  I welcomed the family with bread, salt and wine – like It’s a Wonderful Life.

The new folks are leaving New York, Long Island – and I know how to say “LawnGUYland” from living 7 years near enough up the Hudson – for a better life in God’s Country, the Commonwealth of Virginia – the South.  They have a marvelous Italian name with multiple syllables and many vowels.  Former Marine and cop with wife, bringing two school aged kids to a quiet, good small town.  Happy for them.

Sad, yet reconciled to the reality of necessary transitions, for me.  I walked through the house several times.  Every room.  I wept loudly.  Thanked God and Nellie a lot.  Said, “Goodbye.”  On another spur, took a final picture of each room bathed in a last winter day’s light.

Someday, my kids will do the same for me at this new home that I call Sanctuary.  They’ll say good bye to Daddy and the old Papa to their kids.  It’s the way of the world.  It’s how our People live – our Southern Clan ways as best I know them.

We live life – as it is.  We turn our heads to face into the wind for every storm.  We stand on the Rock of our Savior – Lord Jesus Christ.  We read our Bible and believe.  Our tears aren’t a lack of courage, but an abundance of passion.  We work to provide.  We never quit.  Never.  We like to laugh.  We love a lot.  Family first – family, family, family – and then outward from adopted kin to church and community to strangers when we should.

So, we, as my kids agree, welcomed the strangers to us – to our old home, the Home Nellie Made, to make it their own.  May they seek the Lord always and know Him, worship Him and love Him well.

Welcome home, Imbasciani Family.

Welcome home, Imbasciani Family.




  1. Simply beautiful.

  2. Very heart touching and a wonderful tribute to your wife, as well as bringing glory to the LORD! Praying many blessings for you and your loved ones. 🙂

  3. May u and tour family have fair seas and following winds,,,,,Jan

  4. All I can add to it is AMEN. And now to wipe away my tears.

  5. Your Katherine was a beautiful, wonderful woman. Everyone who knew her thought so much of her. It must have been difficult for you to leave this house, the house that you and Katherine made a home. You have been the receiver of many blessings from the Lord and I know He will continue to bless you.

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