Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 22, 2016

A Trumpian Folly and Fallacy or The Money Man is the Music Man

Donald Trump exploits the trouble in River City

Donald Trump exploits the trouble in River City

Donald Trump knows there’s trouble, right here in River City.  Trouble with a capital “T” and it rhymes with “P” and it stands for Party.  That’s the Republican Party, folks.  The Republican Party and its politicians, Establishment, RINOs, Insiders and everyone else who failed to fight against President Barry Soetero, the Democrats, Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Academics hell bent on radically transforming America.  Trump captures the outrage, and more importantly, the disgust in those who didn’t do their duty to defend America and our way of life.

Trump’s power and potential rides a wave of passion like every good movement or revolution.  Yet, his leadership is more of the Music Man huckster, than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington virtue.  Meanwhile, his unmatched outspokenness is such a clear beacon to many, that any criticism of Trump is met with scorn.  His followers, “Trumpians”, respond with bitter, personal, vindictive accusations.  How unfortunate.

The Trumpian response is fueled by their contempt for the status quo.  Any criticism of Trump equals support of the same ‘stuff’.   Even if it is merely an unfavorable comparison with the other revolutionary pariah, Ted Cruz.  Such exclusive loyalty to Donald Trump is folly.

Granted, Trumpians have taken the true measure of their real opponents racing for the Republican nomination.  The Republican Establishment – for the lack of a universally-accepted label – mocks Trumpian and Cruz supporters in the preening arrogance of their superior, political pragmatism.   The political class fails to recognize, let alone concede, their feckless, impotent, fawning cowardice.  Or, their incompetent and traitorous failure to do their duty in Congress.  Their abject fealty is to politics as just business – in the business of power and money, money and power.

So, it’s the height of folly to bash Cruz and his cohort – who are the foundational and intellectual allies of Trumpians.

The fallacy is to put so much trust in Trump.

Trump isn’t a bad fellow as far as extreme narcissists go.  He actually may mean everything he says when he says it – today.  He may not mean it, remember it, or stick with it – tomorrow.  The liberal, progressive, pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-socialized medicine, illegal alien amnesty positions Trump held a few years ago – and funded with millions of dollars to our detriment weren’t dropped because he had a conversion to Conservative ideas.   His positions changed based on opportunity.

Trump is posturing his positions.  Trump doesn’t have our principles.  He has never been encumbered by a Conservative principle as an anchor.  Or, values as a moral plumb line.  The single, life long principle of Trump is self-promotion.

Politics is a business – with severe consequences for your family, faith and freedom.  It’s also show business for people less than Hollywood beautiful.  Just as the Music Man hustled the folks in River City, Trump is acting in a new reality TV show.  His reality TV show was great practice for running for President.  Trump has a huge audience emotionally entrusted in himself.  Trump is a character, but not a man of great and good character.

Trump’s petty, childish and Alinskyite personal attacks on Cruz are equal to the R Establishment, and even the Dems, on their despicable days.  Yet, what Trump barks in bully and bombast should be compared to what Cruz has shown in courage and consistency.  The political enemies of the Trumpians themselves hate and fear Ted Cruz more than they worry about Trump.

While Trump and Cruz share many critics, when Thomas Sowell speaks, only fools fail to listen.  Thomas Sowell and other good men and women, who share Trump’s currently stated political objectives, don’t put their trust in Trump.

A Music Man with too much power can produce deadly mischief.

Huge crowds don't mean good and right  things are coming

Huge crowds don’t mean good and right things are coming

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who can defeat HRH Hillary the First.  He isn’t the only one who can turn America around.  He just says he is.


Pride goeth before the fall.

Pride goeth before the fall.




  1. #DonaldJTrump ………….. for tearing up NAFTA ………. ending the ‘North American Union” scheme that Ted Cruz has so voraciously been working on ~~~~~~ the WALL ~~~~~ …. and restoring America’s economic ‘free’ market structure for Americans.

    • Trump could build the wall for Cruz. Cruz can restore the Constitution. Much better for America to have Cruz win.

  2. Jim… I fully agree with your perspectives on Trump, Cruz and the establishment Republicans who despise them. Trump, because he leads the pack while ignoring the rules… and Cruz because he’s hot on Trump’s heels and doesn’t play by the rules. As you said in so many words, we conservatives have been betrayed by the Republican party. Only through divine intervention will our Constitutional Republic be saved.

  3. Thanks Tom. I agree that there is divine intervention in the affairs of man – and it takes humans to be the body, arms and legs of most interventions. I think Cruz is the guy who can do the most good.

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