Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 7, 2015

The Next King Phillip’s War

Radical Indians practicing a, distorted, extreme Paganism attack.

Radical Indians practicing a, distorted, extreme Paganism attack.

The King Philip’s War (1675-1676) was the bloodiest war – per capita – in America. Twice as many casualties as a portion of the population than our American Civil War (a.k.a. The Recent Unpleasantness)! Seven times more bloody that WW II – FYI – for all “Greatest Generation” fans. Consider what happened and could happen again.

The pagan Indian tribes of New England were at peace with the English colonists for many years. The Indian tribes had historic conflicts, like the Sunni and Shia Muslims do, with each other. The Wampanoag tribe hated their traditional enemies, the Pequot, Narragansett, and the Mohegan and vice versa. A number of Indians had converted to Christianity, lived in English-style towns and were called Praying Indians.

The Indian tribes were Neolithic Pagans.  They were at least 2000 years behind Western Civilization – the English colonists.  They sold their land to buy the advanced goods of the West.  Islam is a Totalitarian Ideology and identity, which includes a barbarian religion, and is 800 years behind Western and American Civilization.

The death of John Sassamon started the awful war. Sassamon was an Indian, and Harvard graduate, who converted to Christianity. His “Indianophobic” Christian speech against their ancient pagan religion and culture – and warning the English of plots to attack – provoked his death. Since his murder was “wood (actually frozen pond) place violence” not terrorism, three Wampanoag warriors were tried in a criminal trial, where Indian elders were on the jury. The perps were found guilty and hung. That, and possibly other discriminatory actions, “radicalized” Chief Metacom – a.k.a King Philip.

The radicalized King Philip led the formerly moderate Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Pocumtuck (or Podunk), Nashaway and Narragansett tribes against the English and good, moderate Mohegan, Pequot, Massachusetts, Nauset Indian tribes.  Some Praying Indians, Christians, supported the English and some reverted to the perversion of their honorable pagan religion. Like the Middle East, where shifting alliances among Shia and Sunni Muslims and minorities like Muslim Kurds, Christians and others are common. The radical, “extremist” Indians – using their interpretation of their ancient pagan religion – attacked to murder, rape, and burn. Twelve frontier towns were destroyed.

Crime - terrorism - or war? When war comes, the people know.

Crime – terrorism – or war? When war comes, the people know.

The radical Indians used the tactical armor and assault weapons of the day to commit mass “gun and hatchet” violence. A few years earlier, the English had forced the Wampanoags the give up their guns– a form of early gun laws – but, like Muslim terrorists, they had the weapons they wanted. (Burning wagons instead of home-made pipe bombs, though).

Gun control didn't stop the extremists then.

Gun control didn’t stop the extremists then.

Old people, women and children were murdered by both sides. Both sides destroyed food stocks, production and animals to starve the other through the harsh New England winter.

While Christian and moderate Pagan Indians fought alongside the English, the English never felt compelled to praise Paganism, attend Pagan rites, stop proselytizing Christianity, or stop trying to civilize the Indians. It’s odd to imagine olde New England without Political Correctness.

The olde English custom of dismemberment and sending the body parts of the realm were in effect.

The olde English custom of dismemberment and sending the body parts to the corners of the realm were in effect.

The Indians lost. When some Indians pleaded with the mighty Mohawks, their old enemies, to not be exclusive, celebrate Indian diversity and fight to help them create safe spaces to be Indian, the Mohawks laughed in their faces and told them to die. How could the Mohawks have done such – unless they wanted to exercise something like “White Privilege” against their fellow persons of color?

Bloodiest war ever - between neighbors - in American history.

Bloodiest war ever – between neighbors – in American history.

One out of ten military-age Englishmen were dead. Every family in New England suffered a loss. The threat of radical, extreme Indian attacks in New England was over.

The next King Philip’s War in America could involve moderates of one culture and religion becoming “radicalized”, or just reverting to their actual, old teachings. It could include moderates of the same barbarian culture supporting the civilized, English-speaking culture and fighting as allies – serving as citizens. It could involve an enemy, like ISIS, Al Queda, or any branch office of Islamism instigating the murderous rampage, like King Philip did, to make sure all the moderates have to choose one side or the other. It’s what happens in wars.

A second King Philip’s War could lead to an eradication of any future threat of this type in the U.S. The violence and attacks against innocent people of both cultures could be awful.

A dangerous and distorted view of paganism wasn’t the problem, really, in the first King Philip’s War. “Radical” Islam won’t be the problem if there is a second such war. Gun control didn’t work then and won’t work now.

Let’s hope more of today’s barbarians come to be Praying Christians – and stay such – and prevent a Second King Philip’s War.  God Bless John Sassamon.



  1. The people of New England had turned away from God, and God removed His hand of protection, allowing the bad Indians to do what they already wanted to do. Thankfully, the resulting calamity caused the backslidden Christians to repent and turn back to God, which also gave them victory in the war.

    • That could be one interpretation. My point was to compare and contrast the past with the present and mock the current perspective about so-called radical, extreme, perverted Islam.

      • I did get your point, and I added not a perspective, but a fact. Thanks.

  2. […] are the stakes? To help us appreciate what a full blown clash of cultures looks like, in the The Next King Phillip’s War James Atticus Bowden takes us back to 17th century […]

  3. A similar modern day comparison is like what my mom went through. She and her parents lived in East Prussia, Germany and as the Russians came in at the end of WWII, they did the same as the Indians did in Massachusetts, raping, killing burning things down and torturing. This can happen in any age when uncivilized people get control. Its no different if they are Russians, Africans or Muslims, Uncivilized people are capable of such mayhem and death. We must learn from the past. History can repeat itself. And we must prepare and be ready for anything. That’s why our forefathers who went through such turmoil gave us the 2nd Amendment. At an age where political correctness is trying to remove our History from schools, and not teaching civics in High School, we must take the effort to learn all this ourselves, and teach it to our kids and be Men and Women of Christian demeanor and may God give us our strength and fortitude to overcome anything!!

  4. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan author, wrote that the task of Civilization is to civilize each generation of barbarians. Every person has the capacity for evil. I’ve read about what the Russians did in WW II. And what the Germans did, as well. My piece is a bit to mock the political correctness of the Left – who suck up to Islam. Comparing Islamists to Indians in our most brutal war- per capita – is the point. Thank you for reading.

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