Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 23, 2015

Heavy Weight of Truth on Hillary

The Goddess of Justice, the Roman Justitia and Greek Themis, holds the balance scales for truth.

The Goddess of Justice, the Roman Justitia and Greek Themis, holds the balance scales for truth.  The Goddess of Justice became the symbol for our Lady Justice.

A single truth came out of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony and performance.  She, who would be Her Royal Highness Hillary I (HRH I), lied to the families of four dead Americans about why the men died.  She lied at their caskets.  She lied when their families first saw them as dead in boxes.  She knowingly, willfully lied.  She’s never apologized to the families for lying.  She’s never repented in public.

Americans can forget everything else about Hillary and Benghazi, if they remember her lie.  That’s what every American of every political stripe, persuasion and posture should never forget.  One truth came out about Hillary – her lie to the families of the dead.  That is the truth that matters.

There is truth – objective truth – at the essence of everything and everyone.  There can be more than one truth, like the many faces on a diamond, but there is only one diamond.  There aren’t competing, conflicting truths.  There aren’t versions of the truth.  Only pure, cleansing light is reflected by the diamond.  When we see the light, we see the truth.

The truth will out.

The truth may not triumph in the affairs of men and women, but it emerges.  Sooner or later.  Hillary will be elected HRH I if there is enough cheating in the swing state voting in 2016.  But, never forget her truth.  Never let others forget what she did.

It should matter to every American that a person who would be President – lied to families about why their sons died.  Lied to their grieving faces.

When Lady Justice holds the balance scales, the precise, accurate measure to weigh words is ‘truth’.

The truth is a heavy weight on Hillary.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has been weighed in the balance.  She is found wanting.

Hillary’s lie is despicable.  Her disgusting lie is the objective truth about who she is in her essence.

If Hillary will lie to people about why their loved ones died – right beside the caskets and in the moment of great grief and awful pain to their faces – what else will she lie about to any and all of us?

Every American should know the single truth about Hillary – what, when, where and to whom Hillary lied arrogantly.  Then, Lady Justice will weigh America in the balance – by what a horrendous, terrible lie means to us.

HRH I tires of the peasants' questions.

HRH I tires of the peasants’ questions.



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