Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 11, 2015

9-11 in 2015

How surprising for the suddenly informed and how unfortunate for those who insist on not learning about Islam.

How surprising for the suddenly informed and how unfortunate for those who insist on not learning about Islam.

The Muslim attacks on 9-11-01 weren’t a surprise to me.  The attack by Muslims and the means – hijacked commercial airliners – were predicted in the Army After Next Wargames in the 90s.  The date was the only new news.  The commentary in the Wargames was that such attacks were likely from 2005 on.  They attacked earlier than expected.  The huge, gigantic surprise for me was the appalling ignorance of most Americans about Islam – and the mental and moral acrobatics of the US Government – from the President down – and Establishment to not name Islam as the reason.

Ignorance is no excuse for adults.  As a child in the 1950s, I knew when I watched Robin Hood that the good king, Richard the Lion-Hearted, was away fighting the Muslims in the Crusades.  I knew the good guys and bad guys as a child.  It takes a willful, purposeful ignorance not know Islam has been the enemy of Western Civilization since Mohammed’s first genocidal massacre.

It gets even harder, and worse, to maintain and build on such ignorance after 14 years of evidence – and plenty of time to read history.

It becomes dangerous when the truth, about Muslim culture, religion and history, is labeled as bigotry, racism, and hatred.  It’s sinister to make the truth censored, ‘verboten’, in public.

Yet, the truth will out.

I’m shocked that it’s taken so long to get so little truth out about Islam.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology and identity which includes a backward religion.  The barbarian cult of the Koran was a bloody fit for the 7th Century and unreformed since the 13th Century.  Consequently, Islamic culture – and its tribes, countries and civilizations – are at least 800 years behind Western Civilization.  (The barbarian Visigoths who sacked Rome were only 600 years behind Roman Civilization.)

Individual Muslims, like individual Nazis and Communists, might be lovely people.  Good family folks.  Especially, the more Westernized the Muslim, the more pleasant the person.  One person, or a few, don’t make a people or a population.  Unfortunately, the more Muslims together as per cent of the population, the bigger the problem.

And, the problem is Islam.

Islam is the unity of state and mosque.  Government and religion are one under Sharia law.

Any American who supports Sharia law in the U.S. is a domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, because Islam is a monster ideology with a puppet religion, the religion should be not be afforded Constitutional protections.  For example, the polygamy of 4 wives per man shouldn’t be protected as the free exercise of religion.  In the 19th Century a confident Judeo-Christian American Congress and President didn’t grant Mormons religious freedom for polygamy.

Nor, did the U.S. Government ever say the problem with Indian massacres was the radical Indians who hijacked their ancient pagan religion.  They never said native Paganism was the religion of peace.

The Indian Wars, 1608-1890, are a rough analogy to the long, long World War against Islamists.  The U.S. Army used Indian allies to fight Indians – and every tribe was different.  It was a very long series of unique campaigns.

Whether the current war began in 627 AD with the genocide of Jewish tribe, in all the Muslim wars that followed, against the Barbary pirates or in the 1920s with Muslim brotherhood, in 1947 in Israel, 1968 in Munich, 1979 in Iran, 1991 with Gulf War I or 9-11-01, the war is based on Muslims following the Koran- as it’s written.   The war will last as long as people believe the Koran.

Running away from the Muslim countries won’t avoid war.  Muslim immigrants to the West who don’t become Christians or secular hedonists bring conflict – and, inevitably, their war.

Obviously, not all Muslims are on jihad.  If it’s only 10 per cent – and pretend 90 per cent of Muslims are all docile, peaceful persons, then the problem is the 10 per cent – or mere 140 million Muslims today – will be on jihad in every year of every generation.  Jihad continues until Muslims change their beliefs or are incapable of fighting.

How many more attacks in America will it take until Congress passes laws on Islam like it did on Communism?

The key distinction between Islam and Communism as threats is the eagerness of some Muslims to use nuclear weapons against Israel and the West.  This makes the current Iranian non-treaty treaty worse.

The Republicans, like Sen. Corker of Tennessee, and all the Democrats who enable Iran to build nuclear weapons have done worse than appeasing Hitler before WW II.

As long as the U.S. fails to put together the coalition for a punitive campaign to destroy ISIS, there will be a refugee crisis, war crimes and Christian persecution.

The military age male refugees pouring across European borders will include many recruits for more war.

I hope it doesn’t take another 14 years for most Americans to lose their monumental, tragically and fatally flawed ignorance of Islam.


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