Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 9, 2015

Should the South Awaken

The US Government paid for this monument to Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.

The US Government authorized this monument to Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.

The US Congress voted to ban Confederate flags on Confederate graves on Federal land.  Even though earlier Congresses declared Confederate soldiers as American veterans.  Congress even authorized a Confederate monument in Arlington Cemetery.

The cultural cleansing of the Confederate battle flag is a Princess Di moment of mass hysteria.  It’s fueled by decades of ignorance, bias – actually, real hatred, and indoctrination by the Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Liberal Human Secularist Totalitarians.  It’ll get worse before it gets better – when we win.

These zealots share what passes for ideas with the Democrat Party, Media, Hollywood, Academia – from K thru Higher Ed, most of Government and large Corporations.  They are the other side in the Great U.S. Culture War.  They inherited the witch-burning, dissident-banning, slave ship-owning, abolitionist race war-baiting culture of absolutism…Puritan Yankees, which got worse when they gave up God, to become the PC Puritan Liberals.

They hate the Cross of St Andrew because the people who love it are the only thing standing in their way of creating a Progressive, socialist paradise.   They hate the Cross of Jesus more than they hate the Cross of St. Andrew.  They know the people who love the old red flag with one cross worship at the foot of the other – and, worse, read the Bible, believe it and try to live it.  People who try to live to the written words of the Bible expect government to live under the written rules of constitutions and laws.  Not make them up, rule as they please, in all three branches of government at all levels of government.  So, they hate the South.  They have to culturally cleanse the South from being Southern.  But, they’ll fail.

We have the Bible – the Word on our side.  We have the Truth on our side.  We have history on our side.  We have the heritage of courage, honor and fidelity on our side.  We have the blood of our ancestors – and for some who are Southern by choice, a shared family closer than some kin.

The extreme words spoken against the South and Southerners are inversely proportional to the actual threat Southern manhood is to the speaker.  Or, even our Southern womanhood.

In coming years if Southerners go to these National cemeteries to put Confederate battle flags on graves on Confederate Memorial Day and national Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veteran’s Day, they could be arrested for a misdemeanor.

When 10 people are arrested, it’ll make the news.

When 1o,ooo people come to be arrested, the politicians will pay attention.

Before a million people show up, and all can’t be arrested, it will change.

Wake up SCV and UDC.  Lead, or someone else must.

Who is willing to be arrested for a misdemeanor – for honoring veterans’ graves?


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