Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 28, 2015

Dark Days, Great Opportunity

To be him again for the coming fight.  34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer.  (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

To be him again for the coming fight. 34 year old Airborne, Ranger, Infantry Officer. (Pictured next to my Mother and 2 of 3 kids)

A rogue majority of the Supreme Court has crossed the Rubicon.

These are dark days for the Republic – these United States of America.  Darker days are coming.  Then, we win.

What a great time to be alive!  To be able to work to save America, our Republic, while honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.  To fight for faith, family and freedom unto victory.

This is a unique chance for Christians in America to witness Jesus to others.  To be persecuted.  Perhaps, to be martyred.

I told my old men’s (mostly 70s and 80s) Sunday School class that I wish I was 30 years younger (the guy mugging his wife in the photo above) to be in the fight longer.  I regret that I’m at this end of life on earth.  But, I’m so up for this fight.

We get to make America, or at least the South, a place where it’s safe to be a practicing Christian or Jew – for generations.

We get to protect marriage and the family for millions of future Americans.  Children will be blessed with a mother and father.  The Nation will be healthier and stronger.

We get to restore the Rule of Law – under our Constitutions as written.

We get to return the Federal government to its limited powers.

We get to return the States to their plenary powers.  For the multi-state laboratories for democracy.

We get to preserve the great heritage and history of America – and especially the South – for the best parts of the past to be carried into the future.

We get to protect our borders and regulate a healthy, legal immigration of new Americans by choice.

We get to turn back Sharia and all foreign law from our Land.

We get to love our enemies as they hate us.

We get to follow the Word of God from the Holy Bible when it conflicts with the laws of men – with peaceful civil disobedience.

We get to lead Allies to destroy the enemies of Western Civilization whenever they emerge from their snake pits.

We will win.

Yes, there will be many challenges.  Darker days lie ahead.  Awful things may happen if physical violence is unleashed.  Do not let slip the dogs of war here – from our side.  No.

We have a legacy – from the Roman persecutions – especially Diocletian’s, to barbarians and hordes from the East, to the many Muslim invasions, to the horrors of Catholic-Protestant-Orthodox wars, to continued persecutions based on Christian beliefs, survival on our frontiers, to an American Revolution for rights, to both sides of our Recent Unpleasantness, to every following fight, hardship and challenge – of courage, faith, hope and victory in Lord Jesus Christ.

Soon enough we will get to live up to our legacy or not.

Choose you where your house will stand.



  1. It is a time of choice. I choose to stand with Christ and his righteousness. He has taken me too far for me to turn back now. Believers who are alive now have a purpose in the kingdom of Christ. We have been positioned here for such a time as this. It has been said that a soldier’s worth is not known until the time of battle. The battle has begun. Show your worth by your faith. We must fight the good fight and finish the race. It is our heritage.

  2. I’m not as optimistic as you, but I must confess that I actually felt a sense of relief once the SCOTUS decision was announced; that the long, ever-building dissolution between Biblical Christianity and America had finally become official, and we can begin now to operate in a new environment, with the enemies of Christ both within and without the Church in full view. Know what I mean?

    • Joel, agree. You know far more about IPB than I do – and this seems fitting to mark the red, blue, grey, green icons on the map.

  3. I have always enjoyed turning to your blog. I find solace here though we have never met. You are a remarkable man. I knew you would have great insights about the latest nuttiness and was not disappointed there. I was a bit troubled about the “end of life” comment. I sense that you have more life in you than 20 people half your age.

    • End of life is just which end I’m approaching. Thank you. I’ve outlived my father and have 23 years more to go to outlive my grandfather. Thanks again. We’ve all got a lot to do.

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