Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 27, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Critical Time

Media harpies will try to destroy Ted Cruz

Media harpies will try to destroy Ted Cruz

Timing is everything – in business, comedy, war…   And especially in politics.

The timing that counts for Ted Cruz is the crucial time it takes to label him. The next 6 weeks or so is the first critical period. Then, the Spring and Summer of 2016 – if he is the frontrunner – is a second critical phase.

The Main Stream Media will label Ted Cruz stupid, crazy, evil or a bigot – right now.

The Liberal minions in the media must destroy Cruz quickly to kill his candidacy. Their Liberal labels, like nails, must crucify Cruz.

Liberal name-calling must become the story on Cruz – the new narrative.

This is what the Liberals have done since 1964 when they demonized Barry Goldwater. Since then, it’s only gotten worse.   More baseless and more vile. In 2012, the Main Stream Media played whack-a-mole with each Conservative candidate from Michele Bachmann to Herman Cain. Finally, only Mitt Romney was standing. Then, they provided supporting screeching fires as the Democrat attack ads ran all Spring and Summer.

The Main Stream Media serves as the Orwellian Ministry of Truth for the Democrat Party. They do so reflexively, because they are more ideologically Leftist – progressive, socialist, communist, human secularist, d’himmi, gaystopo, PC, totalitarians – than many elected Democrats. The hatred they hold for Conservatives comes from their hearts.

These Media harpies must tell a tale about Ted Cruz so that his name brings instant word association with ill-informed and un-informed Americans. Climate change denier, first-termer and anti-gay are their first tries. If HRH Hillary I gets the nomination – war on women – will be used against Cruz – or any Republican.

Interestingly, the howling harpies are giving a back-handed compliment when they call Cruz, “the uncompromising Conservative.” Those words may work splendidly in a crowded Conservative field. That criticism resonates well with voters who suffer RINO and weak Establishment Republican fatigue.

Soon, if not already, the Media mavens will overplay their hand – and be so nonsensical – that only their Kool Aid drinking cadre (40% of America) will listen. Even clueless independents shake their heads in sad mockery of really hysterical accusations. And such hyperbole is coming. It will be multiplied the more it seems that Cruz may get the nomination – and win.

The verbal attacks will get so much worse. Liberals spew the hatred they hold in their hearts. Their words are the overflow of their prideful hearts. Establishment Republicans will chime in for like reasons – and they fear the loss of their power and money.

If Ted Cruz comes through the fires of this refinement, he will be pure silver and gold. Cruz has to define himself to America while every Liberal harpy is screeching something different in print, radio, TV and across cyberspace. Ronald Reagan was the last candidate who was successful at speaking past the noise to The People. Cruz’s first interviews – fielding those gotcha questions – indicate he can do it, too.

Ted Cruz is in the refining fire of defining his name to voters. This fire isn’t the Biblical wrath of the Lord, but serves the same purpose – to make him better. May Ted Cruz become a better candidate – and President of these United States of America.

Please let it be so.


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