Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 12, 2015

Our Civilization is AWOL

40 Leaders Lead the  March in Paris.  America is absent.

40 Leaders Lead the March in Paris. America is absent.

After Muslim barbarians murdered people in Paris for mocking Mohammed, there was a massive unity march in France.  The 3 million people across France were the largest march in French history.  40 leaders from across the world, including some Muslim rulers, marched against Islamist terrorism.   America’s ambassador, a former financial bundler for candidate Obama, represented the US.  The President, Veep, Secretary of State and Attorney General – who was already in Paris – didn’t show up.  America was Absent Without Leave – AWOL.  It’s a court-martial offense in the Army.  It’s an abdication of leadership for the US in the World.

It’s nice the leaders and so many people marched on Sunday.  Lovely.

It would have been better if the President of the United States had been front and center, arm in arm with the French President, to lead the wartime coalition of Western Civilization and its Muslim allies prosecuting expeditions against ISIS in the Middle East, Boko Haram in Africa and the Taliban in Afghanistan.   A Coalition dedicated to exterminating specific Islamist threats.  A Coalition prepared to mount new expeditions – to fight campaigns, win and go home – against any future threat.  A Coalition of the West.  Committed to protecting, preserving, and sustaining Western Civilization.

Western Civilization is AWOL on the World War Against Islamism.  Some countries are fighting limited engagements – like the US bombing ISIS – in an unlimited war of national and civilization survival.

That may change.

Europe may wake up.  Maybe.

Europe may wake up. Maybe.

Many of the People across Europe – and in Australia – are waking up.  Populist movements are growing.  The Liberal, Socialist leaders hate these movements.  They call them “racists.”  That’s like a Muslim calling someone an Infidel – or worse.

Meanwhile, ungoverned “no-go” zones ruled by Muslims – and their Sharia Law – grow across Europe.  Muslims violate laws against polygamy, female genital mutilation, and “hate” speech with impunity.  No government challenges them.  The same leaders who marched on Sunday, will do nothing today, Monday, to establish their own sovereignty – their rule of law – in their own countries.

As an Army Futurist, I’ve known for a long time there would be a time of reckoning when the Muslim population bomb burst in Europe.  I just don’t know when it will happen.  There are a number of ways the reckoning could play out.

Western Civilization will commit suicide or fight and survive.  Western Civilization should do much more – and better.  The West, lead by the US, should be a still ascending Civilization – empowered by a powerful Judeo-Christian, Capitalist, classical liberal Democracy-based culture.

Presently, our Western Civilization is AWOL from its real duty station.

Islam is the enemy of Western Civilization.  Most Muslims aren’t the enemy.  But, their Islamic ideology and identity, which includes a religion, is antithetical and anathema to the West.  Until Islam has a Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and Great Awakenings, it is Barbarian compared to Western Civilization.   Today, the Barbarians aren’t at the gates, they are within the walls and approaching the castle keep.

The West needs leaders to stand in the gap of the walls – and fight.   At home within the walls and outside abroad.

Pray the People of Europe elect new leaders to stop the Muslim invasion of immigrants, restore national sovereignty, promote cultural confidence, encourage conversion to Christianity, and demand assimilation into the superior culture of Western Civilization.  And, send expeditionary forces to exterminate every militant Islamist threat – cutting off the head of the snakes – wherever they arise.



  1. Ferdinand & Isabella 2016

    • Rog, Bob.

      Maybe it’ll be Charles Martel 2016. Or many other heroes of Western Civilization.



  2. Jim: I fear that we are more than a decade too late as the number of moslems in Europe has already grown too large and the number of westerners willing to stand continues to decline. This effects the electorate as their politicians increasingly need moslem votes to win elections. No go areas is just a stop-gap measure.

    Our politicians are like theirs (Merkel, Cameron, Obama, Romney, Christie et al); unwilling to deal with the real issue and that is that some civilizations are superior to others. There is a reason for their superiority. Superior because they strive for the truth. This applies to all fields of endeavor. As you know the truth is in the Gospel not the Koran nor Das Kapital nor the Vagina Monologues. Our civilization goes the way of our theology. James Dobson once said that it all boils down to one thing, how one fills in this blank: “God is _____”

    • DV,
      You may be right about a decade too late. I think push will come to shove – and Europe may save itself. It won’t be pretty or clean.



  3. Jim,

    The Enlightenment poison was already infecting our American Founding Fathers at the time of our Revolution. It can’t “fix” anything. The offspring of the Enlightenment, all of the modern liberal/progressive anti-liberty, anti-life “isms” are what are destroying us! But unless you meant this same dogma will “reform” Islam by enervating it, turning it to feminism, earth worship and the like, then be my guest. It can’t turn Islam to sexual depravity because it is already there, starting with its great founder. In point of fact Islam is anti-Christ from the start, and cannot be reformed any more than one can turn execrement into anything other than fertilizer.

    • Mike,
      I reject your interpretation of the Enlightenment. See Gertrude Himmelfarb’s book The Roads to Modernity about the Enlightenment. The Liberals have hijacked the meaning of the Enlightenment to extrapolate from the French anti-clerical Catholic ideas. The Enlightenment was quite Christian in the UK and profoundly Christian in America. It took over a hundred years to move Americans from the ideas of the American Revolution to accept the Human Secularism that can be traced directly back to the French Revolution.

      • Gertrude Himmelfarb’s book The Roads to Modernity. Good book!

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