Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 28, 2014

My Invocation at the Mini-Reunion

Good evening with great guys and wives

Good evening with great guys and wives

I was asked to give the invocation at our Supper.   Here is what I prayed:

“A prayer of blessing and thanksgiving.

Dear Lord, please bless this food to keep us healthy to serve You well.

Dear Lord, I thank You for my classmates, my band of brothers, from the bottom of my heart.

And we thank You for our wives, our children, our grandchildren, family, and friends of our Class. We thank You for letting us serve West Point, the United States Army and the United States of America.

Please protect our Servicemen serving at home and overseas, especially those in mortal danger.

Thank You for the promise Chaplain James Ford gave us in his sermon the first evening of Beast Barracks. He told us “This too shall pass.” He preached truth. That day passed. Graduation passed. Army life passed. And we will pass. Until even our memory has passed. But You are eternal. Unchanging. Overflowing in mercy and love. Giving Grace.

The passing of our time into eternity is part of your plan. It is good, even as we miss and mourn our departed classmates and loved ones. Even though every gathering of the class is diminished if Charlie Frost can’t ask the last question.

Thank You for our time. From young lions to old bulls.

So, I ask Your blessing and give You thanks in the name of my Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. ”

I meant every word.



  1. Your prayer was beautiful and I am so glad that the name of Jesus was permitted to be said. Sadly, so many places treat the name of Christ as if it were a dividing line that they don’t want to cross.

  2. Thank you. There was no permission to ask or not about Jesus. Just us classmates. We include Jewish and atheist guys, but they are tolerant towards their classmates.

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