Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 11, 2014

9-11’s Sword of Damocles

Islam is the Sword of Damocles for many, many years to come

Islam is the Sword of Damocles for many, many years to come

I wrote this in the days after 9-11-01.

One Front: Two Wars

The first front of the World War against International Terrorism (WW-T), our American Homeland, is remarkably united – today. Getting nine out of ten Americans to agree to anything is heady stuff. Yet, the adrenaline cocktail of shock, fear and anger intoxicates only for a season. Someday soon enough Americans will awaken with headaches and ask themselves ‘Why’.

Will the hangover of a patriotic binge be worth it if war and its consequences become a daily, lifelong addiction? Or, will the glum awakening, even on the brightest of mornings, be the residue of restless nights worrying over our resolve? Our America shall have many, many nights of anguish as we struggle with the ‘war questions’ Americans always ask – during a war of ever changing dimensions, consequences and demands for commitment.

Americans will speak to the dark hours of legitimate doubt with characteristic straightforwardness:
•Who are we fighting?
•Why? What are we defending?
•What will be victory?
•How much, how long, what risk will war cost?
•What must I do?

The answers to these questions over time will result in two wars being waged for our Homeland Defense. The first, the WW-T, will lead to another, but different, Civil War in the U.S. Prayerfully, hopefully, the severity of both wars- the consequence management – will be minimized. Regardless, the nature of both conflicts merits the name – war – and will be fought to the ultimate ends of any and every war – peace through victory or defeat.

When WW-T expands beyond the destruction of one species of terrorist vipers – the Al Qaida organization – the coalition will devolve. The best efforts and high purpose of the magnificently experienced and talented Bush team can not stop shifting tectonic plates of history, culture and the clash of civilizations. Sooner or later, WW-T will be the West and its shifting Moslem Allies vs. Raging Islam.

Then, Americans will realize some fuzzy, global, generic, secular human ‘freedom’ is not under attack, but the West – Western Civilization – is the enemy of the resurgent Islam that breeds radicals and rage. What is the American Civilization worth defending for long decades? What must be preserved at all costs? Who will bear any price for what liberty? These questions will split the unity of our nation along the fault lines of our American Culture War.

Americans with different worldviews will seek alternatives for peace. Some will be happy to defeat one group of terrorists and pretend there are no more until another bright September morning explodes in a new terror attack. Some will shake in fear and shout ‘stop’ when an Islamic country turns on us as we pursue the next den of snakes or when a radical Islamic coup topples some friendly despot. Some will stay the course to defeat the enemy, and their means of attacking the West, everywhere and suppress their successors’ ability to attack ever again – for decades and succeeding generations to come. The nation will divide between those who seek peace at any price – because they don’t see the ultimate destruction of America and the West – and those who know that a hostile ideology – a vigorous, aggressive theology – must be defeated utterly and completely.

WW-T will be waged on the terms of the old Roman Empire. Our enemies will fight us for generations – even centuries – until they change their way of thinking or are conquered or we are defeated from within. Our America, as the leader of the West, has imperial responsibilities without imperial ambitions. Moreover, our nation faces its greatest test since the American Civil War (ACW I). Can a nation so powerful, so rich, so hated remain a Republic with the protected individual freedoms endowed by our Creator? The American Culture War will become ACW II.

WW-T and ACW II will be fought on the same front – our American Homeland.

The distinctions between today’s liberals and conservatives will change as WW-T progresses. When ACW II heats up – may it be a war of words and battles at the ballot boxes only – the two primary sides of the conflict will shape up in new alignments of allies, perhaps with new political labels.

One side will be soldiered largely by citizens who know that since 1776 America is the country where it is safe to be a believing, practicing, proselytizing Christian and Jew. Their troops will advocate the big ideas, the worldview supporting American Civilization and the West, namely, Judeo-Christian thought. This side will show tolerance for the Moslems, the pagans, the atheists among us, but not cede the nation to their hyphenated ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America faces a long, long perilous WW-T and ACW II indeed. May the God of America’s Founders, the God of Jesus Christ and Abraham, have mercy on us all. May God Bless America. In God We Trust.

James Atticus Bowden
Barry Soetero doesn’t understand the nature of war or the campaigns in the misnamed “War on Terror”. How unfortunate for America and the World that he is President of the United States. Barry arrogantly claims the ISIS barbarians aren’t Muslims. He says ISIS doesn’t represent Islam.

Islam has been against Western Civilization and everyone who isn’t subjected to their totalitarian ideology and identity since 622 AD. Islam was a direct – invading, killing, raping, robbing, enslaving, pillaging, burning, conquering – threat until their high watermark and defeat at the Gates of Vienna in 1683.

Western Civilization dominated the backward world of Islam in the centuries that followed. The Muslims weren’t much of threat – with exceptions like the Barbary Pirates engaged by Americans in the early 1800s. The situation changed after WW II.

The wars against Israel and the rise of militant Sunni and Shia Islamists motivated at least 10% of the world’s Muslims to be the active enemies of the U.S. and the West. The immigrant invasion of Muslims in Europe and their population bomb means Europe will have a Muslim majority population by 2100 – unless things change dramatically.

Islam is the Sword of Damocles hanging over every President’s head until Islam has a Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and a few Great Awakenings, or Muslims are deported back and contained in Muslim countries, or converted in sufficient numbers to Christianity, or suppressed.

Islam is the problem. Anytime Muslims read, believe and act on the Koran as it’s written – they are violent enemies of Western Civilization. Every generation of Muslims produced murderous Jihadists since 627 AD.

Islam is barbaric compared to the Christianity. Islamic Civilizations are 800 years behind the West. The Visigoths who sacked Rome were about 600 years behind. Those barbarians, comparatively, were less barbaric to the Romans than Islam is to us today.

America is slowing waking up to the real history and current threat of Islam. Painfully slowly.

At the same time the domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution, American Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/ Communists/Human Secularists/Democrats engaged in the third American Civil War – the second war on one front, work tirelessly to spread Islam’s lies, apologies, excuses, and taquiya.

This Muslim Sword of Damocles will be over the head of every President for years and decades to come.


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