Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 10, 2014

Life Is Too Short

The Emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Life is too short to listen to Barry Soetero.

In the unavoidable chatter that follows, I hear about the problem of scale for any military operation. And, ugh, how ISIS isn’t Islam and we shouldn’t whisper it is so, lest we lose the moderate Muslim support.

What to do: Punitive Expedition. 6 months to 2 years. See

Moderate Muslims, how long the war has been since 9-11, etc.: The longest war in American history was the war between the English-speaking peoples of Western Civilization against the indigenous AmerIndians. 1608-1890. We, Americans, were always able to find Indians willing to support the fight against other Indians. Moderate Muslims will do likewise for their own self-interests.

The fight between raging Islam and Western Civilization began with Moe’s first genocide in 627 AD against a Jewish tribe. That’s the long, long war we are in. This is a new phase with the “Islamists”.

Life is too short to listen to blather. Way too short to take it seriously. But, when powerful people spout such, we have to endure the folly, pray hard, keep calm and carry on.  Take action as best we can for right and wise actions.



  1. Spot on!
    Once again, you are the only site that says exactly what I think.

  2. Thanks, DV. But, alas, you must be a sick man indeed – if we are so like-minded!

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