Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 29, 2014

Burning Frankensteins

Monsters may not live among us

Monsters may not live among us

Monsters may not live among humans. If there is a real monster, a true Frankenstein, even if he lives in a forbidding castle, we, the villagers, have a moral duty to light our torches and go burn Frankenstein to death. Monsters must die.

But, the first question is moral correctness. Is this person a monster? Moral correctness must decide our actions, not political correctness.

So, as we gather in the dark, cobbled town square of America, which our ancestors built with such hard labor and high treasure, who is the monster?

Is racial prejudice a monster? Is all prejudice a monster? If prejudice produces hateful speech does that a monster make? Is all hateful speech make all such speakers become monsters?

Let’s choose our monsters carefully.

If prejudice causes oppression, that might be monstrous. If assumptions about race, the pre-judgments, lead to chattel slavery or de jure segregation – based on race – that has evil, monstrous consequences. When the slavery Frankenstein is slain and his son, segregation Frankenstein, burned to a crisp, is there still a monster out and about? Is it prejudice?

Consider the Frankenstein de jour, Donald Sterling, as banned-for-life, fined $2.5 million, LA Clipper basketball team owner.

Are the silly words of a filthy rich, foolish old white man so harmful? When he is as public figure as basketball team owner, is his truly stupid rant to his trollop so fearful?
Think first.

The prejudice that is impotent to restore the oppression past may be far less a monster than the oppression of speaking the prejudice.

Whether it is the oppression spawned by prejudice or the oppression to stamp out prejudice, oppression is an awful monster. Oppression, especially suppression of free speech, is a monster. There are few Frankensteins, indeed, as fearful as those who tell anyone to shut up. Say this, not that. Say this, that way. Be silent. Say you agree with what we say.

Better for free men and women of our American villages to mock sputtering. Even if the sputtering is filled with the spittle of real hatred. Let all speak. Let us laugh.

Moral correctness demands we know our monsters with moral certitude. Then, burn them. Laugh at or ignore the obnoxious.

Political correctness burns some speech, not protected speech. Political correctness attacks some groups of people, but not protected classes of persons. Political correctness turns the torches on people in our own villages and makes the monsters our masters.

If so much can be made about one person’s comments about Blacks, then what can be done, next, to suppress speech homosexuals or Muslims or climate change zealots or politicians in power dislike?

Fascists of a feather flock together. Totalitarians must suppress the ideas they can’t compete against. Oppression of free speech is essential for professional civil rights race baiters – real racists, rabid LGBT, Muslims, climate change drones, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Communists of every spot and stripe. Those who will suppress, oppress and squelch speech look like monsters to me.

Americans, know your monster is really Frankenstein before you light your torch.



  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Here James Atticus Bowden addresses an issue that has spiraled out of control. Think about it. It was private conversation. The NBA is just about overpaid, tall men playing ball game. And our president has to add his two cents ( Would we not all be better off if Obama was doing the job he is suppose to be doing and doing it right? Instead, likely to distract us from their incompetence, the Democrats and the corporate news media goad us to demonize a foolish old man. Yet what has LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling proved? Is the fact he is a racist or the fact money cannot buy happiness? Perhaps instead of hating the man we should be pitying him.

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