Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 10, 2014

Ed Gillespie Should Debate

Ed - show up and debate.

Ed – show up and debate.

Dear Editor of any Virginia Newspaper:

Ed Gillespie’s Conservative claim to fame is that he wrote the Contract for America in 1994. He was Dick Armey’s right hand man. Then, he became President George W. Bush’s right hand man. As the Manchester Union Leader reported, “the party’s new chairman [Ed Gillespie], energetic and full of vigor, said in no uncertain terms that the railings against the expansion of federal government are over.”

Twenty years ago Gillespie made his Conservative credentials. Then, for more than a decade, Gillespie made his big government, deficit spending, crony capitalism, less freedom credentials. Gillespie made it worse when he was the Chairman of the RPV. He supported the unelected regional governments and tax increases for the bogus transportation bill, HB 3202, which was ruled un-Constitutional – unanimously by the Virginia Supreme Court.

If Ed Gillespie is really Mr. Conservative, defend the TARP bailout, his version of Obamacare, and amnesty for illegal aliens in a debate. Why is Ed so afraid to face Shak Hill?

If Ed Gillespie is a consistent Conservative and not just another career politician, consultant, lobbyist, hired gun, and right hand man – like the other guy whose only reason for ever living in Virginia is the commute to DC, Sen. Mark Warner – he should debate.

Ed can explain why his right hand man, John Feehery, who runs his company, Quinn Gillespie Communications, is so rabidly anti-TEA Party. When Ed was a right hand man, he kept his mouth shut and did what he was told.

Show up and debate, Ed.

James Atticus Bowden



  1. This is both street smart and ineteliglnt.

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