Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 4, 2014

Southern History Month 2014

Look at the Flaggers

Look at the Flaggers

I write about Southern History Month every year.  Not Confederate History Month.  Southern history is much bigger than Confederate history.  And, unlike the Confederacy, the South has a future.  The opening pic above has the Confederate Battle flags that create so much excitement in these ignorant times – and something else.  One of the Flaggers is a young black lady.  She is one of the fewer than 200 Virginia Flaggers whose passion for proper respect drives them.  And, that makes several points.

In our Commonwealth of about 7.7 million people, maybe 200 people take their free time on weekends, in all weather, to wave a flag that is the symbol of hatred, racism, slavery, segregation and over-the-top extremes of evil to way too many people who live in Virginia. So, what does that tiny number mean? It means the power of heritage, history, family, faith and the ideas that motivate humankind are alive in Virginia.

I believe it so across the South.

The ideas that made the South – Southern, not Northern – are still alive. The huge influx of Yankees, other foreigners, and illegal aliens since the 1970s when air conditioning became commonplace, means there are fewer folks throughout the South who were raised with Southern ideas. The infiltration of foreign ideas in Southern public schools is worse than the dumbing down of education up North. Foreign ideas are out to destroy the South. Yet, enough folks are still “Southern” enough to matter.

Southern ideas are the uniquely Southern context and concepts for Family, Faith and Freedom. These ideas resonate with many Americans. But, in the South the ideas, and what they mean in their particulars, strike a chord with a majority of the folks. They speak to a majority of Black Southerners – despite their post-plantation mentality to vote en masse. And, their voting betrayal to themselves, their families and their race by voting Democrat.

One idea, which isn’t Southern, but moves more Americans in the South than anywhere else in the U.S. matters the most. More Southerners read the Holy Bible regularly than anyone else. The ideas that motivate humankind who read the Word of God rule the Universe. The ideas are ascending. The ideas have a future.

So, the South has a Future.

Americans from all across America will stand up, sooner or later, restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution to save our Republic. Those patriots – the Tea Party, other Conservatives, and Libertarians – will be a majority in the South – and much of the West. The South is a full third of the country, while the frontier-minded West is far less.

Americans from all across America will fight – and never quit – to stop and eventually roll back the Islamists. Those Christian and Jewish warriors will be a majority in the South. Bible-based Believers, from the Bible Belt, are best-equipped to be the new Crusaders.

The one-dimensional, cartoonish South that Liberals, bigots, Democrats, Hollywood and the historically-challenged (ignorant) fellow travelers promote is theirs alone. The multi-faceted, multi-layered, complex and nuanced web of humanity inhabiting the South today has an interesting future ahead.

The bloody red banner may not march again. But, the South is rising –

Southern ideas of faith, family and freedom will rise.

Southern ideas of faith, family and freedom will rise.

on Southern ideas.



  1. Sir as much as I respect most of your other points I have to take great exception to the misguided and pro-racist claim that the Southern Cross (Confederate battle flag) is “the symbol of hatred, racism, slavery, segregation and over-the-top extremes of evil to way too many people who live in Virginia.”
    And believe me there are many more than just a mere 200 people who honor that flag in Virginia, and all but a small handful of them have absolutely no hateful motive for the display of that flag.
    Indeed the two lovely Southern women in that photo are among the tens of thousands across the Southland fighting everyday to liberate that flag from the wrong-thinking hateful view that both white supremacists and politically correct cultural fascists label it.

    • CWR: Forgive me for failing to communicate. I NEVER claimed such about our Battle Flag. I said way too many think that. My point is that they think such extremely negative hateful stuff and yet people have the courage of their convictions to say “No, y’all are wrong.” The fact that 200 people would spend hours and hours to promote what they know is right – against all odds – is my other point.

      Sorry for not making it more clear.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    As a military brat and retired military officer, I suppose I could talk about my experiences and try to speak authoritatively about the relative greatness of Southern ideas. However, that would be hogwash. I am no more qualified to speak about the supremacy of Southern ideas than anyone else. And frankly, I don’t think James Atticus Bowden is either.

    So why did I reblog Bowden’s post? Read Bowden’s post carefully. Three things shine through. Bowden loves:

    His home state, Virginia.
    The founding ideals that America a great, constitutional republic.
    Our Lord and His Holy Bible.

    I am a fan of all three, particularly our savior, Christ Jesus.

    When at its founding slavery divided the North and the South, that set up a great conflict. That conflict eventually resulted in the Civil War. Since then, the North has repressed the South using both the real and the imagined bigotry of Southerners as an excuse. Sadly, the party that most supported slavery, the Democratic Party, did not die with the Civil War. Instead, that party been most guilty of fomenting the strife that has allowed the repression of Blacks to continue. And Blacks, foolishly believing those lying and bigoted Democrats now support them, vote Democrat and against their own best interests. Instead of voting to run their own lives, Blacks vote for their own enslavement by the Federal Government. I would say that’s dumb, but there are dumber souls.

    The environmentalist wackos.
    The guilt-ridden Whites who vote Democrat.
    The greedy fools who vote for those politicians who promise them “other people’s money.”
    Those who believe Socialism is both ethical and works.
    and so forth.

    So will the South rise again? That I do not know. I just know God is in heaven, and His Will will be done.

  3. CT: Thanks much for your comments.

    2 Quibbles.
    1. Anyone can comment on about the relative worth of different concepts. They can be wrong, of course. I’ll write more about why I think the South is morally superior.
    2. Slavery didn’t divide the North and South from the start. There were slaves in every colony in 1776. The division between North and South began with the differences between the Cavalier Tidewater culture and the Puritan New England culture. They had their differences back in England – and they were accentuated in the New World.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.


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