Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 1, 2014

Vimeo for Katherine Kyle Bowden

This vimeo played at the reception at the Ft Myer Officer’s Club following the burial services for my wife, Katherine Kyle Bowden, at Arlington National Cemetery on Feb 21, 2014.

It doesn’t tell the story of her life, but it provides a good narrative for my Nellie.

You can see her beauty.  The inner beauty shines out through her outer beauty.

You can see her love and joy.  See it in her smile.  See it in her smile.  See the family she loves and gives such joy.

Forgive us for not having the photos for the other people who knew her love and joy.  Their lives enriched by her.  So many other folks – gosh, if she reached a couple of hundred people (and in any school year it was more like 450 kids plus 50 teachers and administration plus – say at least 250 parents =  750 people a year in her day job and ministry alone) she touched thousands of people personally.

See her life on earth in such a sweet, short summary.

Thank you, Kathy Guild, for putting this vimeo together for her family and friends.  May it touch others, too.  You did such a great, professional, artistic work.  We will treasure your gift, and talented gifts,  as long as we live.



  1. Dear Jim,

    What an incredibly lovely tribute. I love your wife!, Her loving gracious nurturing life. This was truly beautiful and makes me feel regret that I never had the privilege of knowing her and calling her my friend.

    Catherine Crabill Sent from my iPhone

  2. Thank you, Catherine. My Katherine and you would have hit it off. She did with most people. You both would have admired each other’s spunk.

  3. Thank you Jim for sharing this with me!! It was beautiful!!! As is Katherine!!! I know you love & miss her so!!! It was wonderful to see you at the reunion!! Praying for God to give you peace, comfort & love!!! Kay

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