Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 4, 2014

Why Picts Don’t Drink Coke

Amnesty won't stop the migration of people.  Celtic tribes replaced the tribes of the Picts

Amnesty won’t stop the migration of people. Celtic tribes replaced the tribes of the Picts

The Picts don’t drink Coca-Cola, because there aren’t any Picts around anymore.  The Picts got overwhelmed by other people.  Perhaps, the other people would do the work that Picts wouldn’t do.  Regardless, people groups, tribes, empires and civilizations come and go.  They go when others with a different culture replace them.  There can only be one culture at a time in one place.  Only one.  Culture counts.

So, the Picts didn’t survive to drink Coke.  That’s why Americans don’t speak Pictish. The Picts couldn’t keep their borders. The Picts were destroyed. No one mourns. No one cares.

Borders protect the Nation. People and Will preserve the Nation.  The Nation is built on one culture.  Many sub-cultures may support the one larger, unifying culture.

The Celtic tribes, especially the Belgae, didn’t invade the large Western island of Europe – where the Picts lived. But, they infiltrated in such numbers as to transform the culture.   They brought a Druid priesthood and chariot warfare. The former Pict place was a changed place with different people and a different culture when the Romans invaded (43 A.D.).

The Romans conquered most of the island and made ‘Britannia’ a Roman province for over 300 years.  The two Roman Legions were recalled in 402 and 407 A.D. The barbarian Angles, Saxons and Jutes raided, invaded and settled in the land on their terms.

300 years later the Danish Vikings did the same for decades until the land was divided between Anglo-Saxons in Wessex and the Danes in the Danelaw (878 A.D.).

300 years later the French-speaking descendants of other Viking Norsemen, the Normans, conquered the land. William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings (1066) only 19 days after Harold had beaten back a Viking invasion. One border was held but the other was lost. And, so was the kingdom.

Since 1066 no one has successfully violated the borders of England and conquered the People therein. The Spanish Armada failed. Scottish arms were defeated.

The English crossed the Atlantic to a new land.  Which is why Jamestown, Virginia was an English-speaking settlement in 1607.  French, Spanish and Indians were all over the continent when that tiny fort was built on the river re-named ‘James.’  For 400 years, the English-speaking People defeated, destroyed, assimilated or purchased their way to impose their culture, civilization and nation(s) across most of land called ‘North America’ by its conquerors.

The conquerors could have been Picts. But they didn’t keep their borders. It could have been the Romans, but they were overrun. Or, it could have been the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, or Danes. But, they were beaten. Instead, it was an English-speaking People.

There’s still a ‘post-1066’ England.  Although, their immigration population time bomb of unassimilated Muslims may end it – this century. What about America?

The English Speaking Peoples have been here for 400 years, and their greatest Nation, America, is pushing 238, or about the length of time the Romans, the Angles-Saxons-Jutes, and the Danes held sway before they were conquered or overwhelmed. How much longer will America stay American? Almost a thousand years like England (1066–2014 A.D.) or is the time about up? How many un-assimilated immigrants does it take for an immigrant invasion to conquer?

Which is precisely why the Coke commercial at the Super Bowl was so insulting.  Singing “America, the Beautiful” in accented English is beautiful.  Singing it in foreign languages is unrecognizable.  Just like America will be if resident immigrants don’t assimilate and the flow of illegal immigrants isn’t stopped.

The United States of America isn’t a sovereign nation if it doesn’t control its borders.  No border means no Nation.  No Nation means no more America.  No more E Pluribus Unum.

Our unity from many is our strength.  Our great strength is in ONE nation under God, ONE Republic, with ONE federal Constitution, based on ONE Declaration of Independence.  We have ONE America, the Beautiful, and amnesty throws acid in her face.

Burning women’s faces with acid is native to some cultures.  Encouraging immigrants to keep their culture – and sing iconic American songs in their native language – will kill America.  Amnesty will kill America.

Republicans in the House of Representatives:  If you forward a bill for amnesty – by any name – you betray your trust and your Oath of Office.  You make the Republican Party commit political suicide.
Mr. President, Congress, and Governors: Control the borders, now. Don’t let a single illegal alien invade. Not one.  Forever.  Then, we’ll talk about immigration reform.



  1. You might enjoy Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse.

  2. You nailed it with: singing ATB with accented English is beautiful. . .
    That is the point. A melting pot MELTS. The difference between a compound and a mixture. Our common language is the heat that melts the pot’s contents.

  3. […] Super Bowl commercial featuring America the Beautiful sung in various languages, but Jim Bowden makes some very salient points otherwise about borders, culture, and the rise of fall of nations nonetheless.  On the other side […]

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