Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 14, 2014

Republicans for Amnesty

Republican Congressmen for Amnesty

Republican Congressmen for Amnesty

I just read that Republican Congressman Goodlatte – from our Virginia – is working an amnesty bill that includes bringing in 500,ooo guest workers for the food industry – every year.  Not crop pickers, but waiters, cooks, etc.   That can’t be true.

When 90 million Americans are out of the work force, why would a single guest worker for any industry – whatsoever – be brought in?   Why, why, why?

One of the reasons wages in America were higher than industrialized Europe – until the 1930s – was our labor shortage.  (Read Milton Friedman – and other great economists and historians.)  Labor shortages in every industry lead to invention – mechanization which created more higher paying jobs – and flat out wage increases competing for better labor.   ECON 101.    (Was EC 10 at Harvard.)

Who are these Republican Congressional geniuses?

Why would they do this?

I don’t get it.

If the GOP passes Amnesty this year, the powerful sweep of both Houses of Congress in November 2014 is OFF.



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