Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 10, 2014

Fast Eddie Gillespie Hustles Virginia

Eddie will try to run the table for Virginia's Republican Senate nomination

Eddie will try to run the table for Virginia’s Republican Senate nomination

When Ed Gillespie called me to get my vote for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia – I was a member of the State Central Committee – I asked him why he was calling since he had already run the table like a good pool shark.   He laughed.  Now, he will try to run the table to get the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.  It’s not so funny.

Fast Eddie is a political hustler.  He is a career politician.  He is Mr. Establishment Republican.  He is a DC Insider – which is even more insular than a merely ‘Inside the Beltway’ wonkish, power addict.  He is a professional political money man.  He is an accidental Virginian – a Virginia resident only because New Rome is on the Potomac.

Yet, his propagandists claim he is the only possible candidate who can beat Mark Warner in 2014.  I disagree.

It’s true that politics is a business.  Politics is all about money and power, power and money.  Career pols work their way up, unless they’re super wealthy and can make a lateral entrance into the blood sport of the Establishment.  Yet, even if politics is the business of our ruling class of elites, elected political office remains – legally and emotionally – the trust of The People.

Just as war is too important to leave solely to the generals, so political offices are to important to leave them solely to career pols.

The Democrat and Republican Establishment got America to this tipping point for national decline.  Neither wing of the Establishment has the vision, conviction, commitment  or courage to fix what is wrong across America or here in Virginia.

It would be better to hold a lottery across Virginia’s 134 cities and counties – among the 40% of our citizens who are Conservative – and let that winner be our Republican nominee.   An unknown nobody – who is a real man or woman of the Good People of Virginia – could win where Fast Eddie will fail.  That person – armed with the powerful idea of restoring the Constitution – as written, reducing taxes and regulations, and repealing Obamacare – could win.

Fast Eddie has these things going against him.

Career Pol.  A career politician will not be the Virginia senator to repeal Obamacare.  Too many convenient compromises lie in waiting for a politician.  We need a Virginian who will pull up Obamacare branch and root – like an Old Testament champion.  Like a Josiah.  Will Ed really stand up to amnesty, stop liberal judicial appointments, investigate the panoply of likely criminal misdeeds of this administration?  When did a career pol ever suffer loss – giving selfless service?  Ask a Veteran what selfless service means.   Ask a cop, firefighter or emergency tech what public service means.  Politics made Gillespie rich – it’s his business.

Master of Disaster.  Ed was the cheerleader for HB 3202 transportation disaster.  It was Virginia’s  worst piece of legislation since Massive Resistance.  The Virginia Supreme Court ruled it UN-Constitutional in a unanimous decision.   I recall when Ed Gillespie got an earful from the rank and file at a Hampton Republican breakfast – how folks hate unelected Regional Government and know what a scam the plan was – he practically ran from the meeting.   He is a father to that political abortion.   What great Conservative issue did he champion in the Bush White House?  Amnesty?  Harriet Miers for Supreme Court?  Funding for No Child Left Behind?

Republican Mark Warner.   Doesn’t Ed Gillespie equal Mark Warner II?  Both men made millions from insider DC politics.  Both men are professional money guys.  Both used party office for personal ambitions.  Where are they different on the issues?  What will Gillespie do to defend Marriage?

Not a Virginian.  Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie share a single connection to the Commonwealth.  Virginia is the means to gain the ends of greater political power.   Conversely, Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli may come from northern roots, but they grew up, went to school, worked and contributed to their communities in our Commonwealth – and are men of devout Christian faith.  Their lifetimes of Virginia networks were built from the heart.

Not the Only Guy Who Can Win.  The Democrats have the ground game – paid workers to put out the vote and perhaps cheat enough – to win Virginia with the crushing votes of 8 cities and counties.  Will Ed Gillespie hire more workers than the Dems have?  If not, what part of his Establishment Republican message will increase the voter turnout in 126 counties and cities of Real Virginia?

The time is right to term limit Mark ‘Obamacare’ Warner.   A guy who supported socialized government medicine in the past isn’t the right guy.

I hope Conservative, Libertarian and Constitutional activists across our Virginia start recruiting a majority of the delegates to the Republican Convention.  It’s time to take back America.  Let’s start it in Virginia.  As it should be.

New Jersey natives Chris Christie and Ed Gillespie line up their shots to hustle the GOP.

New Jersey natives Chris Christie and Ed Gillespie line up their shots to hustle the GOP.






  1. Jim – were you the one who told me that Ed Gillespie was the one who orchestrated the smear campaign against me back in the day?

  2. No, Catherine, I never heard that. Never said that. Was he the Chairman of the RPV then? I don’t think he would have done that. Frankly – hope you laugh – there were many folks who would have happily smeared you for challenging a Republican incumbent.

  3. […] 2007, he was so on board with raising taxes as a part of the HB 3202 unconstitutional transportation bill, that he reportedly strongarmed […]

  4. […] career after the Contract with America days. A perfect example of this suspicion can be found here, by my friend James Atticus […]

  5. I do not speak in favor of Mr. Gillespie and if he truly is as bad as this article states – Virginians deserve better. With that said – does anyone have a conservative Virginia candidate in mind to run against Mark Warner?

  6. That’s what bugs me about rants like this. You don’t really have a superior alternative – even Gillespie is a long shot – but you are happy to, in effect, help Mark Warner by undermining his main opponent. If you had a plausible alternative by all means promote her, but don’t just make it harder for Republicans to win in November.

    • This is what bugs me about cheapshots like this. It is complete BS. If Fast Eddie is undermined by the truth, he is never going to win. If I were writing to promote some other pol, I’d have done so – in a much longer piece. Speaking the truth doesn’t make it harder for Conservatives to win – it might just make it tough for Establishment Republicans. Whining about criticism shows the weakness. If you don’t like the piece, M. Strand, why don’t you refute it. Show Virginians what is in error.

      Any principled Virginia Conservative who can push a button and say “aye and nay” is superior to Fast Eddie.

  7. […] wasn’t going to support Fast Eddie to represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate for my own reasons (  Then, today, I get this insulting email about EG = EG.  It’s Ed’s campaign platform. EG = […]

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