Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 5, 2013

Our Hurdles – Katherine Bowden


Our daughter, Maggie, is keeping up the information about Katherine Bowden on the Caring Bridge website.  Here is my quick shorthand for what has happened and is ahead.

Katherine has hurdles to cross.  She has already crossed two essential hurdles.  Another metaphor is phases, like phases in military operations and program management.  Both hurdles and phases help me understand the over-wash of medical information.  It’s spewed with such professionalism and precision but has to be strained for my limited understanding.

Katherine had a stroke.  She had a hemorrhage on the left lobe of her brain.   A blood vessel popped on its own or a tumor’s growth popped it.  It was a dangerously large bleed – 5 cm x 5 cm.  But, it was in the outer layers of the brain which does less damage.   It is harder to survive, but offers better hope for recovery.

Hurdle 1:  Survive.  The docs were doing a CAT scan within minutes of her sudden event.  It all happened in about 15 minutes – as we were driving to the ER.  They could do nothing but give anti-seizure meds.  She had to ride it out on her own.  She did it.  She survived.

Hurdle 2:  Stop the bleeding.  Then, it bled more.  Again, there was no way to do an intervention that would do less damage than the bleeding.  The bleeding didn’t get to the point of needing a shunt to relieve pressure on the brain.  She did it.  She stopped the bleeding.

Now, she puts the coma in comatose.  She is out.  She can breath, but that is about it.  Can’t even swallow on her own.  The body needs to get the blood out of the brain.  You’ve seen how long it takes a big bruise on your arm or leg to come down, turn brown, then yellow and clean itself up.  She has this big bruise, hematoma, in the brain.  As the body gets rid of the blood, the brain structures come back to their normal places.  Think slinkies being extended and then released to snap back.  Except the snap back in the brain is unknown for each individual for each specific injury.

As the blood is being removed from the brain, she needs to wake up.  Not be normal.  Just open her eyes.  Recognize people.  Squeeze hands with her good side.  That is the next hurdle.

Hurdle 3.  Remove blood, wake up.  She may not wake up for another WEEK.  But, our prayer request is for the blood to go and for her to wake up in the next week.  Please.  If she didn’t wake up, that would be very, very bad news.

The medical professionals don’t know when or if she will wake up.  The one true, only, living Lord God does.   The God of the Holy Bible – for the Christians and Jews – Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows.

We beg mercy that it be in His Sovereign Will to wake her up in the next 6 days.  Please.

When she wakes up, then we will have many, many more hurdles for recovery.   No problem.  Every hurdle must be crossed – or every phased completed successfully – to move on.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the hurdles passed and this hurdle ahead.   It could be a very long week.  Or, not.

Mercy, please, Lord Jesus Christ.

God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT.




    Catherine Crabill Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lord, I pray Katherine will wake up in the next few days and her recovery will be so miraculous that the doctor’s will say, “This is a miracle”. Amen

  3. Thanks, Catherine.

  4. Bubba,
    Am here. Am praying. Am thinking of you and the family. And am praying. Love, Bob & Reva

  5. Clansman,

    My wife had a different kind a stroke from a clot deep in her brain in late May of this waning year. The stroke changes us all. It changed her in ways that she could not imagine in how she thought, what she wanted to think of but could not, what she felt an her physical wants desires and abilities. It changd me to realize that while this life offers no guarantees, Jesus Christ offfers us Light and Life no matter what. We grasped every prayer and claimed every healing. Now six moths later and hafter a slow but steady improvement with very hard work on her part and patience and strength from the reat of us, she is doing well. The power of prayers and claiming the healing from God is all-important. I recall prying non-stop in every mom ent that did not demand my attention otherwise.

    My Birthday Present in May was to see my wife starting to talk and move and relearn things. In our case the healing was remarkable du to the clot busters administered in a timely fashion. Each day brings victories and setbacks, but you will work through the setbacks and thrill over the progress.

    Remain steadfast and true. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has in stroe for those who love him. We shall prayer for continued progress and successes. Your West Point Brethren are a Long Grey Line of strength for you both. Count on us. We are here.

    May God continue to heal Katherine in every way and may you celebrate your next anniversary with both of you in good health. We pray for total recovery. Never give up.

    Clansman Bill, ’71

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  8. Jim, I believe firmly in miracles and I believe that Doctors do not fully understand what the body and brain is capable of. A good friend of mines husband had very bad stroke a couple of months ago and the prognosis was very bad and the Doctors did not expect any improvement. But improve he has and is moving his previously paralyzed side. Totally a miracle based on what the doctors thought was possible. So, at any minute she could awaken and a miracle occur. I also think she can hear and understand even in the state she is in. When my sister was dying from a brain tumor and we thought she couldn’t understand she proved that she could. She had a day of clarity in the middle of her decline and sat up and told us all she had wanted to say and what all she heard and understood when we thought she could not. As much as Katherine loves her family I am sure she is fighting to come back and we are all praying for her recovery and for strength for your family as you fight the fight with her. God Bless you all.
    Billie Lowry

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