Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 1, 2013

This Is Life – Katherine Bowden

Sophie June wanted this picture taken of her and Katherine (June 2012)

Sophie June wanted this picture taken of her and Katherine (June 2012)

Today, 1 December 2013, is the Lord’s Day and our younger daughter’s 29th birthday.  Her Mother, (Nellie) Katherine Kyle Bowden – pictured above – had a stroke on Friday, November 29th.

Katherine is 65.  She had the bleeding kind of stroke.  It has stopped and she has survived it.  It’s serious.  It is a left side stroke that affects language and the right side motor skills.  She can’t talk or move her right side.

She should go from the ICU to about 3 weeks of hospital care on Monday.  Then, about 3 months of home rehab.

We have no idea of how much or little recovery she will get.  We are on the day by day journey on an uncertain path.  Sort of like all life – but with an intense focus.  This is life.

Prayers are requested and appreciated.  We believe in the power of prayer.  Katherine does deeply – and puts people on our church prayer list all the time.

Our birthday girl, Maggie, will keep everyone informed at

(Please understand if I don’t respond to networking, emails or calls for awhile.)

This is life.

Life is about relationships.

Katherine is guidance counselor in an elementary school.  She genuinely makes 6 years of schooling a sanctuary place for about 450 kids every year.  This is her ministry profession and she loves the children – and they know it.  She loves ‘the sisterhood’ and male colleagues at Mt Vernon Elementary School, York County, Virginia.  Those relationships are decades deep and special indeed – with weekly Christian prayer meetings before school.

She is wife and mother of our part of the Clan.  She is sister, cousin, friend, neighbor, and Sunday School teacher.

She presents herself as the educated, genteel and gentle Lady she is.  Yet, I told her sister – “You know your sister is one tough hillbilly.”  She responded immediately, “I’ve been counting on that.”

We’re counting on that fighter.  Call her West Virginia strong or Scot-Irish awesome – as you like.  Whatever is her inner strength will out.  And, above all, we know her connection to the greatest power ever – the Alpha and Omega – the one, only, true, living, creator Lord God – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – who is her Creator, King, Savior, Brother, Friend – and His Will is sovereign.

This is life.

We NEVER quit.

God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT.




  1. Jim –
    My heart goes out to you and Katherine and the kids. I’ll check in with you when I get home around the 13th.
    All the time

  2. Jim and Katherine, Obie and I are praying for you and your family.
    Martha Bradley

  3. Praying for you, Katherine and your familiy.
    Eph 3:20

  4. My prayers and best wishes for both of you. The Lord will be with both of you in your journey.
    All the best

  5. Thanks all. Thank you very much.

  6. That is my daughter, Sofie, in the picture with Mrs. Bowden. They had a very special bond – Sofie loved her dearly and considered her family. We all did. My heart goes out to you and the entire family. Thank you for the smile this picture brought. May God bring you all peace and comfort in the coming months.

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