Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 18, 2013

The Case for Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli family.  A man worthy to be Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  (Photo from Bearingdrift)

Ken Cuccinelli family. A man worthy to be Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. (Photo from Bearingdrift)

The Case for Ken Cuccinelli

As Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign suffers from Virginia’s proximity to Washington,DC, (Oh, that the National Capitol were back in Philly or The City!), Virginians should consider the good, hard reasons to elect Ken as our 72nd Governor.   

  • Proven Champion.  Ken proved his leadership on social Conservative, fiscal Libertarian and strict Constitutional issues.  A few years ago, when only 5 of Virginia’s Senators could be trusted on every vote, Ken – and Mark Obenshain, were there.  Ken’s leadership goes beyond trustworthiness, he is a real champion for ideas and The People.  Ask any political activist.  He’s loyal and true.  He is bold.
  • Stop Obamacare.  Ken will do everything in his power to stop Obamacare.  He makes the Constitutional, legal, and moral arguments against socialized medicine, government take over of medical services, and Federal intrusion into the lives of sovereign citizens.  Virginia’s Governor has real power – which is why it’s limited to one term – and Ken will use it against Obamacare and all the waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Defend Marriage.  Virginia’s Marriage Amendment is being challenged in the Courts.  Ken will defend marriage for one man and one woman.  California’s Constitutional Amendment was destroyed when the state didn’t stand up for it.  Liberal Democrat McAuliffe won’t defend Virginia values.  Ken will fight.
  • Real Governor.  Ken is ready to be Virginia’s Chief Executive on day one.  McAuliffe said he would have ‘someone’ read the bills from the General Assembly for him.  Ken knows the General Assembly as a successful Senator.  McAuliffe isn’t serious.  Where Ken has gravitas, McAuliffe only has greed.
  • Do What Is Best.  Ken’s positions on jobs, education, transportation, environment, crime and justice – the business of Virginia’s government – serve our best interests.  Ken will do what is best for families, freedom and opportunity.  Ken has a plan – and will listen to make it better.  McAuliffe has attack ads.  
  • Heart for Virginia.  Ken’s family moved to Virginia – as did almost half of Virginia.  But, Ken grew up in Virginia.  He went to school in Virginia.  He raised a family and worked in Virginia.  Ken served Virginia in the General Assembly.  McAuliffe came here just to hustle money for the Clintons.  McAuliffe is using Virginia, as any carpet-bagger would, as a stepping stone for his political career.  Ken is invested for life in Virginia.  His heart is for Virginians, our communities and lives together.  Virginia is Ken’s home.
  • Good Man.  Ken is called names by those who fear his strength of character, clarity of purpose and courage of faith.  I’ve looked him in the eye many times.  Ken is a good, decent, honorable man.  Ken is a Catholic Christian who walks the walk.  Ken will defend our Judeo-Christian culture.  McAuliffe serves the small gods of Political Correctness – see his rabid support for abortion.  Ken is a Virginia Gentleman.  Ken will serve our Commonwealth with a passionate dignity.

Please Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia.



  1. Two weeks to go. OK, the tortoise has been given enough head start. KC, time to start running this race. Still winnable in my view. . .

  2. Now less than two weeks. . .TM jumps to 17 point lead!
    From KC. . .crickets.

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  5. Voted for KC, Jackson and Obie this AM. Short line at my precinct which generally votes Republican.
    NB- Turnout can do this fellow patriots.

    The Republicans nominated conservatives this time. Rare. If we don’t support them, then the next election will be a choice between Rinos, Jacobins or third parties which will split between the Libertarians and the Constitution Party. In which case the Jacobins win and the Terror can’t be far behind.

  6. I heard that Ken did not call McAwful to congratulate him? Well, I for one sure as hell hope not! Congratulate him for what? Winning by running one of the sleaziest campaigns in history (maybe second only to Obama — maybe actually worse). Ken ought’a call that lying, sleazeball sack of disgusting, putrid filth, and tell him to take a flyng leap from a tall building and take that narcissistic, anti-American, socialist bastard in the WH with him, along with that sonofabitch from New York!!

    I met Ken’s father at a small rally in Staunton, Va. He told a story of once when Ken ran for Senate. Apparently, supporters for Ken’s opponent had gone one night and taken down a bunch of Ken’s signs. Ken’s brother (a kid of about 21 at the time) was understandably furious and threatening to do the same thing. Ken pulled his brother aside, and told him that he absolutely could not do that. When asked why not, Ken explained that to do so would make them just as bad as their rivals, and that he would rather lose the campaign than to win dishonestly.

    That’s the kind of man Ken Cuccinelli is. We need more, not fewer, men and women like him in leadership. I hope and pray to see him on the campaign trail again soon. He’s definitely got my support.

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