Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 16, 2013

The Problem With This House Surrender

French Surrender in Vietnam

French Surrender in Vietnam

The problem with this surrender by the House of Representatives is worse than the French problem.  They made it an attitude of defeat.  So, even when they won a war – the long Algerian War 1954-1962 – militarily, they gave up politically.  They lost the will to fight.

The Establishment Republicans in the House of Representatives did worse.  They gave up their Constitutional power – and duty – to control the budget process.  They gave up their Constitutional power – and duty – to be a co-equal branch of government.  They gave up their power and their duty to the anti-American ideologues holding power as Democrats and using power like thugs in Chicago.

Shameful and disgusting weaklings and cowards.  Or, just professional pols, as Establishment Republicans, who know how to get elected and stay elected with crony capitalism, charm, and wit enough to fool the voters each election.   It doesn’t matter who they are.   It matters what they have done.

Either the United States of America is an America under the Rule of Law, or it is ruled by men today and tyrants tomorrow.   The Congress has not followed the Rule of Law – the Constitution, US Code and its own rules – to pass a budget in 5 years.  They have not done their sworn duty.

As long as the Democrats had the majority in both houses of Congress, its understandable that scoffers of written truth and orders – whether its the Constitution, laws, regulations or Holy Bible, would do as they please.   The Tea Party election of 2010 and the gain of more Tea Party members of Congress in 2012 should have changed it all.   But, it didn’t.  There still aren’t enough Constitutional Republicans in office.  Too many Establishment Republicans remain.

The House of Representatives had the explicit duty to pass a budget and send it to the Senate.  All funding bills MUST originate in the House.  If the Senate would not compromise, then no budget should pass.  The legislative process is written in English.  It’s taught in schools.  If the government shuts down, then so be it.  A continuing resolution for essential elements, like the military and pay for promises made – entitlements – is reasonable.  But, if the Senate won’t offer a mark up of the House budget, let it be so.

The House can unfund or overfund anything it pleases every budget cycle.  That’s settled law.  And, it’s their duty.

The House should offer an increase to the debt ceiling or pass legislation saying there will be none and here is the priority for paying the bills.  The Senate can offer its changes – and both Houses could compromise.  Or, if the Senate refuses to compromise, so it goes.  The U.S. can not borrow any more money.

The House of Representatives failed.  Too many Republicans in the Senate surrendered.  Worse, they collaborated with domestic enemies of the Constitution.   They are active traitors, by word and deed, to the Republicans who were trying to do their duty.   Politics is too serious to leave it to these politicians.

Everyone now knows the Republicans are losers.  They surrender.  They get nothing – except cheap payoffs – and give up everything.  They give up principles.  They give up honor.  They give up – fail – their duty.  They destroy the Constitution when they don’t use their power – which will destroy their Country.

The French surrendered too soon in World War Ii.  They surrendered in Vietnam.  Even after they won, they surrendered and lost Algeria.

The Republicans’  surrender can be undone.  But it will take a Red Badge of Courage-like return to combat with no surrender.

The Establishment Republicans don’t realize how few elections they have left – to get elected and not surrender – before they go the way of the Whigs.  The Whigs would compromise on the moral issue of slavery.  The Republicans compromise on the moral, ethical, legal – foundational – issue of the Rule of Law.

In Virginia, the Republican candidates face the voters in 20 days.  If they capture the moment, as Constitutional Republicans, they can turn Conservative, Libertarian, and Tea Party disgust with Establishment Republicans into a win.  If not, they will be punished by all – both left and right – for wearing the French uniform – for being Republicans.



  1. True Jim.
    But now I look at the Old Dominion and what do I see? The elitist Republican establishment hated Jackson and have treated him badly since the convention. Even KC and Obie have distanced themselves from him. What kind of a slate is that? This should be the best Republican slate in Virginia in years. I was pumped after the convention but then disappointed as the leaders failed to stand together. KC is at the top of the ticket and has the responsibility to lead. He hasn’t. Virgina Republicans are harder on their base than the opposition.
    This is just like what happened in the Senate. Democrats don’t need to campaign against conservatives, the Republicans will do it for them. Even Randy Forbes, the only Tidewater Congressman to vote against the “compromise” (really not as the Democrats didn’t compromise on anything) pulled out of addressing the Value Voters Summit last week because some leftist “Christian” group urged him to. He wouldn’t even be seen talking to the “base”.

    The Republicans do not deserve our support. KC has yet to campaign. I can’t even find a place in Virginia’s largest city to get a yard sign. . . where is the campaign? Are they even trying?

    I believe I will vote for Jackson and probably Obie, not yet sure if I will vote for KC or leave it blank unless he steps up to the plate and plays. You can’t win games by sitting on the bench.

    Milketoast Republicans are worse than Democrats. They attack us more and work against us harder than the Jacobins.

  2. Ken is running a weak campaign. Granted. But, Ken is still Ken. This may be our last chance in Virginia until something major happens. I support the ticket. Wish they would run better.

    Name the 3 reasons to elect Ken. We knew it for Allen and Gilmore. Bob McDonnell ran against the weakest Dem in decades and was in the Obama takeover ,Tea Party birthing, post-election shock.

    Need candidates for Congress in VA.

    • In the end I am sure that I will supportable three candidates. Just wish KC would stand with his running mates and declare why Virginians should vote for the and why moral positions are NOT an embarassment but precisely what we should be doing.

  3. Jim… I am disgusted with the GOP and am refusing to give the RNC or any other national Republican organization a single dime, despite the constant stream of appeals that I receive via snail mail, email and telephone. The Establishment Republicans have proven themselves to be exactly who I long suspected them to be…gutless, self-absorbed and satisfied with a status quo that stokes their massive ego’s and positions them for life long comfort. Thank God for the conservative remnant…Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, etc. Unfortunately, they are vastly outnumbered.

  4. Tom: Not giving the RNC a penny is wise. Politics is a business. The Establishment Republicans are invested in the status quo – its their career.

  5. I agree. No contributions from me to the party. I recommend contributing directly to those campaigns, and only those campaigns that you support.

    • Jim: you are right. My frustration with the lack of combativeness and general feeling of Republican submission was the reason for my venting.
      I will of course vote for KC just wish he had fought harder. We could have won this easily. Could we ask for a weaker opponent than TM?
      I found someone home, finally, at Republican Party Headquarters. One little old lady older than me. I got a Cuccinelli and Obie yard sign and just put them out. Only ones in my neighborhood although there are several Desteph signs so there are good folks who probably don’t know KC is running or couldn’t get a sign anywhere (incredible, signs for delegate are plentiful but not for governor). I asked of a Jackson sign but they didn’t have any at Republican HQ (too conservative, an embarrassment no doubt). They probably had Northam stickers.
      I sent your last post post on why to vote for Ken to several people.
      Thx for your steadfastness.

  6. Thanks for your Semper Fi. Remember the wisdom of Pogo, “We’ve met the enemy and they is us.”

    • Pogo had it nailed.
      Deck us all with Boston Charlie

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