Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 3, 2013

End of Summer 2013, Part 1: The Book Closes

End of Summer Closes the Book

End of Summer Closes the Book

When Labor Day brings Summer to its unofficial close, it closes the book on another year.  Yes, there will be an annual accounting at New Year’s, but the start of the school year, end of vacations, return to real work time – is a big milepost.   Time seems to accelerate, especially if there are school children around from September to CHRISTmas.  Not for the kids, of course, but for adults the calendar fills itself rapidly.

Our oldest grandchild of 4 started the First Grade today.  Our youngest grandchild started walking weeks ago.   We can feel the time moving under our feet like a airport baggage carousel loudly jerking into motion.   Counting all of life as blessing, even great challenges, it’s still a time to close the book.

The Summer of 2013 was an unsettling and unsettled time.  A season as unsure of itself, this year, as the events unfolding across the planet, America, home in Virginia, and in the house of our family clan. are uncertain.  No lament.  No fear.  Just cautious eyes watching what is beyond control, but not without impact.

I’ll write more about what is unsettling and unsettled in Part 2.  For now, just consider how this book closes.

I found the shift from Summer to Fall striking in our two years in Boston.  It was like Nature had a thermostat.  The temperature fell and the air changed dramatically, the day after Labor Day.  Not so in the South.  Our Summer lingers until the very official end in late September.  Often it cooks into October.  Then, it reappears in November’s one or two weeks of Indian Summer.

We’ve had the wettest Summer I’ve ever seen in Virginia.  It got hot, but not like it normally does.  I’m still waiting for Summer to come here in earnest.  I enjoy Summer like a dog likes a big bone.  I enjoy every season.  But, like close kin or dear friend, I never need to see Summer go.

This year it seems the book is closing too soon.

For two months we had three grand children living in our house.  For special weeks we had the fourth, the baby, here or visited her in Georgia.  It was a vacation to those children and blessing upon blessing to us.  I cherish the time – Yes, even when they are screaming bloody murder – for every winking flashing smile, all the rolling peals of laughter, every wide-opened wonder, and “Watch me, Papa.”

I’d like more of this kind of Summer.  Or, more Summers with so much time together.

Far away and, perhaps, close to beloved hurting hearts evil may be closing in.  So it goes.  Life comes with good and bad.  As Job said, The Lord giveth and taketh away.  Praise be the Name of the Lord.  We praise the Father God, son Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

He will be with us through the water.  In the fire.  In the Lion’s Den.  In the belly of a great fish.  In peace and war.  In disease and poverty.  Through oppression and persecution.  God will never leave us.

This book closes.  A new one opens.  God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT.


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