Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 14, 2013

Happy 238th Birthday, US Army

Pleasant, PC, not a gut grabber

Pleasant, PC, not a gut grabber

Happy Birthday, United States Army.  Serving in the field to create, expand, and defend the Nation – since 1775.  Masters of all Land Warfare – prompt and sustained land operations.  Ultima Ratio Regum.

Nice poster.  Generic slogan.  Not a gut grabber.   Not a surprise.

I don’t expect the Army leadership to spend the time and energy to make sure the Army birthday poster is boffo.  I don’t know if the Army leadership – guys about 4 to 6 years younger than me – understands what’s happening to the moral stature of The Army on their watch.   They are very busy back hauling out of Afghanistan, trying to save soldiers from getting fired – cuts to end strength (one hopes, if they have understand the essence of the Army and its future in the soldiers it has today), and being fussed at by Congresswomen about sexual assaults.

More soldiers killed themselves last year than were killed in combat.   That’s a symptom of serious problems.  Yet, the Army is in such better shape than it was after Vietnam.  The open question is will it go up from here or down – as the suicides indicate something is wrong.   I’m sure the current leadership is deeply concerned about the suicides.  I don’t question their motivation.

I’m concerned about their understanding of the moral stature of The Army.

If The Army suppresses honest historical analysis of Islamists and publicly punishes speaking historical truth, the Army as an institution has created a moral cancer.  If an officer or trooper say something embarrassing they may be admonished – like GEN Patton was after WW II – and during WW II.   No show trials needed.  No speech codes.

If The Army suppresses the free speech of Christians – speaking Biblical and orthodox Christian truth, then what moral code is the basis for the UCMJ and all Army values?  If not Judeo-Christian, then what?  Human Secularism was the moral code of both the Nazis and the Communists.  It’s the moral code of Liberals, Progressives, Socialists today.   An American Army that tells Christians to shut up is heading for moral decline.

One measure of moral decline might be sexual assaults.  What are the numbers?  How many were men on men or women on women?  How many were physical?  How many were verbal?  Any Army which celebrates homosexuality has no moral standing when it makes up other rules for sexual behavior.   What moral code is written where sodomy is okay, but propositioning for sex is wrong?

An Army that promotes homosexual cadets having dates at West Point and allows faux marriages in the Cadet Chapel, doesn’t have the moral stature of the Christian soldiers whose battle flags make the Chapel so magnificent.

The real, almost final, indication of the decline of the moral stature of The Army is if the leadership graduates girl Rangers or puts girls in the Infantry.  If that happens, then it will take a major reform to fix The Army.  Sadly,  such a fix must be made top down, not bottom up.  Because the closer you get to the bottom of the ranks, the more you find good hearted, open-minded soldiers.  The great soldiers who deserve good leadership.  Leadership that will defend The Army – know and do what is right –  more than their careers.

This is a time of moral testing for The Army.  Three and half years to go until there might be better civilian leadership – might be.  Tough it out.

As the Cadet Prayer says, do the harder right instead of the easier wrong – Army leadership.  No matter what.

The Army will be here next birthday.  It’s up to the leadership to make it a birthday where the Army stands taller as an American institution.  The soldiers will do great – doing whatever they are told to do.   The soldiers always come through.   Like, the Old Guard during the super storm Hurricane Sandy.

Soldiers are The Army.

Soldiers are The Army.


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