Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 30, 2013

Dedicating Bonnie Kyle Buchanan

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan

On April 27, 2013 Bonnie Kyle Buchanan was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ.  She was 9 months old.  Her parents, Russell and Maggie, made the decision to dedicate their child.  Their church, Andy Stanley’s Northpoint mega-church, required the parents to take classes and gave a family service to mark the milestone.

The church service was more celebration than ceremony.  About 40 families gathered to sing hymns, pray for their baby and promise to help raise the child right – as in righteousness.  As the Pastor said, the ceremony didn’t do anything to the babies.  No salvation and no magic took place.  But, the ceremony gathered the people who will do everything for the babies.

Baby Bonnie’s parents keenly know their purpose in dedicating their first baby.  They will raise Bonnie in a Christian family for a lifelong walk of faith.

Families include friends.  Friends become family.  It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes a family.

“Aunt” Bekah gave Bonnie a prayer that spoke to the love of friends that bonds us closer than brothers and sisters.  Bekah’s humble dedication of Bonnie to the Lord was beautiful, powerful and Biblical.

Aunt Bekah's Prayer

Aunt Bekah’s Prayer

Aunt, by blood and love, Molly spoke of overwhelming thankfulness.  She, too, sought guidance from the Lord.  Molly shared the Celtic prayer for God to be in everything Bonnie is and does.

Aunt Molly's Prayer

Aunt Molly’s Prayer

Maggie and Russell named five values they want to blossom in Bonnie and two habits for their family live.

They want Bonnie to know values of lovingkindness, hard work, stillness, generosity and strength.  As I listened to their intent for each value, I heard the echoes of how our Clans have lived their lives for generations.

They want to make family dinners and game nights and super special holidays and birthdays the habits.  Live life together and celebrate its unique passing in their time.

Maggie and Russell hosted a luncheon for a much larger group of relatives and friends – that couldn’t attend the church ceremony due to space restrictions.

They introduced sister and brother-in-law as the Godparents to Bonnie with kind words.

Maggie remarked how she had had only two Sunday School teachers in her youth – her Daddy (me) and Susie Gardner.  Susie told her when she graduated that she always had a home in the church in the family of believers.  The folks gathered for lunch are Bonnie’s first family of believers.

Bonnie's luncheon

The prayer I gave at the luncheon was a simple outpouring begging for my granddaughter.

Since Bonnie gets Scot-Irish blood from all four of her grand-parents, I quoted the one Scot-Irish prayer I could find.  It’s so fitting to the one common characteristic of the Scot-Irish – stubbornness.  “Oh Lord, May I always be right, because Thou knowest how hard I am to turn.”

Papa Bowden's Prayer

Bonnie’s dedication will be one of my favorite memories ever.  I’m so proud and grateful for my daughter and her husband to have their purpose to make the dedication of their first born to Lord Jesus Christ.  Their Bible study will make them wise.  Their Bible study friends gave Miss Bonnie ten Bibles!  They’re grounded in the Word and want Bonnie to be so.

It was a blessing for our Clan.  It gives me great hope for the future of our Clan.

Bonnie on bench at dedication lunch

And, it gave me hope for America, or at least the South.  The forty young families dedicating their babies and the young families at the luncheon were of many races, mixed races, and different native languages.  Yet, they were one as church family in Lord Jesus Christ.  My hope is in Christ.  If His flock is faithful here for a coming generation – then I have hope for here.  Wherever here is.



  1. Amen, beautifully written

  2. Thanks very much.

  3. Jim…what an honor and a privilege, indeed a blessing, for a proud grandfather. Congratulations to Bonnie and all her loving family!

  4. Tom, thanks very much. I just thank the Lord.

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