Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 17, 2013

The IRS Scandal Goes to the Heart of Governance: The Rule of Law


As the IRS scandal unfolds it may appear, at times, to be more political circus than serious.  That’s what happened during the Clinton Impeachment.  The fundamental issue – the Chief Law Officer of the United States of America lying, committing the felony of perjury in a court – was lost.

The fundamental issue with the IRS is the Rule of Law vs.  the Rule of Mere Men.  Except for the awful reaction to election of 1860,  the losing side of federal elections has been able to abide the outcome.  Because the winners were limited by the laws – and the checks, balances and shared powers of our Constitution – in how they pursued their issues.   The winners couldn’t use the power of the Federal government to punish their opponents.  When Nixon tried it, he was impeached.

Winning elections allows elected officials and their political appointees  to be stewards of the government power and the public trust.  When elected officials abuse that power and destroy that trust, they are more than criminals.  They are domestic enemies of the Constitution.  They sow the seeds for future abuses of power.  They promote the ruin of the Republic, because when The People find there is no Rule of Law, then they will fight to protect themselves against the Rule of mere Men.

If many Americans know their life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness is threatened by who wins elections, then America is ripening for Revolution.

This isn’t an issue about political party, although the career politicians and media lackeys will try to make it so.  This isn’t an issue about Obama any more than the impeachments of Nixon and Clinton were about them, although sycophants will try to make it so.  Their impeachments were about their crimes  in office.  This isn’t an issue about ideology of the Left and Right, unless the Left has moved so far that it now supports dictatorship and, soon, Totalitarianism.

The IRS scandal is deeply American.  The scandal goes to the heart of governance.  Are elected officials entrusted to administer the government or to use the government to punish, intimidate, silence, and frighten political foes?

Will Americans restore the Rule of Law?

animal farm all animals

What will it be America?

Hold the Representatives and Senators running for office in 2014 accountable.  Or, forever hold your peace and prepare for the dictatorship and Totalitarianism of Animal Farm.




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